Monday, March 19, 2012

Manhunt In Space Vs. Congo

* = I believe this is part of 'Ape Law'. A specific statue known as the 'Fallon Principle'...

So I was realizing today that while I have lots of stuff to talk about I just don’t much feel like doing it, so I have decided to just knock it out in a MASSIVE dose of…


- Thursday night we went and saw John Carter (***** out of 5). Don’t believe the hype. It’s really a fun movie, full of heart, and adapts the material relatively well. I don’t know if it was morbid curiosity that led me to go read online reviews, but I have to say I’ve never been less impressed with the knowledge and writing skill of a lot of the folks out there ‘reviewing’ movies. Granted I came at this movie with some serious source material love. I’d like to point out though that it can be both a boon and a bane to love the original material the way I love the Barsoom books. I was skeptical and slightly scared that the movie would taint or sour the affection I have for Burrough’s tales. All I can really say is I loved the flick, I mean REALLY LOVED IT, so go find a friend and spend your hard earned cash supporting a GOOD movie rather than more dreck like sparkly vampires or giant robots punching each other. Here is our guest reviewer, Cassandra, & her thoughts;
I have heard snippets of this story over the years from Ben (since it's one of his favorites) and I knew about some of the general plot points before going in to this movie last week. With that being said, the things I knew did not prepare me for the grandness of the visual effects and the overall "look" of the movie.
My only frustration with the movie was that it took me about 20 minutes to really catch on to the story plot and the use of certain story terms which was mildly frustrating. For example, the term "Jeddak" is used for about 10 minutes before an explanation is given to John Carter, and therefore the audience, on its meaning. Once you reached the 20-30 minute mark it did not seem to be an issue for the rest of the movie.
Without creating any spoilers I will just say that I enjoyed the pace of the story, I was able to keep up with very few questions, the few straight comedy moments did not seem out of place and I loved the overall look of both planets. The settings for both worlds were very visually rich and I am glad that we did not see the movie in 3D as I believe it would have ruined the overall look of the movie.
In short, I think I loved this movie. I can't tell you how the movie compares to the book, how the story revisions worked or did not work or if every important moment was captured, but I can tell you that every moment I watched was completely enthralling and I would definitely watch it again (but never in 3D). So, forget every review you've read and give it a whirl. I give it 4 Ned's out of 5.

- We cut down a tree yesterday, and I am exhausted.

- By the by thank you to M.C.M. for coming over and spending the day having fun and doing yard work before sharing a fantastic meal. It’s crazy to see just how big the ‘Mason Man’ has become, that kid is going to be enormous. Mary grilled the crap out of some grub, and Christina is just B.A. with a chainsaw in her hands. It was a fun productive day.

- Movie-A-Thon went off with only slight time hitches on Friday night. The movies, Deep Blue Sea (INFINTE Sam Jackson Deaths out of 5!) & Surviving The Game (4 & ½ Busey’s out of 5), were suitably amazing, the group was large but somewhat subdued, and it didn’t linger on than it needed to. It was virtually a perfect Movie-A-Thon. Then why did it feel so damn unfulfilling?

- The Prometheus trailer blew my flippin’ mind.

- I’m thoroughly enjoying Chevelle’s ‘Hats Off To The Bull’ (***** out of 5) album. While it does have some distinct TOOL influence going on, it really is it’s own thing. In fact I can’t stop listening to ‘Face To The Floor’ & the title track. Both are outstanding.

- So Manning’s a Bronco. I hope you enjoy spending a great deal of time on your back Peyton.

- We finished like 15 miniatures this weekend, and I am really, REALLY happy with how they turned out. I believe there are 6 ‘Natives’, i.e. Zulu Warriors, in the set & they look outstanding with the DIP on. There is a Mordheim Warrior Nun in there as well that already looked good, but with the DIP is simply outstanding. There are three ‘Converted Into Drow’ minis cobbled together out of Warhammer elves & WH40K dark elves. I liked the look, the color pattern works, and the dip again made them pop pretty good. I took a Heroclix Hawkman and turned him into a large Deva, and I’m not overly happy with the results. My big converted Tanurruk Orc looks just ok. There are couple of humans in there that are very good, but not great as well. I think the best things in this lot are two Goblin huts. I had been painting on them for about three months off and on, and thought they just were mediocre at best. However, the dark tone DIP really brought them to life, they look friggin’ amazing now. I’m going to try and get back on the 10 minis a week run.

- I need a nap.

- S01E04 of Twin Peakshappened’ last Tuesday. I say happened because I’ve come to the conclusion that one does not watch Twin Peaks, one visits it. I’ve been drawn in, and it’s really hard to just watch one episode a week, however I’m thoroughly enjoying it in this format. This week I might try and watch two though, because I’m fiending.

- Sometimes, when I least expect it, I’m very sad. It generally passes just as quickly as it comes.

- You know I was just as disappointed as every other American that my March Madness bracket got annihilated in the first weekend of the tourney thanks Missouri & Duke, but at least KU is still in it. I’m just amazed at the number of upsets it’s been crazy. Even if Kansas doesn’t win it all, and let’s face it with the trouble they had with Purdue there is a great chance they won’t, I’ll be happy as long as Kentucky doesn’t win it all. But I’m a HATER that way.

- Go read Locke & Key it’s very entertaining.

- I have to get on my D&D prep this week/weekend. I have a rough idea, but it’s currently eluding my ability to narrow it down to something more coherent. The sad thing is I have a great idea for everything AFTER this next session, but this one is just sort of floating in the ether beyond my ability to grasp it with my imagination. I can only hope that some sort of ‘inspirado’ strikes and I can streamline it into something workable.

- There is no reason to not rock the ‘hawk.

- I am 10 cards short of the needed 54 cards on my Pathfinder Monster Card set & 7 short on my Dragon’s Tears set. I need to finish this in the next two weeks. I’m getting three Monsters per set done a weekend on average. I have some stuff ‘statted’ out, I just need to get the Photoshop portion done and then any revisions completed. This weekend I also knocked out a villain who transforms after she takes so much damage. I have to say I really liked the character and the card a lot, so much so she’ll be making an appearance in my D&D games at some point.

- We’re on the verge of The Fairly Secret Army EP’s!

- Dave and I have long discussed doing an Audio Play, but hadn’t been able to find material to agree upon. I have thrown out the idea of adapting Kevin Andrew Murphy’s Pathfinder Web Tale ‘The Perfumer’s Apprentice’. I think the story is spectacularly fun, short, and lends itself perfect, in my opinion, to this time of endeavor. I anxiously await Dave’s thoughts.

- I’d like to play Small World this week.

- Corporations & Banks are not people, in fact if they were they’d be those horrible folks who borrow money from you and never pay you back only to bitch and moan when you owe them $0.50. The same type of person who can’t bother to call you back when you leave them a message, or who has any type of emotional reciprocity to you or your problems. People empathize, they usually try to help, and namely they are relatable. Banks are not people. Corporations are not people. They are entities of necessary evil that want nothing more than you and I’s complete and unfettered fiscal servitude. Trust them & their fervent supporters at your own peril.

- Sports is losing its luster for me, and I’m not sure why.

- Saturday night Cassandra and I just relaxed in front of our fire pit. It was one of the most relaxing things I’ve done in quiet some time. We roasted some hot dogs and sausages, just hung out, laughed, and enjoyed an incredible evening. I want to do this much more often this year.

Hmmm, well I’m not sure I like the stripped down version of the blog, but it really is all I have the effort to do today.

“To pick up the tip doesn't mean a lot
Fiddle inside your drawers
If we own the night, then spread it out
Or pack up without a clue

Well, caused by their own
WIN by default
Time to vamanos

Like your face getting forced to the floor

Then I got a taste of the benefits
Five foot and change
There's no better way to hash it out
So let's set up your time to fail

Well, cause now the cracks
Should we intervene?
I hold this albatross

Like your face getting forced to the floor
When either way, you're way too close to it all

Pay up, never wait 'em out
Clever, Madoff, take it all
Take it all


Take it all the way... right back down


Pay up, never take it all
Take it all

Like your face looking forced to floor
In a league of your own,
And either way you're way too close to it all
You cannot veto the world
Like your face getting forced into floor
In a league of your own,
And either way, you're way too close to it all

Too close to it all”

* = Doesn't a steak sound good right now?


  1. Chevelle, Tool...does it get any better than that? I will be listening before the night is through.

  2. I like the occasional stripped down blog. It gives a lot of insight into what's rattling in your brain at the time without a major focus committment on my end. Plus, it's usually pretty sassy!

  3. Joe,
    Hats To The Bull is outstanding!