Thursday, August 8, 2013

Space Raiders Vs. No Blade Of Grass

* = My brain makes far more sense now...
I think the blog today is less that I have something to say, it’s more that if I don’t do something then I’m either going to pass out or crush my melon against my desk until it or I breaks in an effort to remain conscious for the remainder of my day. It isn’t even like I’m not sleeping at night; I slept pretty dang good last night filled with the dream fuel that is Iron King. My gawds is that show insane. There is so much craziness, slapping, fiery deaths, jumping, and spastic action that it makes my soul swoon. I have yet to delve into the Ultraman stuff I picked up or the Super Robot Red Baron complete series. Some of this stuff may or may not find its way into the end of August’s Kaiju BBQ! Where we will all day enjoy some guys in rubber suits smashing scenery while partaking of grilled meats, especially a goat leg and some venison ribs. I think it could be an excellent time, and I’m hoping for fun.

I’m already starting to ramble so let’s put that to some good and just smash your faces off with some…


- Holy crap the new berry and brownie Blizzard is glorious.

- Yesterday Cassandra and I ran to Michael’s so I could get a bunch of paint, I picked up like 15 bottles for just over $11. That wasn’t the great thing though. See yesterday we witnessed the official bar of ‘Not Giving A Fuck’ set. The guy, Alec, who was checking folks out was SO irritated by our very existence, coupled with his exasperation at having to ring up items for people, armed with a sense of speed that makes a sloth look like the F’Ning Flash, paired with the disdain he seemed to have for humanity as a whole have made him the bar by which all others shall be judged. Congratulations clerk guy. ‘The Alec Scale’ has been born, do yourself a favor and judge yourselves accordingly.

- I still need to get Julie to “show me her Minotaur…”

- Tuesday night I began painting my Mercantile Naval Officers for D&D 2nd Group. I’m going with a black, white, and copper color scheme. It is based off a Doctor Who pre-paint I have of a Clockwork Man. I think it’s from ‘The Girl In The Fireplace’. That particular miniature will be the mage of the group, I really dig that miniature. In fact if I could find more of those Doctor Who miniatures on the cheap I’d order them. I’ve got five who are almost done, another one about 2/3rds completed, and a pile that I have to get after. I’m figuring I’ll do at least three more and then switch to something else for a while. It is not like I’m going to run out of miniatures any time soon.

- Woody inspired me today to wonder whether or not Wolfman Jack was killed by the Hounds Of Tyndalos. Yes, it’s been that sort of day…

- I’ve realized I’m like Shaft in that I’m complicated and no one understands me but my woman. Not in the way of being black, going to Africa, having a big score, killing drug dealers, or having sweet theme music. Oh well we can’t have it all can we?

- Just devoured a salad with smoked beef in it. I just ate healthy and didn’t feel a thing.

- I’m scouring the Interwebs for some more Pirate boats for the 2nd D&D group. Currently it seems as if my best bet will be, believe it or not, old Playmobile stuff. It will require some modding, but it should work out well. They are large enough to really give the game some crazy scope. So if you have anything like that you are trying to get rid of or know where I can find some let me know please. I’m beyond excited to get into some ship to ship combat between the adventurers and all the other forces out there in the Known World.

- Chili, I miss you.

- Yesterday morning I finished James Lowder’s Prince Of Lies (**** ½ out of 5).
I’m not overly rote on all the history or nuances of the Forgotten Realms, but one thing I’ve always been aware of is that Cyric is a right bastard. Mr. Lowder hammers that fact home in every page of this book full of the machinations, alliances, and battles between the Gods of Faerun. Cyric is a mortal who has attained godhood by slaying deities and taking their place, he has made himself into a force to be truly feared by gods and man. His latest scheme would result in him becoming the ONE power in all of the Forgotten Realms. Its audacious, inspired, and over all smart. As a former mortal, even an insane one, he sees the blind spots in the egos, intelligence, and motivations of the other beings in the pantheon. Only his former friend and now hated enemy Mystara, now goddess of magic, sees what is really going on. From there the two play a cat and mouse game of alliances, grand plans, revenge, and eventually war. The thing that Mr. Lowder does extremely well is show us how these whims and plans of gods directly affect the everyday normal being in the Forgotten Realms. There is consequence on both a mundane and a cosmic scale in this fight. I also thoroughly enjoyed the fact that there is rarely any direct conflict between the deities themselves. It is all through proxy, through schemes, and by preying upon the inherent weaknesses each possess. It was a fast and fun read that I would highly recommend for anyone who is looking for something a little different in a fantasy book.

- Apparently I really need to see The H-Men, luckily I now own it.

- I will never for the life of me understand why grown ass professionals can’t clean up after themselves. How hard is it to put your chair back, to take anything you bring in with you, to shut a door, etc. I don’t come into your work space, drop trough, take a deuce on your desk, so why is it ok for you to shit all over my area? It is beyond unprofessional, it’s just disrespectful, and if you don’t understand that common courtesy how and why are you allowed to work with impressionable folks who look to you for direction in their social interactions with others. Its friggin’ clown shoes.

- Hopefully the trash and recycling guys actually came and braved ‘The Trench’ today. Our cans were FULL!

- I don’t remember what it was that I read that inspired it, but I think I finally have another idea for a DREAD game. It would be right on the cusp of an apocalypse, in a compound where everyone feels reasonably safe and prepared, when something truly terrifying begins to be set in motion. I’m thinking three acts, no more than 8 players. Perhaps I’ll try to do it in September.

- I hope ‘Dem Damn Wheeler Boyz’ get Summerslam because I am BEYOND intrigued by the card.

- The more I contemplate some of the things I want to do in my D&D games the more I feel like I need to sit down with a strong D&D mind like maybe Zack and see if it’s feasible. I think it is, but I need some creative feedback, someone to reign in my stampeding imagination.

- I’m not sure who sold their soul for this weather, but thank you. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

- Once I get some excess cash I’ve really got to buy the equipment to start up my own Podcast. I thought about calling it ‘Heel Turn Radio’, but some folks convinced me otherwise. I’ve got to figure out a name that works so if you have any suggestions on equipment or names please let me know.

- Burton Cummings owns you, just so you know.

- Lots off football on the agenda in the next four days. I’m not overly keen on Pre-Season Football, but seeing as the only alternative is baseball I’ll take what I can get. Hopefully this means we’ll get a good luck at the new look Chiefs. I’m excited to see what Andy Reid and his EPIC moustache have in store for the rest of the league.

- The Gale Force 9 D&D limited edition miniatures look amazing, but damn they are pricey.

- I think I’m going to take a stab at knocking out that Giant Skeleton from my Bone’s stuff. It is enormous, but doesn’t look overly complicated to paint. I’ll just need to make sure and get some black, or a dark purple or grey, in the chest cavity to give it that depth. Otherwise it’s going to be a LOT of buttermilk white, perhaps some dry brushing of bone white. I think I’ll go with red and brown on the loin cloth. Its sheer size should make it easier to paint quickly.

- We might see Pacific Rim this weekend, I’m excited about that.

- I’m making a conscious effort to play something other than WWE ’13 this weekend. Perhaps Cassandra and I can bust out Fables III or maybe I’ll invest some time in Mass Effect. I just really need to try something else for a little while. With Universe being closed off I can only play random matches for so long before I find myself jonesing for a plot.

- My back needs popped desperately.

- A thread on the Facebook(s) brought on some serious nostalgia today. I realize I miss the hell out of Duke, Neil, Stephen, Joey, Cason, etc. As old as I get, as much as I change, and as much distance as there is between everyone the beauty of your misspent youth never fades. Thank you all for reminding me of that today.

- I’m not looking forward to tomorrow’s long sojourn, but at least it’ll be with Cassandra and really who could ask for more?

I think that’s all you or I can stand…

“Clap for the Wolfman
He gonna rate your record high
Clap for the Wolfman
You gonna dig him 'til the day you die

Clap for the Wolfman
He gonna rate your record high (Mmm, yes gracious)
Clap for the Wolfman
You gonna dig him 'til the day you die (Heh heh heh, oh wow)

Doo Ron Ron and The Duke of Earl, they were friends of mine
And I was on my moonlight drive
Snuggled in, said "Baby, just one kiss", she said "No, no, no"
"Romance ain't keeping me alive"
Said "Hey babe, d'you wanna coo, coo, coo?", she said "Ah, ah, ah"
So I was left out in the cold
I said "You're what I've been dreaming of", she said "I don't want to know"
(Oh you know, she was diggin' the cat on the radio)

Clap for the Wolfman
He gonna rate your record high (Yes baby, I your doctor love)
Clap for the Wolfman
You gonna dig him 'til the day you die
(Heh heh, everybody's talking about the Wolfman's "pompatous of love")

Seventy-five or eighty miles an hour, she hollered "Slow, slow, slow"
Baby, I can stop right on a dime
I said "Hey baby, give me just one kiss", she said "No, no, no"
But how was I to bide my time?
Said "Hey babe, d'you wanna coo, coo, coo?", she said "Ah, ah, ah"
Said "I'm about to overload"
I said "You're what I been living for", she said "I don't know want to know"
(Oh, you thought she was diggin' you but she was diggin' me, nyhahaha)

Clap for the Wolfman
He gonna rate your record high
(As long as you got the curves, baby, I got the angles)
Clap for the Wolfman
You gonna dig him 'til the day you die
(It's all according to how your boogaloo situation stands, you understand?)

Clap for the Wolfman
He gonna rate your record high
(You ain't gonna get 'em, 'cause I got 'em, haaa yeah)
Clap for the Wolfman
You gonna dig him 'til the day you die
(You might wanna try, but I gonna keep 'em, ain't that right girls?)

Clap for the Wolfman
Clap for the Wolfman
Clap for the Wolfman
Clap for the Wolfman
Clap for the Wolfman (And I got 'em all)
Clap for the Wolfman (Yes you go right on and try)
Clap for the Wolfman (I'm gonna say bye)
Clap for the Wolfman"

* = Thanks Diamond Dave!

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