Monday, March 26, 2012

The Crater Lake Monster Vs. The Room

* = This Meme might single-handedly sum up my feeling on organized religion. I'm not sure if that says much about me...

It’s crazy I don’t have a real unifying subject again this to begin the week. So I guess the theme will be that I have no theme, and instead will just give you a heaping ladle full of…


- Paizo was a bit slow getting out their Rise Of The Runelords previews this week, but here they are!

First up is the MASSIVE Rune Giant. HOLY CRAP! Just look at the size compared to the last set’s Vampire. It’s enormous. Now I think this is a similar thing to the Black Dragon in the first set where it’s limited in it’s availability, however I think this minis is amazing to look at, and even more so when you find out it’ll be covered in rune tattoos in it’s final form. This is where I think DDM really missed the boat with their Giant pieces. With the exception of the Giants Of Legend set they really didn’t wow me the way that just this single miniature has. All that being said, unless he’s cheap I won’t get one. I don’t play Pathfinder, and don’t think I’ll be using my Jade Isles setting anytime soon, so there is no real reason to have it, except that it looks amazing.

Next would be Karzoug, one of the ‘Big Bad’ guys in the Rise Of The Runelords Adventure Path. For the life of me I can’t recall much about this character, but I will say the translation from art to miniature is really solid. I’m a big fan of gold and green as a color combination, I like the green energy, and the face looks solid. My issues with it are few; I wish the green energy were translucent, just as I would have liked the red flame on his weapon to have been translucent as well. So VERY minor visual issues. If it wasn’t a Rare mini I most likely would be much more interested in using him as some sort of villainous spell caster.

Last, but not least this week is another Sinspawn, this time with an axe. I’ve already stated that I’m going to be grabbing a ton of the different Sinspawn when this set comes out. I love the look of them as another nasty race, and this mini is no exception. The massive split bottom jaw looks impressive, I dig the sick muted colors, and even the pose is solid. The Sinspawn are going to be Uncommons and Commons so I’ll be all over them like lies on Romney.

- Speaking of Pathfinder I had one of the most uncomfortable moments in recent history at a Half Priced Books last week. It was coupon week so I was searching the RPG section for deals when I ran into a lady around my age doing the same. I happened to pull up the 4E Adventures on the rack, and then it started. I received a derisive ‘snort’ of sorts. She then commented that it’s just some random 4E crap on the shelf. I responded that I actually play and enjoy 4E, she proceeded to tell me how she plays Pathfinder and it’s superior. I went into my ‘it’s a great setting but I’m not a fan of 3 point whatever because of the overwhelming amount of useless crunch’. Her response after a ceasing to make eye contact, ‘Well Pathfinder has BETTER art!’ Indeed it does random RPG Lady At Half Priced Books, indeed it does. Why does this occur? You aren’t growing your game at all by telling me how much you loathe the game I play. In fact if nothing else you are simply reinforcing the stereotype that you are A) Lacking in social skills B) A GIANT Nerd C) An Edition Warrior & D) All Of The Above. This makes me sad, because I am a HUGE Nerd. I enjoy talking nerdy crap, and especially doing that with new people. So what is it that brings the worst out in my Nerd brothers and sisters when we disagree on what is ‘Cool’? Why do I hurt Mighty Mike every time I go into Rage Mode when discussing how Brian Michael Bendis is terrible on The Avengers titles? Why do Grognards constantly talk about the ‘Good Old Days’ when confronted with something ‘new’? Why does Dave feel the need to beat the dead horse of his dislike of Pink Floyd? Why can’t Star Wars and Trekkies just get along? Are we so invested in our own loves that we can’t, don't, or won't appreciate the loves of others? Do we just lack the ability to filter ourselves like human beings when it comes to the things we are passionate about so we devolve into the verbal equivalent of monkey’s flinging their poo? I’d really like to know, because if we could all, myself included, set aside our niche Geek Rage and at least tolerate the other Geek out there in the world well then anything is possible.

- My foot is STILL killing me. Luckily it’s no longer as purple as it was.

- Saturday I was in ‘The Cloud’ while my lovely wife was at her sister’s Baby Shower. I had the opportunity to hang out with Ant & Seany-Bear and play the HELL out of some Heroscape (**** ½ out of 5). See, ‘The Bear’ is 6 now and old enough to get his Geek On, and seeing that I’m his Uncle it’s on me to make sure this happens. I had a giant tub of Heroscape that I wasn’t playing just sitting around. I decided that he was old enough to figure the game out and take care of it. So a few weekends ago I sent it home with him. Saturday afternoon Ant and I sat down with him and played three fantastic games. I had forgotten just how great a little game this is, from the building of your board to the picking of your army, to the actual simple & quick play style. We built a HUGE board on the coffee table, and proceeded to play the Basic Version of the game and just have a great time. Sean was incredible to watch as you could see him learning, adjusting, and figuring out how to change tactics. It was fascinating. To say I’m looking forward to the next time we get to play is an understatement. Oh and on a side note, in what other game can I win with an army made up of Cyborg Gorillas, Hi-Tech Government Agents, all led by a Cowboy! Good stuff.

- I wonder what Geraldo would do if he saw me in a hoodie? Would he shoot to kill?

- Let’s get it straight John Calipari is a GIANT, smug douchelord, just look at him!

I mean you have to understand that this guy is a Rick Pitino wanna be. The difference is he’s not anywhere near the coach Pitino is. The guy is a hell of a recruiter, if you take into account that every program he’s been at, UMASS & Memphis, have ended up vacating wins after he’s left. The guy routinely destroys programs. Kentucky knew this when they brought him in. They knew that he is basically a slicker version of Calvin Sampson, a habitual rule breaker. The thing is they don’t care. Kentucky wants, nay NEEDS, to win so badly that they couldn’t stand to be also rans in the world of college basketball so they brought in a sleazy hired gun. What really pisses me off is the way that the ‘coaching fraternity’ and analysts on ESPN & CBS can’t stop slurping this guy. They know he destroyed the UMASS program. They know he left Memphis a wreck as they vacated wins and lost scholarships. They know he’ll do it again. He should be the poster child for the college hopping coach who decimates programs, and yet they can’t seem to remove their lips from his ass. So when a guy like Digger Phelps or Dick Vitale tries to take the moral high ground when it comes to anything or anyone I just remember that they slurp at the feet of John Calipari and I cease to care about their opinions. Anywho, when it comes to the actual games Kentucky literally has five guys who will be playing in the NBA next year. They are loaded with talent, and yet I don’t think they’ll win. Calipari had a team just like this at Memphis three years ago, and yet he got out-coached and they lost in the final. I’m hoping that Pintino and his Louisville squad show the Wildcats the door this weekend. If they don’t then I hope Kansas squeaks by Ohio State and then beats Calipari in a championship game, AGAIN. If they don’t make it to the final against Kentucky and it’s Ohio State, then I will be the BIGGEST Buckeyes rube you’ve ever seen. The fact of the matter is in one to three years Calipari will be back to failing in the NBA making millions of dollars and the University of Kentucky will be on NCAA probation and vacating wins in his wake. That’s just how ‘Coach Cal’ roles and in Lexington they don’t care.

- I’ve eaten SO many donuts the last couple of days that I don’t think I need another one for at least 60 days.

- Last week I knocked out two more episodes of Twin Peaks. I’m on the edge of seeing something big I think as Donna & James are sneaking into Dr. Jacobi’s office while someone is stalking the ‘Laura-look-alikeMaddy. That’s the main story, but there are SO many other secondary stories that have my attention that it’s crazy. I have to admit I was skeptical, but I have sort of fallen in love with this show. I’m savoring every episode, every quirky character, every reveal, and every new mystery.

- We’ve got to figure out the yard waste thing soon, as there is a cut up tree in our backyard.

- D&D is Saturday and for once I basically have everything done. I was really worried about this session, as for the most part I KNEW what I wanted to do after this session, but for this one I was drawing a blank. I took some inspiration from IDW’s D&D comic, which F’Ning rules, and from there shaped it into a working adventure. I like the mix of potential combat, sneaking, interacting, and Role Playing. It will be a nice change of pace from the last session. It is also affording me the opportunity to use some monsters that I was very unfamiliar with. If I can just strike the right vibe then I foresee it being a good time.

- I finally got me coffee mug back from whatever thief had it. Thank you Cassandra for some solid lookin’ out.

- Friday night is the D&D Adventure System night. I’m not sure anyone will show up. In fact I think that most likely no one will. I’m playing anyway. I’m starting to put together three scenarios that will tie together and form a nice narrative. With all the custom Monsters, Heroes, & Villains I’ve got the options are basically unlimited. I think it’ll be a good time. On another Adventure System note I’m about to finish, after revisions, two more Monster decks and I’ve already got the Encounter deck done. Not to mention I’ve got three new sets that I’ve started; The Jade Isles, Shadowspire, & Points Of Light. I truly love this game system.

- Speaking of games I really need to get my hands on The Lords Of Waterdeep, because it’s getting some serious love in reviews.

- Young Justice has become spectacular. The last episode had the reveal that Lex Luthor donated the other half of Superboy’s DNA code, the League was voting on adding new members including some Milestone characters, and they also were voting to see if they were going to keep Captain Marvel & Doctor Fate in the League. In this continuity only Batman knew that Billy Batson, who’s like 10, was Captain Marvel, so when the rest of the League found out they were NOT happy. As for Doctor Fate, it’s the helmet possessing Zatara, Zatanna’s father, and the League isn’t down with a renegade artifact controlling a member. The best part is we have NO idea who’s in and who’s out because the episode ends before they tell us! I’m also enjoying Green Lantern, although it took me a while to get over the art direction and the lack of Sinestro. The thing is ‘bidniz’ is about to pick up because Season 2 of the The Avengers, Earth’s Mightest Heroes as well as Season 1 of Ultimate Spider-Man, starring NOVA(!), starts this weekend. I’m giddy, truly giddy.

- Sunday morning I played the HELL out of Battle For Middle Earth 2, and I have a new favorite army, Goblins!

- I have a love/hate with Roy Williams. Whenever he loses I feel bad, since he was good to me for the three years I went to KU Basketball Camp. However he left. He went to Carolina after turning it down a few times, he bowed to the ‘Powder Blue Mafia’ pressure. When you love the Jayhawk Covenant I’m obligated to be a tad bitter, especially when you’ve done everything you could do, BUT win the National Title. So I’m torn, I was happy to watch KU beat UNC yesterday, I was excited to see Coach Self’s sly little grin at the upset, but it was sort of sad to see Coach Roy come up short, again.

You know for a guy who didn’t have much to say, I sure don’t know when to shut up.

“You're just a clone of them
Have you no way to set a fire
You're just a clone of them
The Devil's in the ways we live

It's all chemicals by and large it's not you
Or your excitement
I'm caught trading blows and climbing walls for a view
Out of resentment

You're just a clone of them
Have you no way to set a fire
You're just a clone of them
The Devil's in the ways we live

But this sadness you saw in us
Comes honestly from foreign worlds
There's too many muddy feet
It's all too easy counting

So in the end, if I hold the fate, you hold a chance
Never admit, I'd simply ascend
To see what the soul looks like in the end
After all

We need a change I feel
From this saga of old past blandness
Maybe I'll tase myself
Wake up from this maze of lies built up

You're just a clone of them
Have you no way to set a fire
You're just a clone of them
The Devil's in the ways we live
After all, what do I know”

* = Indeed...


  1. "I’d really like to know, because if we could all, myself included, set aside our niche Geek Rage and at least tolerate the other Geek out there in the world well then anything is possible."


    People like their stuff...she was probably a snotty bitch anyway.

    What happened to your foot?

    TWIN PEAKS RULES...still!!!

    WTF? D&D boardgames on Friday and D&D RPG on Saturday?
    Did I say yes to both of these? Because I have plans with Greg & Cory on Friday night

  2. D.,
    - You are most likely right. It makes it no less irritating.
    - No, I actually and unfortunately haven't.
    - I smashed the foot cutting down the cedar tree, it's properly crushed.
    - YES, yes it does.
    - Yup, and yes you did, but I always assume it's an either or thing, because let's face it people have lives.