Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Alligator People Vs. Don Juan De Marco

* = Indeed Spidey, INDEED!

The Holiday was pretty M-E-T-A-L, the post-Holiday stomach issues, not so much.  Not that any of you care to know this or not, but my stomach and I have spent considerable time in the bathroom the last 36 hours, 36 terrible hours.  It isn’t an excuse for not getting a blog out next week; there is no excuse for being super busy and completely lazy.  Well there are excuses, but I’m too lazy to make them up currently.  So let’s just get to it with some...


- Drake: The Dragon Wargame is getting ready to ship, and boy does photos like this make me glad I got in on the Kickstarter.  I don’t know if I will ever play the actual war game.
In fact I’m guess I won’t, BUT the miniatures are fantastic.  The Rish Faction’s armored dragon will be an ongoing character in one of my groups.  A Dragon who has become a benevolent king to a human-centric kingdom, but one that leads from the front of his armies.  One who sees the departure of the Gods, and the blotting out of the sun as a call to arms, and a moment to expand his influence?  I’m thinking he’ll be from the land between the Five Baronies and the Northern Tundra.  He’ll have a vast array of troops both beneath his banner, and those irregulars who have seen his ability to drive off both the Far Spawn Drow Clones, but also the actual Drow who have spilled from out of the bowels of the Known World in an orgy of destruction.  He’ll have thrived in a land that was mostly untamed for so long and now he bursts into the world with conquest and expansion on his agenda with an intelligence and fierceness that inspires those around him.  I think it would have legs no matter what group came up against him and his ambitions.  The other faction I grabbed was the Saan.  It wasn’t so much the dragon this time that caught my attention; it was the Aztec style minions it commands!  There aren’t a lot of miniatures inspired by North and South America’s rich history.  This will give me a solid group to spring on 2nd Group in their island hoping exploits.  A culture until now unseen, using magi c built on the druidic tradition but in chant form, and one built on sacrifice.  Possibly even of warriors gleefully sacrificing themselves in combat, throwing themselves on swords to keep them from being swung against their allies.  Zealots, but I’m not sure for who or why yet.  Something to ponder.  Also there is a LOT of the other miniatures in these army boxes will make OUTSTANDING Far Realm span.  Perhaps the Spawn Of Syd or Ulban, or something that has yet to reveal itself.  I’m excited to see this package delivered.
- I’m convinced our snow blower was made for Dwarves.

- The Christmasing is upon us!  BEWARE!

-3rd D&D Group has split into two groups now; 3rd Group & 5th Group.  That’s right I run 5 different monthly D&D Groups.  And yes, I am certifiably insane.  3rd Group will be going about a tad different set of goals than the newly reminted 5th Group.  I think this will give the players in both groups a bit more Role Playing time with a singular direction.  In addition, it gets rid of some of the awkward feelings at the table post the ‘Go Home Then’ incident.  So the newly minted 5th Group had their first session, and the reality was it was just one big combat cluster F*&k.

I had the transported PC’s land in the Shadowfell city of Ebonebone in the middle of a Zombie Apocalypse as former Cultists of Orcus are using two found Godshards to cause havoc.  In the process of said massive undead killing marathon, the PC’s met their newest member in Elyssa’s character, Roxy.  They also met their new main NPC in Zack’s favorite Raven Queen loving zealot, Uwain.  I’ve put them in position to either deal with a rogue aspect of the former God of Death, Nerull who is looking to make a BIG TIME comeback, OR to deal with the Cultists who are trying to use their other shard to rip open a hole to the Abyss and allow Orcus through.  In the meantime Vailia appears to have found some interest in one of Uwain’s lieutenants, Tharump is putting his long term plans into place, Braug continues to be the unluckiest Hobgoblin Warlord ever, and Vork is…Well Vork is still Vork!  I am intrigued to see where our 3rd Group planning session goes in a few weeks now that we’ve had our split.  

- I’m sure I’ve read stuff, watched stuff, and even listened to things lately, but I just can’t recall enough to sit down and hammer through a review.

- This last batch of chili I made is damn good, perhaps one of the best I’ve ever put together.

- Two weeks ago we had another run of Pathfinder miniature previews from Wrath Of The Righteous.
We start out with Imrijka, the Iconic Inquisitor.  She is a Medium, Uncommon miniature.  First off hooray for another Female non-human miniature!  I like the multiple weapons, it sort of gives her a jack of all trades master of none aspect.  I’m still not big on the VERY bright green color that Wizkids seems to want to put on their Orc and Half-Orc characters, but the nice thing here is it is hidden beyond the armor, the coat, and the hat.  The sculpt works well, even though it is pretty standard and static.  It really puts forth a stalking vibe, and I really like the drawn bow pose, she looks like she means business.  My biggest gripe would have to be the face though, it looks lumpy and ill defined, but sometimes these things tend to be FAR better in hand than in pictures.  Overall I like this miniature a lot, and would call it a MUST BUY for me.
Next up is Alain, the Iconic Cavalier in his second appearance this set this time mounted.  And this time he’s a Large, Uncommon.  I love the idea of getting a mounted and dismounted version of a character in this set, but I’m not sure that the world was screaming out for this character to be the first.  I think that is more personal opinion than anything else.  I think I like this version a bit better, because of the dynamic pose.  The rearing back of the horse, while the lance is deployed for the kill is fantastic.  I think the paintjob is just as good if not better than the original miniature on its own.  It is always good to have more mounted miniatures for more large scale battles, but I’m just not overly blow away here.  I think this one will most likely be a PASS for me.
We follow up the mounted Cavalier with a Demon, the Tarry Fiend to be exact.  This monstrosity is a Medium, Uncommon.  I really like this one.  I mean I like it a lot.  The pose is excellent as it looms down at you in a forward motion pose.  The wings are nasty looking, filled with all sorts of holes.  I think the thing that really sets it apart for me though is that huge POP of color with the gold armor.  The bright juxtaposed against the dark, and dreary skin tone is fantastic, and really makes the open toothy grin even nastier.  I could see this as the rank and file of a Demon force as it rushes out of the Abyss to destroy any and everything in its path.  For me this is a MUST BUY, and I just hope I can find some cheap multiples.
One nasty sticky fiend deserves another, so here we have the Slimy Fiend, who is also a Medium, Uncommon.  I like the same ripped wings thing going on, although it might be a bit of a pain on the board.  I also like the looming, rushing stance.  The armor looks really nice and beaten up.  However the skin coloring looks so uniform that I don’t really get any detail there.  I figured a blobby appearance might be the goal though since it is after all a disturbing fiend.  I just sort of wanted more than a combination of the Hezrou and the Tarry Fiend.  It isn’t bad; it just doesn’t do a lot for me.  I think this one is most likely a PASS for me as well.
The last of this previews fiendish horde is the Shaggy Fiend, an Uncommon Medium.  They certainly got a LOT of mileage out of that wing sculpt didn’t they?  I like this miniature as some type of emissary of Orcus, for whatever reason it has that feel to me.  I also think you could take the wings off of it and have a damn fine Orc Priest or Cleric.  At it is now, a fiendish warlord it works, but isn’t very intimidating.  I like the look of it though.  The robes, the necklace, the color choices all seem to work in conjunction.  I think it just feels a little too refined for my demonic tastes.  I’d have to repurpose this bad boy.  All that being said it is a MUST BUY for me though.
The next two previews are from the Winter Monsters Encounter Pack.  Both are Huges, and impressive.  First up is the Frost Worm.  This has a LOT of the same feel as the old DDM Purple Worm, and THAT is a good thing.  I think this has a bit better design, and is damn impressive with the tundra chunks falling off its form as it rises to consume your PC’s.  I thoroughly like that it has a completely different vibe than the aforementioned Purple Worm, and has an almost caterpillar like shape.  The paint job is great.  The purple really shines against the off white of the carapace and the tundra it is bursting out of.  If it was a reasonable price this would be a MUST BUY for me for 4th Group alone!
Our last miniature in this preview and this Encounter Pack is the Svathurim.  I have NO Earthly idea about this monster, and very little immediate idea on how I’d use in a game.  What I do know is it looks AWESOME!  Perhaps this would be the Spirit Of Winter’s Past that the Frost Giant Jarls of the tundra revere, some type of Primordial that travels the winds between worlds leaving only subjugation and desolation in its wake.  This is just a great example of what can be done by Wizkids when they have the scale and rarity style to work within.  The sculpt and the paintjob are just wonderful.  I’m not sure I’m sold on purchasing this Encounter Pack, but these two miniatures have my attention.  This would be a MUST BUY for me, AND my Frost Giants.

- Holy Crap!  Deadzone shipped already!  You rule Mantic Games!  YOU RULE!

- Shark Movie-A-Thon tomorrow night!  Sharktopus, Ghost Shark, & Sharknado are on the docket.  I can’t wait to enjoy the terribleness with our peeps!      

- Beer Cheese Soup, I CRAVE IT!

- I finally had a chance to bust out my copy of SUPERFight (****½ out of 5).
I have to say although I’m disappointed with the fact I haven’t gotten everything I paid for through Kickstarter I AM VERY pleased with the game itself.  For those that don’t know the game itself is VERY simple, one person is the judge and they draw a random villain made up of a character and two ‘powers’, which some of the time tend to be horrifically awesome hindrances.  The rest of the player’s then make up their fighters out of the same combination of cards in their hands and the judge decides who is the best match up.  So yeah, it is a LOT like Cards Against Humanity (which is just filthy Apples To Apples), but has its own think going on.  Add in things like the Locations and the Scenarios deck and you have some very fun things going on.  While this game didn’t elicit the same belly laughs as C.A.H. does, it was a damn fine time and something that is going to see heavy rotation in my party games.  Hell, my Mother-In-Law liked it and that is HIGH praise.

- I like the new car; I just don’t like all the money we’ve had to dump into it in the first 15 days.

- Thank the GAWDS for the heating pad.

- Fear not, we will be doing some more Podcasts soon.  The Insecurity Podcast has a few ideas cooking; Doctor WHO, a Gamer Girl roundtable, Music through the eyes of a teenager, etc.  We just have to get around the Holiday madness.  I thought the last two Heel Turn Radios were both our best and our worst.  The Survivor Series episode is wonderful, funny, smart, and a great back and forth.  The episode after is so spastic and loose.  It was fun, and I think it’s funny, but it lacks the focus we’ve had in almost every other episode.  I really enjoy doing these two Podcasts and really like the constant refinement process.  Thus far neither has quite the natural vibe that Careers In Evil had, but c’mon Dave and I could sit and talk about anything and everything anywhere and at any time with no prompting or format.  It was just who we were and what we did.  This is harder, but I’m diggin’ it.  I’m really enjoying learning the process, audacity as a program, and trying to set things up and be organized.  It is a fun challenge, and one that I feel is paying dividends.

- The Burfday is Sunday.  Getting old sucks.

- Wow, this is turning out to be WAY longer than I thought.

- 4th Group also met, and as per usual it was fantastic!  After a run-in with bounty hunters that want to take Cassandra’s character back to the Kingdoms of the Frost Giants to face ‘justice’ for her escape from slavery the group got back to the business of killing Goblins and freeing children.
Or at least attempting to.  They did some fantastic thinking, and Jake did some EPIC role playing while transformed into a big rat who was trying NOT to be eaten by some hungry Dire Rats.  Jake really amazed me with his deft skill at actually acting, and his vocabulary.  He’s really a pretty incredible 10 year old.  Before I go on to long about him I have to point out that the other 4 players; Cassandra, Magic Mike, THE Karl, & Kedrin were all pretty damn awesome as well.  The PC’s really ran roughshod over my forces, including a Bladerager Troll, using some smart tactics and judicious use of powers.  The fights weren’t the point though, although I REALLY like Goblin Minions that transform into Possessing Ghosts and all the potential chaos they cause.  The real point was to get to the Godshard in the column full of the spirits of dead children, and to figure out that the Oni they are after was in the town the whole time, in fact HE was the one who sent them into this death trap.  The Children aren’t all dead, and the ones that are now cry for Justice and Vengeance from THE Karl’s Monk who now possesses one of the Godshards of Pelor.  So the PC’s were left with the option of going down a level in the complex to see what else the Oni left for them OR to go back to town and try to deal with their enemies there.  I have time to plot the rest out, but the column, the curse, and the twist all really left the PC’s excited, perplexed, and chomping at the bit for whatever comes next.  And THAT is what I like to see.

- I’m not sure when the Christmas Candy barrage is going to take place, but I’m already steeling myself for it.

- F’ You Snow.  Seriously.

- I finally have my WWE 2K14 Universe up and running.  Honestly this game is SO far and away superior to last year’s game it isn’t even funny.  That being said I’ve hit a couple of glitches which were SUPER annoying.  However those are pretty minor compared to what WWE ’13 threw at me.
So I’ve got six shows, and honestly could scrap the WWE Smackdown show entirely and be happy to replace it with NXT, in fact I’m contemplating it.  Currently I’m operating a PWG, WCW, ECW, Ring Of Honor, and CHIKARA show alongside the WWE Thurs. night Smackdown.  My rosters are all between 25 and 30 superstars, plus some divas.  The thing is I’ve almost filled ALL 100 CAW slots.  That is friggin’ redunkulous, seriously.  I think I have just around 10 left, and that doesn’t count the Mike Harmon & PJ Thorn duo I’m working on.  I’m turning those two into a Tag Team, ‘The Diamond Dogs’, for the PWG show.  That way they can feud with Those Damn Wheeler Boyz, the Midwest Mafia.  WCW is currently an almost old school show full of N.W.O. goodness.  ECW is a mishmash of New Japan, old ECW, and strange cast-offs from everywhere.  PWG is pretty much as it is currently with some alumni on the roster and all my friends and myself on the roster.  Ring Of Honor is similar to PWG, but is far more about the alumni and has maybe the most interesting roster.  And CHIKARA is CHIKARA.  It is wonderful with the inclusion of 3MB as a dominant trio, and I love their current feud with Eddie Kingston.  This leaves me with a WWE show I don’t really care about.  The more I write this the more I think I’m going to dump the whole WWE roster into the Free Agent pool and just make a NXT show.  I really love the game, and the DLC has been nothing short of inspired thus far.  I can’t recommend it enough!

- I need a hug.

- Oh and some powerful medications to take away the brutal chronic pain in my shoulders.  They are absolutely murderizing me lately.
Well I think that is all I got this week!

“Something in me, dark and sticky
All the time it's getting strong
No way of dealing with this feeling
Can't go on like this too long

This time you've gone too far 
I told you 
This time you've gone too far 
I told you 

Don't talk back
Just drive the car
Shut your mouth
I know what you are
Don't say nothing
Keep your hands on the wheel
Don't turn around
This is for real

Digging in the dirt
Stay with me, I need support
I'm digging in the dirt
To find the places I got hurt
Open up the places I got hurt

The more I look, the more I find
As I close on in, I get so blind
I feel it in my head, I feel it in my toes
I feel it in my sex, that's the place it goes

I'm digging in the dirt
Stay with me I need support
I'm digging in the dirt
To find the places I got hurt
To open up the places I got hurt

Digging in the dirt
To find the places we got hurt”  

* = Yes, yes you are Spidey...

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