Friday, April 6, 2012

Freejack Vs. Blind Fury

* = I've come to the conclusion there just isn't enough Macho Man on my blog.

I'm really not overly sure why I'm blogging today. It's not like I have anything of any real importance or even interest to blather on and on about. In fact I think I'm mainly doing this to stave off soul crushing boredom more than anything else. The strange thing is when I'm this bored it usually goes one of two ways, either I get creative and find some interesting outlets for my attention, or I begin to focus on all the negative things around me.

I'm working hard to try and not focus on the negative today, but there is SO much out there. So instead I'm going to try and force myself to get creative with a list.

The Top Ten Things I Want To Do In The Marvel SAGA Game

10) I want to use Warren Ellis' Thunderbolts Team - With the game being set in the moments prior to the outbreak of the Marvel Civil War I really wanted my players to go up against a Norman Osborne led government strike team. I want a knock down drag out nasty encounter where the Heroes have the option of surrender, which knowing them they won't, but are steered towards out and out bloodshed.

9) Iron Man's Offer - In Civil War Iron Man actively recruits. I really want the opportunity to give this pitch to my players. I think it's potentially a really solid role playing moment. It's hard for me to even guess how they would react to the idea of working against Captain America, or even being 'outed' to the public at large as vigilantes.

8) The Lethal Legion - I think this is one of the most highly underutilized names in the Marvel Universe, and while I thoroughly enjoy populating the Twin Cities of our Marvel U. with home-made creations I do have some ideas as to just who might make the cut for this team of malcontents. Here's my list of possible members: Orb, Shocker, Griffin, The Melter, The Blob, Dreadknight, Cobalt Man, Captain Axis, The Presence, MODAM, Icemaster, Man-Killer, Slyde, Gypsey Moth, Frankenstein's Monster, Scarlet Scarab, Commander Kraken, Miss Mass, Quasimodo, & Lucia Von Bardas.

7) The Annihilation Wave - We've already touched upon it early in the campaign, but I do hope to come back to it at some point. The PC's had a run-in with Blastarr as well when they were in the Negative Zone. There are a lot of small 'Cosmic' threads that could weave into the tapestry easily. Out of all of them I do hope to get back to this one though. And I mean really doesn't everyone want to run some type of full blown bloody Alien Invasion at some point?

6) Legacy Heroes & Villains - A lot of the home-brew stuff in the campaign is built off some aspects of 'Legacy' characters. I've begun to think hard about what that would mean from both sides of the proverbial fence. Some of the PC's have extremely well thought out backgrounds, they had enemies prior to entering the campaign. What happened to these people? One thing that I've done a decent job with Mike's character has been exploit and roll his background into the campaign. I really need to do the same with Dave, Woody, & Pillsbury as well.

5) Stop 'Claremonting' - There have been some dangling plot threads that need to be resolved in our next session. I've got to many that have yet to reach a conclusion, there isn't a reason for this besides imagination attention disorder. Why was that Ultron unit on the Dimesional Dirgible? Where did Captain Ultra go? Who is behind the MGM epidemic? Who is the new Hate Monger? These are easy to go after, I just need to commit to it.

4) Personal Lives - When Jon was in the group the PC's seemed to be much more involved in their 'personal lives'. Now that he's left the group the rest of the PC's have been much less interested in telling me about their dating life, or their sick mothers, or their job, etc. Now they've almost become full time spandex heroes. I sort of miss listening to Dave role play a 25 minute cell phone conversation with his fictional police detective sister on my stereo remote. I need to add some weight and functionality back to this portion of play.

3) Fantastic Vistas - I need to get my PC's out into the greater Marvel U. once every three sessions or so. So far they've been to the Dark Dimension, the far side of the Universe, the Negative Zone, and Kansas City. There is a part of me that NEEDS to see them go to the Microverse, the Savage Land, &/or Genosha.

2) Keep 'World Building' - One thing that has worked is continuing to play off the idea that the Midwest has it's own heroes, maybe not as powerful, famous, or self-agrandizing as those in New York, but they are there. They also have their own villains, conflicts, and history. At the same time it should be a scaffolding not a framework the PC's feel trapped within. I have to keep walking that thin line, while letting them build the rest of the history themselves.

1) Play More Often - This is pretty self-explanatory. I'd like to play at least once every three months. We'll see if that can even happen.

These are all pretty tangible goals, in fact sort of easy. I just have to be as committed to this game as I have been to D&D. Speaking of commitment, how committed are you all to...


- There is something joyous in paying off a bill completely. It's some sick sort of satisfaction, but I enjoy it.

- I have this extra paycheck in June, and I'm debating using a portion of it to get the remaining Small World expansions I don't possess as well as the starter armies for the new D&D Skirmish game. It's a decent bit of 'chedda', but I think I might do it anyway. I guess it just depends on how much the tree cutting is going to cost us.

- Anima Tactics makes some gorgeous minis.

- FAKE SPORTS NEWS! I played some more wrestling last night and was thrown off Smackdown after getting SCREWED in a ladder match (AGAIN!). I ended up on RAW where I've been in a feud with some ECW guys. I think that's over now that I whupped Bobby Lashley's ass at the PPV and am now the #1 contender for the title again. The game is far easier to tolerate for long periods when I don't have to listen to J.B.L. & Michael Cole on commentary.

- I need to get back to card making next week.

- It's nice to see that even with 5E on the horizon WotC is still knocking out some 4E stuff. There is a crap ton of stuff dealing with the Underdark coming out. This is making me think of adding it to my campaign a bit more. Maybe something akin to Paizo's wonderful Second Darkness Adventure Path or perhaps the Drow finally invade the surface world or a war between Lolth's faithful & Torog? There are a lot of possiblities in the depths of the 'Long Night'.

- A hug. I could use one.

- I can't wait for the NFL Draft. I'm chomping at the bit to see what happens. I do hope for Cassandra & Dave's sake that the Vikings get a LOT of trade offers at the 3rd spot to trade back and get accumulate draft picks while still getting Matt Kalil at Left Tackle.

I can't wait for this day to end...

Young man moving mountain,
he thinks he's indestructible

One day, he finds, he's fucked like you and I

Falls down to his knees and prays to the divine

Life moves forward aging all of us,

time stops for moments to highlight all of the pain

Our prayers are not listened to and our hopes are all in vain

Can it get better from here or will there always be this pain

Life goes downhill for all of us

* = Hoodies are never out of style unless you're in Florida.

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