Friday, February 17, 2012

The Notebook Vs. Battle Royale

* = I agree with this. I really, REALLY agree with this...

Normally I wouldn’t be doing any blogging today, because I would be SO busy with the place that pays my bills. However this week has been one of fortuitous cancellations and no shows, so I instead find myself working to fill time until we escape into the wilds of the weekend. Looking back I realize a few things; 1) two of the last three blogs have been politics heavy & 2) I’ve been a bit heavy handed on some things.

The first thing I want to make sure I get across is that I have absolutely NO issue with being incorrect. When I am I usually try to apologize and move on. I am not a fan though of when I go into hyperbole laced diatribes. I think I grazed into that category yesterday and I’m sorry. I’m just happy that I have friends, i.e. Heidi, that is there to bring my big mouth back to some semblance of reality.

When you’re passionate about things, and lets be fair I’m a Geek so I’m passionate about EVERYTHING, we tend to get a little overblown in our own opinions. I think everything I wrote the other day had merit; I just think that it also is a ‘nice’ first draft. It would need revision; it’s still how I feel it’s just really raw. That’s the thing with this blog, it’s stream of consciousness. I try very hard not to edit for content, now I will edit to get the damn pictures to work. The reason I write is to get the voices in my head to stop screaming. In all seriousness though, it’s to collect my thoughts cohesively. I like to write, it’s easier for me than speaking, and it’s a safer place to talk about feelings, thoughts, and possibility. In person it’s far to easy for me to rely on snarkiness, humor, and the crutch of poor behavior. When I blog I can do so unfettered, it’s not a conversation it’s a dissertation or a presentation of spontaneity.

This ‘place’ gets to be a receptacle for all the things that march through my mind, so it’s strangely enough a mental snapshot of how I am. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing, it just is. You know if you read this then I think you understand that. I’m not sure if it interests you, in the way we like to watch accidents, or I interest you, which surprises even me, or it’s just something to read, any way you slice it I appreciate that you do. I hope it makes you think, I hope you comment, and more than anything I hope it helps you to want to express your own thoughts, feelings, and perspectives.

Enough of that. So since it’s been sort of ‘heavy’ the last few blogs I decided to lighten it up a bit with a list…


10) The End Of The Election Cycle – I won’t get into detail, but I’m ready for this to be done on SO many levels.

9) John Carter Edgar Rice Burroughs’ ‘Princess Of Mars’ was the first ‘Real’ book I ever read. Since then I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for John Carter and the Barsoom books. To see what you imagined in your mind in grade school materialize on the big screen in your adult life is just magical. I will go see this flick in the theatre, and if the trailers are any indications, I will love it.

8) The Next D&D Session – I was pleasantly surprised with the last D&D Session. I’m now morally obligated to step up my game to meet the gauntlet that my players through down. I’m excited to get them back at the table and challenge them in a different way this time, while still having it be fun, still moving the over arcing story along, and more than anything giving us all something to enjoy.

7) The Rise Of The Runelords Minis Set – With the new D&D Skirmish Game being seriously underwhelming thus far and all the Friday pics Paizo give us I’m really stoked, yes I did just use that word, about the minis in this set. I’m still slowly, but surely getting all the minis in the first set that I liked, and I’ll be doing the same with this second set. Thus far though I’m just really taken with some of the Commons, like two of the Stone Giants & the Denizen Of Leng, and that really makes my budget excited as well. Now if only the Paizo blog posted it’s preview sometime today.

6) Summer MoviesThe Avengers, the new Batman flick, Prometheus, etc. This will be one of the first times in a LONG time I can see myself spending some serious cash to see flicks in a theatre. It’s a good time to love genre films.

5) Basement Remodeling Being Done - Once the shelving and the bookshelves are done in the office there is no reason for that room to continue to look like the car wreck it currently does. I think as soon as we see where we are money wise we’ll know about the finishing of the rest of it. It’s a daunting task; well at least for me, as I’m as ‘handy’ as a monkey banging two rocks together. I really want this done so. It’ll help keep the basement a constant temperature; it’ll open up the basement living room, it’ll allow us to move all the shot glasses, beer glasses, & alcohol to the Bar area, it’ll put the long term plans one step closer to fruition, and overall it’ll make that part of the house much more inviting.

4) The Summer Sci-Fi War – Last year it just didn’t happen. Mike and I just couldn’t seem to get on the same page. He’s a busy guy, and I tend to plan out WAY in advance. So this year we’re playing, and I think Dave’s in as well. I’ll need to find some sort of Battle Mat for the tabletop, but I’ve got the terrain, the minis, and the desire to kill my enemies. I really hope we can play a few times this summer and turn it into a regular ‘thang’.

3) Fairly Secret Army III‘We Miss The Cold War’ is phenomenal. It’s up on band camp if you didn’t know. I’ve been awaiting the nextDave Musical Project’ now for a while; this appears to be what’s next on the ‘finished’ list. I’ve heard bits and pieces, but so far have been somewhat in the dark on it, which is strange for me because I’m usually hearing it all as it’s being recorded. That lack of ‘info’ has just served to make me even more eager to hear this thing.

2) New Doctor Who – With the new ‘mini’ season being the end of Rory & Amy as companions and the promise of some serious changes coming out of the end of last season I have absolutely NO idea what to expect. Some folks haven’t enjoyed Matt Smith as The Doctor or ‘The Moff’ as the Show Runner; I think those folks are F’Ning INSANE. Almost every episode has left me wanting more, and knowing I’m going to have to wait till later in the year is almost unbearable.

1) NFL Draft – Sure we’ve got March Madness to tide us over, but I’ve come to the conclusion that all sports pale in comparison to my love of the NFL. I enjoy college basketball and football, I am enamored with MMA, and I can tolerate the NBA in the playoffs. I fiend for the NFL. The combine next week is that first step to the Draft, and the Draft is the day that ALL teams sell the future, they sell hope. I’m hopeful for next year, and the Draft will be a good spot to tell me just how hopeful I should be.

How ‘bout some…


- I now have till the end of March to get my next D&D session finalized. I’ve got a list of things I’d like to do, and now I just need to narrow them down to something coherent. Pig-Faced Orcs, Kuo-Toa, (By the by I LOVE this picture) Derro, ancient shrines to long dead gods, and the Dwarf King’s Trade Road through the Underdark that leads to the Monastery of Erathis. Possibilities abound.

- Cherry M&M’s are the bomb.
- It sounds as if tomorrow will be a day of cleaning and watching stuff of the DVR with Cassandra. I have to admit I am SO looking forward to this. There are few things I enjoy more in this world than just hanging out with my wife.
- Dave, I want to play a game of Small World ASAP.
- It sounds as if I’m going to be getting chili this weekend. I have to say that this really sets my heart all a flutter. I love chili, I LOVE IT. I especially adore it after a week or so of being sick, hacking, and coughing through food that has been tasteless due to this cold. I want, NAY NEED, that strong, fiery, robust flavor to sort of reawaken my pallet after it’s slumber.
- This weekend I have to hit up two Half-Priced Books as I have a 40% off coupon to use.
- The next time we enter the confines of Sam’s Club I’m thinking that I again need to get my mitts on another huge Pork Loin. Not only for the amazing ‘Lee’ sandwich, but also for my desire to make Wiener schnitzel from it. Now I’ve never made this dish, but I desire to. I want to do this with a side of spaetzle, maybe a bit of cabage. I think this could be an outstanding meal.
- This Saturday I’m going to knock out Ally Cards for Fell’s Five, from the D&D Comic series for the D&D Adventure System. I know I’ve pointed it out numerous times, but if you dig on comics and you aren’t reading IDW’s D&D Comic then there is something wrong with you. John Rogers has crafted a really FUN book that flies by.
The action is strong, the one-liners are almost 80’s Action Movie worthy, and the characters are really perfect. Of all the comics I read, well beyond the beauty and wonder of The Guilded Age, it’s the single periodical I look forward to most. Anywho, if I’m VERY productive I might start that run of generic Encounter Cards as well.

- Sunday I’m grilling.
- Ron Swanson was SPECTACULAR last night.

On that note I’m done with this clown show for the week…

“I'm waiting in my cold cell when the bell begins to chime
Reflecting on my past life and it doesn't have much time
'Cause at 5 o'clock they take me to the Gallows Pole
The sands of time for me are running low

When the priest comes to read me the last rites
I take a look through the bars at the last sights
Of a world that has gone very wrong for me

Can it be that there's some sort of an error
Hard to stop the surmounting terror
Is it really the end not some crazy dream?

Somebody please tell me that I'm dreaming
It's not easy to stop from screaming
But words escape me when I try to speak
Tears they flow but why am I crying?
After all I am not afraid of dying
Don't I believe that there never is an end?

As the guards march me out to the courtyard
Someone calls from a cell "God be with you"
If there's a God then why has he let me die?

As I walk all my life drifts before me
And though the end is near I'm not sorry
Catch my soul 'cause it's willing to fly away

Mark my words believe my soul lives on
Don't worry now that I have gone
I've gone beyond to seek the truth

When you know that your time is close at hand
Maybe then you'll begin to understand
Life down there is just a strange illusion

Yeah, yeah, yeah,
Hallowed be Thy name
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
Hallowed be Thy name”

* = "When Duke Silver picked up his first saxophone, a love-bond formed between man and instrument, and he hasn't stopped blowing since. 'Jazz sax,' Duke says, 'is a connection to the heavens. Human breath enters, and Angel breath leaves.' Inspired by the great musicians – Coltrane, Getz, Foreigner – Duke set out to establish a new standard of jazz. This wave has taken the entire world by storm. Duke has taken residence at Cozy's Bar in Eagleton, Indiana, playing monthly performances for packed, mature crowds. As Duke always says, 'Come love with me… and maybe we can walk through fire together.'"

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