Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bad Taste Vs. Meet The Feebles

* = KAW! KAW!

I finished The Konrad Saga (** ½ out of 5) the other day.
It’s really not a bad little Warhammer collection, but the ending is a HUGE letdown. I’ve found that I like the Warhammer Fantasy setting in book form until the stories need an ending, then it just sort of falls in on itself. I guess I can’t complain the book was only $3.00.

The final batch of Pathfinder Pre-Paint pics are out;

As I’ve stated throughout the previews of the Paizo/Wizkids collaboration I’m not blown away, but they have my attention. I feel the price point is a tad high; luckily I’ll be picking up what I want off the secondary market, most likely Auggies. I do want to point out that overall I feel that if they can maintain the level of quality that initial 4 Hero ‘starter’ they put out had then it’ll be a step up over the last few DDM sets. Which leads me to the real gist of this; WotC where is your answer? At GenCon there was a lot of hype surrounding the return of the D&D Miniatures game, then we got the Open Playtest of the game, which I do dig.

Now it’s been dead silence. No previews, no news, no movement on that front whatsoever. I think this is the big issue I’m currently having when comparing the actual companies of Paizo & WotC. Paizo is out front, consumer friendly, and really setting the tone for the hobby. Now I know WotC has to answer to their corporate slave masters in Hasbro, but if you claim to still be the 500lbs. Gorilla in the RPG world, then act like it. I thought that 4E was an ambitious attempt at being and doing something different. I’d like to point out that while I don’t play Pathfinder, I dig it, & I don’t feel it’s Paizo riding D&D’s coattails. I actually feel that it’s a lovingly crafted continuation of a different branch of the D&D tree, just like Labyrinth Lord, Lamentations Of The Flame Princess, OSRIC, etc. I also felt like WotC really took a shot with the D&D Adventure System Games & Conquest Of Nerath at using the D&D I.P. in new and different ways. But the thing is they had DDM right there, in the hands of the DDM Guild, and they pulled their support. To me it was frustrating thing as Ant & I played the HELL out of that game. So when it was announced they were going to get back into the business of minis and give us raving fans a new skirmish game, to say I rejoiced would be an understatement. Couple this with the fact that we were going to get stat cards compatible with the D&D Adventure System, as well as MORE tiles that would also be compatible I was/am giddy. I guess my frustration stems from the lack of news, coupled with the annual Christmas layoffs, I'll miss you most of all Rich Baker. We just don’t see this from Paizo. I guess as a guy who loves these games and the companies that makes them it frustrates me that the company I’ve chosen to support with my wallet doesn’t live up to the standards and output of the company I enjoy watching.

Anyways, I’m sure none of you really give two squirts of monkey urine about any of that. On a strange side note I received another e-mail the other day from someone wanting to ‘advertise’ on my blog. It’s so strange because you know it’s the sales person flattery, peppered with references to what you’re writing. It puts your guard off kilter a bit. That being said, c’mon companies of the Web, do really want to advertise on a blog that only like 7 people in the world bother to read, and only 3 really give a crap about? I’m pretty sure the people who follow this blog are not so diverse that they are hitting all your big demographics. I know that’s a cynical view on the whole thing, but it is the Interweb(s) where folks with no social skills go to fight.

Oh and look at naked ladies…


- My copy of Whisperer In Darkness came yesterday! I started watching the special features last night, and tonight I’m watching the actual flick. I can’t tell you how excited I am as I really enjoyed the H.P.L.’s adaptation of Call Of Cthulhu. I can only hope that this lives up to the high bar standard they’ve set.
- It’s funny no one fires ‘Rich’ people or politicians. Back in the day they used to, it was called Revolution.
- Cassandra & I are watching Metal Evolution on VH1 Classic. It’s amazing. I’m learning so much, such as just how criminally underrated Ritchie Blackmore is. I really hope that we get a segment on the Retro Metal Movement that Dave introduced me to. On a side note I could listen to Scott Ian rant and rave about Steve Harris for HOURS! That should be it’s own show called “Scott Ian LOVES Him Some Steve Harris. I mean c’mon when you say this about a band, “When I hear Iron Maiden I just want to KILL SOMEONE you know it’s LOVE.
- Blackmore is/was IN-sane!
- On a musical side note, Dave where do you think a band like Magma falls as far as who influenced them? Some of the later Deep Purple & even Sabbath stuff that gets more ‘Proggy’ seems to be ‘Proto-Magma. With the jazzy bass and drums it seems to lend itself to atmosphere while the guitars and lyrics take it in vastly different directions. I’d be interested in picking your brain on this.
- I still can’t believe the Chiefs beat the Packers. The only bad thing about it is, I didn’t get to watch it.
- The mail arrived yesterday with my copy Guilded Age Volume 1. Possibly the best $7.00 I’ve ever spent. I know for about the last year I’ve screamed at you all, here and in person, about how great this web comic is, & it is, BUT nothing is like holding it in your hands. It’s beautiful.
- A few days till Christmas & I can’t even begin to tell you how difficult it is to NOT just give Cassandra her gifts. Mike already got his, Dave & Liz’s are almost done, & ‘The Package’ is on its way to Kansas. That just leaves The Family in ‘The Cloud’, which is Sunday, and my lovely wife. The stuff in ‘The Cloud’ I have NO control over so I just pretend it’s not happening, that way I don’t have to be impatient, HOWEVER the gifts I have for Cassandra just sit there like tiny time bombs of joy. I seriously am having considerable difficulty waiting to Friday night for our gift exchange. I love(s) me some Christmas.
- Seriously, I love it…
- Speaking, indirectly of course, of Jesus El Salvador, calm down Christians. I know that this is the time of year you get your panties in a bunch as FOXNews’ tells you there is a war on Christmas, all the while tell you how much our Secret Muslim Kenyan President plots to burn the constitution and start ‘Death Panels’ for Millionaires, but getting pissed over an SNL skit is beneath even you. Isn’t it? I know you love that the Republican ‘Crazy Off’ is also an ‘I’m WAY More Christian Than YOU contest, but the icing on the Cake Of Zealotry has to be Tebow. Up until Tom Brady reminded Timmy that being a Quarterback is more than running in the 4th quarter and prayin’, you guys had your new ‘Great White Hope’. The reality is Tebow is a fantastic human being and anyone would be happy to have him represent you, he’s also a mediocre NFL Quarterback who really should slow his public religious roll just a smidge. That’s why the SNL skit was so damn funny. The fact that folks like Pat Robertson, someone who blamed the Katrina disaster in New Orleans on the gays, is taking umbrage with it is HI-larious. See zealots this is where you go from likable folks who ‘believe’ to scary people who remind me that the Inquisition wasn’t that long ago. When it’s ok for you to spew hate and lies, but when someone pokes fun at you FREAK out. It’s sad really; ‘cause I’m moderately sure as an agnostic that Jesus was a mellow cat.
- Smallworld! I really want to play it…
- I finished another D&D Adventure System deck of Monsters & Allies. I’m really proud of the work that the Board Game Geek collaborators and myself got done in the last week.

You know the week is going to drag, but at least I have the upcoming gift giving to look forward to. That and copious amounts of homemade Christmas candy and TURKEY! Hooray For Tryptophan!

“First in last out overthrown
It's been picked clean to the bone
And so hard to remember things
Like when we used to kill our kings

Crusading for hypocrisy
Under our nose the holy bleed
Crumbling under its own weight
Apologies if you relate

You cannot kill
What doesn't die
Live up to my promise
My full potential realized

Death lives right inside your pocket
Take him out and have a laugh
Go and piss your life away
Another ugly waste of clay

And up above there's no one home
Why don't you answer your phone?
Reminding me to learn that poem
First in last out overthrown

You cannot kill
What doesn't die
Live up to my promise
My full potential realized

A stream of consciousness flows into a river of blood
Stem this tide of violence
as it rises like a flood

You cannot kill
What doesn't die
Live up to my promise
My full potential realized”

* = I'm sure it surprises no one, but I'd watch a Batman show with the cast of Community as the villains...

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