Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Curse Of The Blood Ghouls Vs. Death Laid An Egg


I thought I’d have more stuff to talk about but the reality is I don’t. In fact I’ve been SO lazy that I haven’t even gotten off my dead ass and added the 2nd Microscope session notes into Blog form yet. So rather than try and come up with an overarching idea I’m just going to let fly and fire off a dose of…


- The Harwood Hobbies Kickstarter has reached its initial funding goal! In addition Wally, the mastermind behind the company, sent me some of the miniatures from the Kickstarter and I am BLOWN away. The Criminal Bundle is a STEAL. The Thugs & Assassin are wonderfully sculpted and casted. There is a fantastic sense of personality to each member. The Black Widow is also absolutely amazing. In my home games this group is going to be a group of religious fanatics dedicated to The Red Lady. That doesn’t even begin to take into account the stretch goals he has up now, including a huge Kali that quite honestly is something I absolutely NEED. He’s also put up his full lines in both the Lovecraftian Circle and the Sinbad line at a discount if you pledge, that alone should be enough for anyone I now to jump onboard. I’m not sure I am adequately describing how wonderful the miniatures Wally is putting out, but I in my opinion there isn’t a better small print miniature company out there giving you this type of quality for the price. So again I implore you, go forth, check out the Kickstarter, and GIVE HIM YOUR MONEY!

- The defense of the Vikings left Tackle, who gets beat like a drum so often that his name doesn’t matter anymore, on KFan by Paul Allen is borderline delusional.

- I really want Beer Cheese Soup or a facsimile thereof.

- Team TROLLSTRONG trolled SO strong last night. We got through the first adventure in the Hook Mountain Massacre and beyond some truly Gene-like rolling we crushed it. I’m always amazed at how much fun I have with THE Karl, James & his Magical Beard, Sassie Cassie, The Geneious, Master Kedrin 4.0, and the AMAZING Cassandra. There is just such a loud, bombastic sense of fun in our house during these evenings. Also PUMPKIN COOKIES! Thank you all for being my Adventuring Party.

- WWE 2k15 comes out in a week, and once it arrives I shall go down a black hole of non-stop button mashing.

- Ugh, I am not looking forward to taking care of leaves.

- I think sometimes we go through patches in life that are just difficult. Whether its changes, tragedy, self-inflicted wounds, or emotional challenges they all alter us at some fundamental level and we either come out of that crucible stronger for it or wounded. I feel like I am stepping out of that fire now. I am changed. I’m not sure how yet. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing, but I know it is a thing. That unfathomable sadness has subsided like the tide, I’ve a bit of clarity of thought back, and I’ve learned some lessons, not all of them good, but I’ve learned. I hope anyone else out there who is struggling finds what it is they are looking for and realizes that these challenges make you who you are, for better or for worse.

- My newest Pathfinder novel came, The Nightblade, and I’m already over 100 pages in. Good stuff.

- We are still binge watching Arrow, and we are both still enthralled knee deep into Season 2. DEATHSTROKE!

- I am almost done painting 12 Pugwampis using Reaper Bones Kobolds, which are a reasonable facsimile. They’ve been easy to paint as far as paint schemes and I’ve tried to be pretty good at dry brushing trying some new techniques, however they are tiny and that I’ve found is harder for me. Sunday I finally brought my other 8 to a point where they could stand with my 90% finished first four. In doing so I lost the feeling in my right hand completely and had to stop. It just requires so much concentration and control for a limb that I almost cut off at one point and one that periodically, well in all honesty during every morning’s commute, simply goes numb. It is frustrating to be that close to finishing and have my body crap out. I think I’ll attempt to finish them up tonight. Then it is on to some of the Harwood Hobby stuff. I’m VERY excited to try my hand at some of Wally’s fine work.

- Thank you Casual Doug, you sir are a friggin’ saint!

- Anyone know any cheap, fun, and easy to play table top massive war games? I’m thinking Battlemasters or something like it.

- Saturday we celebrated the Seany-Bear’s birthday with my In-laws. It was a crazy night full of a LOT of drinks, a lot of me wrecking the hopes and dreams of others via winning Kings Of Tokyo and Dominos, a LOT of Ric Flair ‘Wooo’ing, and a lot of laughs. Granted there might have been a tad too many drinks, beating kids at games should not give me the type of joy it does, maybe I could have done less ‘wheeling and dealing, kiss stealing, jet plane flying, limousine riding, son of a gun’-ing, and while the laughs were plentiful I did get a tad wound up. Looking back on it I really wish I would have spent less time being turned up to ‘11’ and more time just being ‘Uncle Ben’. He won’t be this young or full of wonder forever, and I don’t need to miss any more of those opportunities than I already do.

- For those that know, “All of the Ditto ever…”

- I need to have Chili soon.

- Seizures are awful. I had forgotten just how bad they could be. Last week I had a rough go of it on Tuesday as I had around five significant ones. It has been a LONG time since I’ve had them in that aggressive of a fashion, and I think a LOT of that credit can go to going Gluten Free. Sometimes I get disheartened when I watch people eat stuff that I really want, i.e. Fried Chicken, and know I won’t be able to have that anymore. However going through having my ass physically handed to me, by well myself, helps to remind me just why I made that change. Having auras is one thing, not getting to mow down gluten laden carbs is another, but when the alternative is falling to the floor and losing control of your muscles to the point you can’t walk for a day afterwards I think the tradeoff is totally worth it. Live and learn.

- Maybe Sunday before taking off I’ll finally DIP some minis.

- I wish I was a bit more tech savvy.

- This weekend is all of a sudden chock full of stuff. Thursday day night we go out for wings with Master Kedrin 4.0, and maybe THE Karl if he’s not humiliating fools playing pool. Friday night, after a VERY long day of work, is the last Microscope session which should be insanity since apparently Wheeler James and The Geneimal are going to imbibe beverages. I think we are making schnapps this week as well so the loud creativity will be off the charts. I can’t state enough just how impressed I have been by everyone in each session’s imagination running wild. Friday night is the last opportunity the PC’s have to formulate and put their ideas into motion. I know it isn’t easy to do, but again just remember to let your imagination be your guide; build a world YOU want to play in, and if all else fails let the Tequila flow. Saturday some of my In-Laws are coming to help do some Halloween decorating and then that night L.E.W.G.I. invades M.I.W. in Chanhassen en masse! I think we are going to Podcast, make some signs, and then get LOUD. I’m sure that will be completely insane, I’m hoping that we can convince Sassie Cassie, The Geneious, THE Karl, & Master Kedrin 4.0 to go as well. Then Sunday The Geneimal & the Sassie One will be hosting ‘Hell In A Cell’. Gene has volunteered to smoke some meat! It will be amazeballz I’m sure. All this and then in a week we’ll have our yearly Halloween blow-out. I’m still not completely sure where I’m going to fit in that thing called ‘sleep’.

- Feeling guilty over gaming and things involving that escape truly is the drizzling poos.

- I hope the Reaper Bones II Kickstarter stuff comes before my birthday.

- I’ve got the final draft of the 3rd Group’s Introductory Adventure done, and it’s under 8 pages. My 2nd Group & 1st Group Introductory Adventures are still in early draft form, around 8 pages, but have a lot of future plans in them that hopefully will bear fruit. These initial adventures are written out a bit more in detail than I’d prefer, but seeing as I’m trying to get my 5E sea legs beneath me so I’m being thorough early. I’m happy with the story that each adventure is telling, I feel ‘ok’ about the mechanics but would prefer at least one preparatory run through, and seeing just how the finally of the Microscope sessions play out. Thank you to my favorite drunken, brawling Dwarf, Edgar, for his help in doing some serious editing for me. I think a lot of times that is what I need, someone to reign me in creatively and give me direction. That is one of the many reasons why Zack and I work so well together.

- I have found that you can’t get things done when you aren’t given the tools. *sigh* No tools this week apparently.

- Getting Jalapeno oil in your eyes is not that fun, but it could be worse.

You know I think on that note I’m going to call it blog.

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