Saturday, January 25, 2014

Kill & Pray Vs. The Great Silence

I'm not even sure why I'm blogging.  It might be that I've been up since just before 4am, maybe it is because I really haven't been blogging as regularly as I'd like, or it is the fact that I'm trying to do anything to replace that creepy feel that a nightmare can leave in your psyche.  Whatever the reason is here I find myself, at a keyboard in the early ass morning trying to put form to thought.  And honestly failing, but trying.  Rather than have a coherent direction or thought I've decided that I'll just give you a huge dose of...

- I just received and finished Chris Willrich's 'Dagger Of Trust' (*** 1/2 out of 5).
You know this was the first time I read a Pathfinder Tales book where I wasn't overly impressed.  Don't get me wrong the tale of Gideon Gull and his Bardic friends trying to stop a war between the country of Taldor and the democratic country of Andoran.  I liked the idea of a Bardic College being a front for a country to recruit and train spies.  The 'War Fog' which drives folks to act insane and xenophobic was an interesting take on the zombie story, and all the illusions and the Bardic magic is explained and described in a way that gives is a very unique feel.  However the story just never congeals to me.  In fact by the end I was enjoying the book, but really felt like it could have been a bit tighter and less convoluted.  I really would have liked to have seen the author write the entire tale in a bit more of a musical style as I felt that was the strength of the tale in general.  It isn't a bad tale, I think I just wanted something more.

- Sleep, I really need it.

- It sounds like that my two Podcast 'network' will be getting another show!  That's right, as if I needed another thing to be involved.  The Zack Attack is going to do an Antagonist Relations podcast revolving around his EPIC DMing skills, playing as many RPG's and other games as possible, and playing in a lot of my games.  It should be a blast.

- There is something I hunger for that I cannot name, it frustrates me as it eludes me.

- Some things have occurred of late that are making me try and re-think what I want out my relationships in life.  I'm still trying, wondering, and hypothesizing on what the idea of 'Friend' is.  I can't full wrap my head around other people and what it means to be a part of each other's lives.  It isn't easy for me to let people in, and it has become even harder of late, but to keep that gate open, or to re-open it seems to be even more difficult.  These are the things that keep me up at night, that don't allow me to slow my brain enough to sleep.  I've got to get better at relaxing again.  

- I am in massive need of hugging today, not sure why...

-  The Royal Rumble is Sunday and L.E.W.G.I. will be in full effect.  We'll be Podcasting prior to the show giving our picks, doing another round of the music TURNament, and talking about our favorite all time Rumble moments.  For a lot of us this is our favorite show the 'E' puts on.  I have high hopes that this will give us a solid build towards 'Mania, and yes I am now hoping for Lesnar Vs. Bryan for the title.  Watching wrestling is fun, and I like it a lot, BUT watching it with the L.E.W.G.I. guys is something I can't even explain.  It is one part wrestling nerdom, one part comedy, one part kinship, and mixed with a strange synergy of people that really makes it all work.  

- My Gamma World idea is still formulating, but I really want and need to have it happen soon as it will be Bat Shite INSANE!

- Well Wrath Of The Righteous is out and now Reign Of Winter is getting previewed, how about I just drop some pics, tell you what I think, and we all move on with our lives?  Good....
First up is the Frost Drake, a Large Uncommon.  I really dig the coloration on this, it has a greenish blue tint that is perfect for a beast coming at you in the depths of an arctic night.  The sculpt is interesting, but doesn't blow me away.  I think maybe that it is a very simple version of 'animal flying' and doesn't have the dynamic nature of some of their previous beasts like the Wyvern.  Overall though I could see this one finding plenty of time on the table for 4th Group.  This is a MUST BUY if I can find it cheap.

Next up is the pinnacle of the Wrath Of The Righteous set, it is Deskari, Lord of the Locust Horde.  This beauty is a Gargantuan case buy exclusive.  What to say about this?  It is wonderful, simply wonderful.  The size and detail alone blow me away.  This truly is a end of your campaign beast of apocalyptic proportions.  The fact that those wings are tiny locusts is fantastic, and fits perfect with the nasty little buggers crawling all over his skin.  The color palette is so muted and almost soft in skin tones that it makes all the craziness in the sculpt seem even more creepy.  The crown made of skin is just wild.  And that face, that face is something straight out of a PC's nightmare.  It is so well sculpted and painted that it might be the best thing that the Wizkids and Paizo collaboration has ever produced.  If I can get this on the reasonable it is a MUST BUY!
I do enjoy the Iconic Pathfinder characters and in the new Reign Of Winter set we get Feiya, the Iconic Witch.  She is a Medium Umcommon.  It is a decent sculpt, although it has that static stance that a lot of PC minis do.  The face does appear to have a slight smirk on it, which is really cool.  The paint job works well enough, it isn't spectacular, but it is rock solid.  The piece really captures the wonderful artwork of Wayne Reynolds.  I like this mini a lot, and it most likely will be a MUST BUY!
What is a witch without a familiar?  Not a witch, I guess?  Anywho here is Daji, Feiya's fox familiar.  Little Daji is a Small Common.  This is going to sound odd, but I wish the color had been a bit tuned down, or maybe a lot more shading involved.  The orange red of the fur is a bit to bright for my tastes.  The sculpt isn't bad, I do feel it is SUPER hard to have an animal sculpt look good and be something that can be used in any setting for any reason.  I think this one meets that requirement.  It is a nice little miniature, that I'll at least want one of, so it is a MUST BUY for me.
We hit up one of the coolest iconic villains or just mythic characters of all time next with the Baba Yaga.  The mother of all crones is a Medium Rare.  The paint job is immaculate in this miniature.  The green and purple are fantastic together.  The skulls, the broom, and all the other accouterments are fantastic.  The stance is static again, but it doesn't matter.  It doesn't matter because damn those empty white eyes are spooky!  SO SPOOKY!  I love this miniature a lot, it will be a damn shame that it'll be expensive as hell.  If it wasn't it would be a MUST BUY.
Here we have another great animal, the Falcon.  This little guy is another Common Small.  I like the look of the Falcon descending with its talons getting ready to grasp or attack whatever it is flying towards.  The paint job is pretty solid.  It is a decent brown, the shading doesn't look too bad, but the beak has a nice tone to it, and that works well with the talons.  I think this miniature would be great in multiples to use as attacking swarms.  Or just as a simple familiar.  I like it well enough to want to get a few, so it is a MUST BUY.
We follow that up with the Winter Guard Falconer, a Medium Uncommon.  For an Uncommon this looks wonderful.  The pose is great.  It has a fantastic pose with the falcon on his arm, the sword up in protection or to attack, and the bow on the back all tell you a story of a Ranger type who is out to find his enemies.  The colors are nice and dark, except for that fantastic helm, the clasp of the cape, and the belt buckle.  This mini just tells a story.  I don't need multiples of this guy, just one, as he is a PERFECT NPC or PC miniature.  Just fantastic and a MUST BUY.
Last, but not least is the Centaur Archer.  She is a Large Rare miniature.  I honestly am not that blown away, which is sort of sad.  Compared to the Winter Guard Falconer this just falls SO flat for me.  The pose is good, sort of the rear up, and I like the pull back on the bow.  The paint job isn't bad, in fact on the lower body it looks pretty good.  It just doesn't really work for me.  I think centaurs are really hard to pull off.  For me, I think this is going to have to be a PASS, I just don't have a use for it, and it most likely won't be found on the cheap.

- The job search is in progress, now I just need to not be so 'overqualified'.

- What is happiness?  How far will you go to obtain and retain it?  What does it truly mean to you?  I've been asking myself this a lot lately, as I am happy.  Truly happy.  I am happier than I have ever been in my entire life.  It is so strange to finally start to feel that some of the positive things that people tell you is actually true.  That the feelings of love, adoration, fellowship, and all the rest are true and that I deserve them.  It is a wild feeling.  It is something that I appreciate and hold dearly, clutching it to me like something precious and fragile. Normally my first thought would be 'Oh No(es) when will this all go away?'  It isn't anymore.  Instead I am left wondering how I can remain worthy of it all.  I feel like I have found what I was looking for, now I just need to find out what comes next.  One of these days I might even figure out this thing called Life out...One of these days...

- Perhaps today after I get back up I'll paint some minis.

With that I should try to go back to bed, operative word is try...

Where do we go from here?
The words are coming out all weird
Where are you now, when I need you
Alone on an aeroplane
Fall asleep on against the window pane
My blood will thicken

I need to wash myself again to hide all the dirt and pain
'Cause I'd be scared that there's nothing underneath
But who are my real friends?
Have they all got the bends?
Am I really sinking this low?

My baby's got the bends, oh no
We don't have any real friends, no, no, no

Just lying in the bar with my drip feed on
Talking to my girlfriend, waiting for something to happen
I wish it was the sixties, I wish I could be happy
I wish, I wish, I wish that something would happen

Where do we go from here?
The planet is a gunboat in a sea of fear
And where are you?
They brought in the CIA, the tanks and the whole marines
To blow me away, to blow me sky high

My baby's got the bends
We don't have any real friends

Just lying in the bar with my drip feed on
Talking to my girlfriend, waiting for something to happen
I wish it was the sixties, I wish I could be happy
I wish, I wish, I wish that something would happen

I wanna live, breathe
I wanna be part of the human race
I wanna live, breathe
I wanna be part of the human race, race, race, race

Where do we go from here?
The words are coming out all weird
Where are you now when I need you?  

 * = If this were true I would be even bigger than I already am.

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