Saturday, January 25, 2014

Mamma Mia Vs. Bridesmaids

I know I talked about it before, but I'm more than a little late getting the photos up, don't even ask about Halloween yet *Face Palm*.  So I did a vow renewal with my lovely wife on our anniversary which is Jan. 1st.  This was our nine year anniversary.  It was done for a few reasons, if you listened to The Insecurity Blanket Podcast - Episode 4 - 2013, WTF! I explain some of my other very personal reasons there, so I'm not going to rehash them.

I terribly worried that it wouldn't go very well with it being brutally cold out and the ceremony outside, that people wouldn't have fun, and that Cassandra wouldn't enjoy herself at all.  I was dead wrong.  If anything this might have been just as amazing as our original wedding as we were surrounded by our Friends and Cassandra's Family in a relaxed environment where everyone was just geared up to have a great night and celebrate our Friendships and of course our marriage.  So without further ado, PHOTOS!

Here is a look at the site of the actual Vow Renewal.  

Yes I am obnoxious...Always...
So this was the Driveway all lit up.  If you squint you can see the fire pit is out.  It was brutally cold out and that meant we needed hand warmers and lots of drinks.
THE Karl knocked out the lights and did an incredible job.  It was wonderful, and made Cassandra literally tear up.  Thank you THE Karl, you are a scholar and a gentleman.
This is me waiting to see Cassandra come out in her dress.  Kedrin is getting a peak and approves.
And I finally get to see her, and I'm just as awed and full of wonder as I was the first time I saw her.  Cassandra truly is the one for me.  She is the most gorgeous woman who has ever walked the face of this world or any other.  I am a blessed man.
This Fire Burns...Always....Sorry, couldn't resist.  THE Karl crushed on the fire, and I really thought it added a lot to the ceremony.
I'm obnoxious.  And my Sister-In-Law loves taking pictures of it.  Here I was getting embarrassed by the fact that everyone wanted to look up my kilt.
Ginger Stinkface.
Diamond Dave and I freeze our asses off as we discuss the mysteries of life.
Them Damn Wheeler Boyz!
The Midwest Mafia Assembles...And yes I'm wearing sandals in sub-zero weather.
Yes, we have corrupted the youth of tomorrow with Lucha Masks and the Four Horsemen...
Cassandra finally comes outside, and is a vision.
The Wheeler Boyz preside...
Pouring one out for our homies...OR just making sure our champagne isn't completely frozen.
Giving my vows, like a BOSS!
Declaring our Love.
Expressing my devotion is so difficult that I have to close my eyes.
I have married perfection.
We were pronounced Man & Wife...AGAIN!
Nothing says romance and majesty like a Garage Door...
Yup, I kiss her...A Lot.  Seriously.
Look at all those amazing people sharing this moment with us.  
Seeing everyone happy and smiling is a memory I will carry with me for the rest of my days.  Thank you all for sharing this moment with us.  We are truly blessed to know each and every one of you.
Are we throwing up gang signs?  I don't even know anymore...
Even I can't explain this...
James Wheeler and I are cold lamping.  I'm not even sure what that means.
My Brother-In-Law and I tell it like it is.  Too much Apple Pie Moonshine was had.
James Wheeler freshly off his Tauntaun and he made it past the first marker, because his Beard is MAGIC!
Meanwhile back in the warmth of our home.  My Sisters-In-Law, my Mom-In-Law, and my niece & nephew are relaxing.  Did I mention they were warm?
Finally back inside.
First Dance: Al Green's "Let's Stay Together"
More kissing.
And the night was just beginning.
This one is for the ladies...And YES, I am taken.
This is the photo of our original Wedding.  Yup, we rocked the kilts.  In Duluth.  During a blizzard.  So cold.

There you have it.  The rest of the pictures I have not seen, and nor do I think they most likely need to be seen by the Internets.  

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