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Wasp Woman Vs. The Doomsday Machine

* = This certainly explains a lot about my life...

I’m sure most of you are wondering just why the hell I would be blogging when I haven’t had anything of real value to add to the blogosphere in quiet some time, well at least two blogs. The fact is I just can’t help myself. I’ve nothing better to do with these in-between moments as I wistfully hope the day will end. So instead I try to find solace in examining all the screaming voices reverberating in my over-sized ginger melon.

So I was thinking of doing another chart for D&D, and here it is;

Effects Of A Critical Hit or Near Death On PC’s (Roll a D20 and consult for result)

1) Wendigo Psychosis – The injuries have given the PC a desire to consume the flesh of other sentient beings. The PC knows it’s wrong, and will actively resist, but has a deep-seated need to consume. This could have a secondary effect of Pica, a disorder in which the person will consume anything regardless of nutritional value.

2) Fugue State – The PC forgets who they are, where they are from, etc. They effectively become a Tabla Rasa, ‘Blank Slate’.

3) Trichotillomania – The stresses of the issue causes the PC to forcibly, uncontrollably, and systematically removes their hair, strand by strand. This could have a secondary effect of Trichophagia in which the PC then eats the hair they remove.

4) Body Dismorphic Disorder – The PC can no longer stand the sight of themselves, regardless of actual comeliness, and will go to great lengths to hide their appearance from mirrors as well as others.

5) Oniomania – The PC feels an intense compulsion to spend all their wealth and to obtain and retain possessions.

6) Piblokto – This disorder causes the PC to engage in very unusual behaviors such as eating of own feces, intense hysteria, echolalia (a repetition of words or phrases), depression, and insensitivity to temperature extremes.

7) Depersonalization – The PC begins to think that they are in a perpetual ‘Dream World’. They begin to take severe risks or cease to see the validity of rules or social standards as the potential consequences don’t matter because the world they live in ‘isn’t real anyway’.

8) Coprolalia – The PC begins to curse and make ethnic and racial slurs uncontrollably and not necessarily in line with the PC’s actual views on those individuals or groups. This is not Torrette’s Syndrome however and may go so far as to manifest itself in gesture or even in writing outbursts.

9) Delusional Parasitosis – The PC feels that it’s body has been infested with small crawling vermin. They become paranoid and delusional.

10) Autassassinophilia – The PC can no longer become aroused or interested in others sexually or romantically unless in the throes of danger. The PC will find themselves aroused or particularly romantically inclined whenever they are faced with life threatening situations.

11) Hybristophilia - The PC finds itself uncontrollably attracted to members of the diametrically opposed alignment. They find the activities of that individual irresistible going so far as to assist that person in things they would normally find abhorrent.

12) Autophagia – The PC has the irresistible urge for self-harm, including but not limited to biting oneself, cutting, head banging, etc. This reaction usually occurs when the PC is confronted with stress.

13) Hemispatial Neglect – The PC’s visual system ceases to function correctly. The PC loses the ability to perceive objects or environment on one side of their body. It doesn’t affect their vision or physical abilities, it just doesn’t allow them to perceive or understand objects when viewed through that ‘eye’.

14) Total Spontaneous Mutism – The PC will periodically find his or herself unable to speak for up to a week an outbreak. This does not prohibit other forms of communication, just speech.

15) Folie à deux – The PC takes on the madness or maladaptive behavior of the closest mentally unhealthy person near them. This occurs every time the PC find themselves in the proximity of a dominant personality with mental instability.

16) Amok Syndrome – The PC goes into an uncontrollable rage that results in the injury or death in those in his or her’s immediate area.

17) Blaschko's Lines – The PC’s injuries have caused the normally invisible Blaschko’s Lines in their body to become very visible making their appearance extremely unusual.

18) Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva – In an effort to repair itself the PC’s body goes into overdrive. It begins to convert even healthy tissue to bone. If allowed to persist over the span of years the PC’s body will become a literal bone statue.

19) Somnambulism – The PC begins Sleepwalking and re-enacting scenarios. The PC does not have any recollection of what he or she does during these periods of time, and it does not affect their actual ratio of recovery or health.

20) Hyperexplexia – The PC reacts poorly to obtrusive stimulus like explosions, loud noises, or extreme visuals. This can range from intense and irrational fear to becoming completely pliant to verbal commands.

I always find these types of things interesting to say the least and I think they give a good DM a great opportunity to take an idea and run with it. On the flipside I think it gives any PC the chance to stretch that Role Playing muscle in new and exciting ways. So while we’re on the subject of D&D, Saturday night is quickly approaching. If you are playing in that game please refrain from reading the next portion of this blog. I’m warning you. It’s full of spoilage. Seriously. I mean it. Alrighty, I’m starting now.

It’s been really difficult to come up with what I wanted to try and get accomplished in the next two sessions as the group heads towards the Erathis Monastery. I was surprised though how working on a D&D Adventure System Villain really sparked my imagination. The only problem was it sparked it in a way that was & is not conducive to where the PC’s currently are. So I will be keeping that one for the next session. In the interim I have had to come up with something that isn’t filler, that isn’t as ‘sneaky’ as the last session, and not overly Role Playing intensive as I think if I do that the PC’s will openly revolt. They want some action. The idea of them being forced to run last session was a difficult concept for them. They enjoyed the session, but didn’t like the idea of it being such a ‘find & flee’ adventure. So this time my goal is give them the option of a straight up blood bath siege or a sneakier, and a tad bit smarter, option that will still lead them to some nasty combat options. When we last met they ended hiding in a vast cavern complex in the side of the Teeth Of Gruumsh Mountain range after running for their lives from Moma’s kin. The idea is to give them an early taste of ‘weird’ by having them stumble into a mushroom field inhabited by Myconoids who are quiet content to ignore them if they don’t engage. As they come to the end of this bizarre area they find two Kenku’s looting an Orc body. The Kenku’s will be defensive but are willing to recognize that the PC’s are far superior in strength and number. Which gives ‘Heckle & Jeckle’ an idea, take the PC’s to their Leader. So they invite the PC’s to come with them. If the PC’s refuse then I have a semblance of a back-up plan dealing with some Drahjar raiding squads and an injured Drow. I’m hoping they take the plot hook though and head to the Kenku’s ‘Nest’. There they’ll be introduced to Div, a devious Nagpa, who runs the ‘Nest’. He lets the PC’s know that once ‘his people’ had control of this area, but have usurped from their true home. He tries to do a bit of wheeling and dealing with the PC’s asking them to help get back his precious ‘Eye’ that was stolen from him by a hulking brute of a Warforged, the PC’s will recognize it being Goat, and his Orc war band. They took the ‘Eye’ to an old Duergar Outpost that had been the Kenku’s ‘Nest’ prior to it being overrun by ‘Beasts’. Foulspawn who need the ‘Eye’ to open a long dormant portal to bring forth their master, a HUGE Eye Tyrant, have basically overrun it. Goat used the ‘Eye’ to gain free passage through the Outpost to continue his lead on the PC’s toward the Monestary. If the PC’s take Div’s offer of whatever non-Kenku items in the Outpost and free passage for retrieving the ‘Eye’ it puts the PC’s in direct confrontation with the Foulspawn. If they want to catch Goat they also will have to deal with the Foulspawn at the Outpost. I will have to REALLY play up the idea that Div thinks the ‘Mighty Warriors’ can easily defeat their shared enemies. The reality is I want the PC’s to have to earn it. So I’m using the entire catalog of Foulspawn, some Grimlock Minions, a giant Carrion Crawler, & even some starved Intellect Devourers. With the addition of Zack & Bob and the two former members of ‘The Black Keyes’ that they have with them they have firepower off the charts. So I’m going to have to make sure that the female Necromancer doesn’t cast, she has broken hands after all, unless it’s to her distinct advantage and that would involve Zack & his ‘skull’ familiar. As for the Half-Elf woman, she has no weapons. So I’m going to try and set her up as some sort of romantic interest for one or more of the party members. In the end if the PC’s try to just ‘Storm The Castle’ I’ll give them a few Kenku Minions, and then kill them horribly to demonstrate just how nasty a Foulspawn Hulk or Berserker is. I have to set a mood like I did the last session in order for this to work. Where that had a purely ‘horror’ vibe, I need this to have a sort of ‘Conan’ thing going on. I feel good about how the idea has progressed and although it’s a bit more ‘Hack N Slash’ than I normally prefer. I think it has all the makings of a good time, we’ll find out Saturday.

If you are one of my players you can start reading again, just in time for…


- Sunday starts the Marvel Animation Block on Disney XD. So we get the opening of the second season of The Avengers, Earth’s Mightest Heroes which is ‘The Private War Of Doctor Doom’! So I already know that we’re getting the Avengers and the Fantastic Four against Doctor Doom. I’ll just let that settle in for a bit. DOCTOR FRIGGIN’ DOOM! And you know it’ll be a cool version of Doom since even in the first season we found out that he was a huge mover and shaker. I have EXTREMELY high hopes for this new season as it looks like we’ll be getting the Kree/Skrull War, the coming of The Vision, The Red Hulk, Surtur, and Ms. Marvel joining the team. We also get not 1 BUT 2 episodes of the new Ultimate Spider-Man show so I’m thinking we’ll get at least a glimpse of Spidey’s ‘Amazing Friends’ for the show; Power Man, Iron Fist, White Tiger, & Nova! I’m a tad disappointed it won’t be Richard Rider as Nova, but hey I’ll get over it since I’m getting a cartoon with FLIPPIN’ NOVA in it! If you can’t tell I’m ridiculously excited.

- I have one card revision left, and it’s extremely minor, and then I can post my three card sets on Artscow.

- It’s extremely sad but I need a nap. What’s sad about it is I slept really well last night. I think I’m just exhausted from stress and my foot ‘paining’. The stress is from just trying to get things sorted out for our house upgrades, being a good husband, and dealing with the day-to-day grind. The foot thing is getting better, but every time I take off my shoe it looks like I’m baking bread because the swelling just rises right out. Not to mention I’m sick and tired of taking Ibuprofen. Maybe I’ll just turn in early tonight, after Twin Peaks of course.

- I need charcoal so I can grill.

- If I could climb in my own personal TARDIS and visit any 10 people, here is who they’d be as of right now;
o My Dad

o Gary Gygax

o Jack Kirby

o Charlemagne

o Robert E. Howard

o Stevie Ray Vaughn

o Winston Churchill

o The Big J.C., that Jesus to those that aren’t as tight with him

o Vercingetorix

o My Grandfather

- The sad thing is I’m sure no one really cares who I’d visit.

Even sadder is most of the time I’m not even sure I care either.

“She cried to the southern wind

About a love that was sure to end

Every dream in her heart was gone

Headin' for a Showdown

Bad dreamer, what's your name

Looks like we're ridin' on the same train

Looks as through there'll be more pain

There's gonna be a Showdown

And it's rainin' all over the world

It's raining all over the world

Tonight, the longest night

She came to me like a friend

She blew in on a southern wind

Now my heart is turned to stone again

There's gonna be a Showdown

Save me, oh save me

It's unreal, the suffering

There's gonna be a Showdown

And it's rainin' all over the world

It's raining all over the world

Tonight, the longest night”

* = The new F'Ning format for Blogger sucks ass, I can't get my post to work right so I'm just going to STAY ANGRY!

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