Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Black Cat Vs. Stranglers Of Bombay

It's been a rough week.  Don't get me wrong, as you'll see below, 'The Monster Mash' was a hoot, however since then I haven't slept, I've had a bit of a fever, and then had the big whammy of a seizure yesterday.  This is the first one in over six months.  I think what hurts the worst is I thought, well I'd hoped, that they were gone.  No more worrying about it every time I got a headache or fever, no more getting asked about it every time my eye starts to give me problems.  I was wrong.  It snuck up on me and really put me down.  That puts me back at square one; 1 day with 0 seizures.

Suffice to say I'm tired, I'm sore, a bit bruised, and not feeling all that pleasant.  However that doesn't mean I can skip out on responsibilities, SO with that in mind here is...

 'The Monster Mash' Photo-Blog!

First up is Emily, our winner of 'Costume Of The Night', 'huggin' it out with MaryMary might have the largest 'chesticals' of any mummy in the history of all TIMES!  Seriously.  It's so strange that two people who might never ever had met came to know each other because of my lovely wife and myself.  It blows my mind sort of that 'six degrees of seperation'.  It's even cooler when you realize all these folks come to these different shindigs get along and actually like one another.  Strange...

Here's one displaying the amount of effort my better half puts into these things.  I help a bit, but I don't have the patience or the 'vision' to pull of this stuff like she does.  The web wall, was my idea, but those chains were hers, and in reality they made the whole house look spooky.    Oh and the dungeon wall stuff looked tight.  Kudos to you Cassandra!

This is my sister-in-law Charlene in her Vampire garb playing with our nephew Gus Gus.  Gus didn't dress up, he's a baby so therefor exempt from most costume requirements.  For now.

So this was supposed to be the final 'Adult Halloween'THAT did not occur.  Charlene and Joe couldn't find a sitter for Joe's kids and Dave & Jen wouldn't have been able to come sans Haley, SO we went semi-kid friendly.  It was nice that Zoe and Haley sort of hit it off and were able to go chill downstairs and have fun.  I mean c'mon Haley looks CRAZED, Zoe looks confused, there are Lucha Libre masks involved AND foam swords.  I don't know what they were up to downstairs, BUT this picture is just too AWE-some and gets super El Iron Fisto approval! 

My brother-in-law Lee was fighting some back pain on Saturday, SO he proceeded to imbibe heavily in order to cope, OH and cope he did.  For those who can't tell he is the Sock Monster.  You know that insidious beast who robs you of your pairs of socks.  I thought it was a genius idea.

This one is my wife and her two sisters.  It's sort of funny, but a vampire, a mummy, and the Bride of Frankenstien sort of hits the Universal Classic Monster trifecta.  Anywho these three tend to taket his picture every year as requested by my mother-in-law

This is basically the same shot, BUT somehow Gus Gus has snuck his way in, which should be hard since he's a baby.  However that might just be how he does it; under the cover of 'Babydom'.  He just tricks them into picking him up, carrying him around, feeding him, and heaping adoration upon him.  It's an insidious plot of WORLD DOMINATION!  Or he's just a really cute baby, I haven't decided which yet.

Here we have an exhausted looking Christina unraveling her lovely wife Mary.  Strangely goofy and yet really cute.  It was awesome that they made it, it sucked that we didn't tell them early enough so they could have brought The Mason Man.  It almost looks like they are going to slow dance.

This one is another group shot.  Joe is the Grim Reaper, and damn if he didn't keep that mask on almost ALL night.  His costume looked good, but once he started walking around with my Dad's voodoo cane it looked friggin' amazing.  I just love Lee's goofy whiskey grin here, and La La looks like she's confused. 

Ah!  Mary & Christina lookin' all cute couple on our asses.  I just wish Christina didn't look like she's on the verge of falling asleep standing up.  I miss the days of her and I just going drink for drink, howling at the moon, and being obnoxious.  Perhaps we'll have our chance to do that on New Years this year.

It's Zoe and her dad JoeZoe was some strange cowgirl zombie.  It was cute.  Like I said earlier I dug Joe's costume, it was simple and effective.

Haley was a gypsy, and also looked adorable.  I didn't see much of her as she and Zoe went downstairs pretty quickly and hung out down there.  You never realize how big things are till you see a size comparison.  Our couch is GIGANTIC, because it makes her look tiny?  Do have or own anything of 'normal' size?

This is another shot of the Web Wall and the first shot of the food spread my wife and friends laid out.  There were a crap ton of sweets this year, but the savory stuff that did make it onto the table was delicious.  Also it's our first gander at 'Mighty' Mike, but we'll see more of that 'man candy' a bit later...

HEY!  It's Zack as a combination of Medusa and a Minotaur, looking all snuggly.  Ah, for cute!

Here is 'Lady' Christy, Zack's gal, in her Medusa regalia.  I just have to state how much fun it was to have them come to HalloweenZack is a righteous fellow, great Blogger, amazing DM, and a great player at any gaming session.  We've been lucky enough to get to hangout with Christy twice now and she is a Hoot!  That's right I did it again.  I'm takin' it back so you all can just get used to me using it.

This is Zack as his Minotaur, an ingenious little costume.  OR he could simply be hiding out!  He could actually be the deadly Man-O-Taur, of Venture Brothers infamy, waiting to trap all of us in his malevolent murder maze!  Either way I really dug Zack's costume, it was 'cute' but made sense.  Oh and that look.  That look is pure H-A-T-E-!

There she is!  Our winner of best costume, Emily as her female Brundlefly!  On her arm is 'Mighty' Mike as James Woods from VideodromeLONG LIVE THE NEW FLESH, DEATH TO VIDEODROME!  Emily made her mask out of several other masks, painted it, and then put together a strangely sexy scientist outfit.  Mike horribly disfigured his hand with a penis gun and put a vagina on his belly.  Both costumes were pure win, AND a double dip of Cronenberg.  The look on Mike's face is pure nightmare fuel.

It's Gus Gus again, this time plying his cuteness on Emily.  I think it was his main mission of the night to spread the dreaded 'Baby Fever' like a plague through my home and friends!  It was so funny to see how many gals just couldn't help themselves and had to hold the little bulldog.  He's a pimp.  A baby pimp.

This is another shot of looking into the dining room through the Web Wall.  I think we're leaving it up until this weekend.  So it'll be there for this Friday Night's Horror Movie-A-Thon!

Another shot of the decor.  This one is cool since you can see everyone sort of chillin' in the dinning room. 

FOOD!  I'm shocked no one went into Diabetic Shock...

A close-up of the donut holes turned into Eyeballs by my lovely wife.  They were super cool.

Steve comes as the same Devil/Vampire every year regardless of theme.  However those damn contacts and horns make it work, EVERY Friggin' Year!  I just wish we could find him a ruffley Pirate shirt or something besides his 'douche cape' Affliction shirts.  Oh and blame the blurry pic on me.  Steve scared me.

I can't believe we didn't get more pics of Cordell as his Voodoo Priest, he looked friggin' awesome.  Here you get he and David, going as a Pod Person version of himself, chatting away in the kitchen.  Cordell has this earnest look on his face, it makes me wonder what they were chatting about.

Here is Mike and his belly vagina, no sand in there to be found.  Mike did a remarkable amount of work on his make up stuff and it looked damn good.

This is the first of Charlene and ZoeJoe's kids are pretty damn cool.  OH and Char, stop stealing the 'rabbit ears' on smaller people in pictures, THAT is my thing...

Here is another of Zoe and Charlene, which I think encapsulates their relationship perfectly.

Joe and Charlene in a very cute moment.

Joe and Charlene the rest of the time...  You'll notice Joe isn't even fightin' back...

I think this is a shot of the night wrapping up, AND my only picture of the elusive Joltin' Jen that night.  I think she and Dave were Pod People versions of themselves.  OR they just decided to not dress up.  I prefer to go with Pod People.  Do you see that there?  Gus Gus is again working his baby magic...

Here's Mighty Mike trying desperately to get that Penis Gun off his hand.  I feel weird even typing that.  Look at the disgust in his face.  You know you feel the weird just as much as I do with this one...

JUST when you thought it couldn't get any weirder...  I give you stretchiness.

This one is a family shot, AND the first time you get to see the King In Yellow.  Again I can't believe how GIGANTIC I look here, and I'm not even talking about the fact that the mask makes it look like my face is baking bread.

This is my favorite shot of Cassandra from the whole night.  She just looks adorable. 

In the end the Pallid Mask of the King In Yellow comes for us all...

Here is the last shot.  I really dug my robe, it's sickly yellow color was pefect.  I liked the idea of the mask it was just too damn small for my face.  SO, it sort of worked, but in the end wasn't what I wanted exactely.

Well perhaps I'll get off my ass this week and knock out a 'real blog', but I'm somehow doubting it as the week is REALLY busy.  Who knows we might even sneak in another Podcast soon. 

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