Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Blue Thunder Vs. Cyborg

* = THIS is why I'm a dog guy and not a cat guy, MEOW!

I can’t promise much of this or any blogs this week as I’m pretty worn out, but old habits die hard and I feel a personal obligation to give you at least one blog this week. So without further ado, here it is…

I know it’s a few days late, but here is our weekly foray into upcoming Rise Of The Runelords miniatures set;

First up is Jakardros Sovark, an Uncommon NPC. I have to say I LOVE this mini. It’s an older dude, with a sweet eye patch, what’s not to love? He’s basically the pre-painted fantasy miniature version of the World’s Most Interesting Man. This mini has character, and just looking at him makes me want to add an NPC to my campaign of a grizzled old Ranger who takes on of the PC’s under his wing. You know a pseudo-father figure that seems slightly shady, but has a heart of gold. Seeing as it’s also an Uncommon I have NO problem dropping some cash on this miniature.
Next up is Vale Temros, also an Uncommon NPC. This is another mini that while it fills a niche of an NPC or a bad guy, he looks fantastic. The pose is strong and menacing, he’s a black dude, a niche that is SORELY unrepresented in the fantasy realms let alone in miniature form. He’d also make a fantastic PC mini for anyone looking. I wish we had a bit better look at his face, and he’s a bit ‘top heavy’ in the shoulder department, but really it just makes the piece look tough. It's a mini that screams "Do Not MESS With ME!" All that being said this is another ‘Must Buy’ mini.
Last but not least this week is Kaven Windstrike, another Uncommon NPC. As you can see here in the pick the top sword is broke. I like the two weapon style he’s got going, especially since the pose is much more dynamic than the other two minis in this preview. I also like the fact that this mini again could be a LOT of different things. He could be a pirate captain, a Thieves’ Guild Boss, a PC, a noble wanting a duel, etc. The possibilities become endless. These three minis have quickly moved into that ‘Must Buy’ category. All three just ooze potential, almost more-so than any other mini we’ve seen in this set so far. Good show Paizo & Wizkids, GOOD SHOW!

I finished Henry Kuttner’s The Dark World (***** out of 5) over the weekend.

I have to say I loved it. It’s not that it’s written exceptionally well, it’s not that the characters are all that fleshed out, and it’s not even the story itself, instead it’s the combination of all three being done well. It also sets a mood and a pace that I loved. As I stated last week this book, and it’s really short so it’s barely a book, comes off like the last chapter in an EPIC. It’s the end game by all parties involved, and I loved that! It made me wish that I could read all the stories that led up to that finale battle. Instead the book just takes you to the end and gives you a gloriously enjoyable spectacle. If you’re looking for a fun read then look no further than this gem by Kuttner, in fact I can’t wait to read it again.

See short. In fact all we have left is….


- I’m working my way through the second Tomb Of Dracula Essential, the first Booster Gold Showcase, & the second Metal Men Showcase. I have to say I’m loving all three of them. The Dracula stuff is just crazy in that wonderful 70’s way. Booster Gold is a great character, written in a way where the protagonist is a guy you don’t really like all that much which is really strange. And all I can say about the Metal Men is it makes the Tomb Of Dracula stuff look like it was written by a computer. It is just INSANE, and I love it. Thank you Half-Priced Books for SUPER cheap comic collections.

- We need to mow, the lawn is out of control, the problem is I don’t think it’s going to happen till Saturday.

- Tomorrow night is the NFL Draft and I’m pretty excited. The whole Draft hinges on what the Vikings do at #3. I really hope they get a chance to trade down, accumulate picks, and still get what they are after. It’s just more fun to watch the games with Cassandra, Dave, & Liz when they are winning. As for the Chiefs I have NO earthly idea what they are going to do. I’m hoping they go for either a pass rusher, offensive lineman, or someone to replace Brandon Carr in the secondary. I’m really looking forward to watching it tomorrow night.

- When did Chuck Woolery start shilling for over 50 conservatives? What a douche.

- There is a WHOLE lot of FAKE SPORTS NEW Wrestling to blog about, but I’m saving it right now, since I’m just too tired to write about it.

In fact I’m so tired I’m done…

“When the time comes to documentary what we did here

The transcription won't really be that hard

'Cos i'm a woman eating monster

With a suitcase full of fire

And pink flamingos decorate my yard

Yeah! Pink flamingos decorate my yard!

Do you remember that young girl who did all those things with her body?

Yeah, I guess you could say it was me who gave her her start!

I hear she's working for President Clinton the way she used to work for me

But my pink flamingos keep pecking at her heart

My pink flamingos keep pecking at her heart!

And they never fly away

In my front yard they stay

And, you know, baby

I sometimes find it odd

You've got to climb the statue of the demon to get closer to God!



Now there's a crowd outside demanding my resignation

And a policeman about to draw his gun

Seems I've lost this battle

But the war has just begun

'Cos my pink flamingos will outlive everyone

Yeah my pink flamingos will outlive everyone!

And they never fly away

In my front yard they stay

And, you know, baby

I sometimes find it odd

You've got to climb the statue of the demon to get closer to God!”

* = All that and Haters STILL gonna Hate.

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