Saturday, September 19, 2015

Frida Vs. Lust For Life

Here are the miniatures that are finally done, DIPed, and now ready to hit the tabletop for D&D, Frostgrave, and any other assorted madness!  I took these pictures with my tablet so they aren't maybe the best, but I hope you enjoy them.

This is a pirate I painted.  I like the color scheme here, I think it works well.  It is made up from different Warhammer sprues and bits.

This is a Reaper Bones Hellknight.  I posted this before, but this is post DIP.  I think this is one of the best things I've painted in hand.  The layers of dry brushing aren't done justice in this picture.  The lighting is so hard to pull off.

These miniatures were given to me by Mary & Todd Radkey.  I did them up as Duergars, and think they turned out rather well for some 'speed painting'.  The white eyes are creepy as hell.

This Swamp Beast is a Reaper Bones miniature and was painted in like 20 minutes by Dave Wheeler.  Dave can paint SO crazy fast, with such a flourish and detail that it is crazy to behold.  This turned out rather well.  Now I just need to find a good spot to use it.

This is a Heroclix Kurse miniature that has been modded and re-painted to be a part of my Asmodean Knights.  It turned out decently.  Again it is hard to see all the layered dry brushing because of the glare of the light.

This Reaper Bones Dragon Turtle was done by Diamond Dave Wheeler and it is glorious.  Seriously.  It is one of my favorite miniatures now.

*sigh*  I feel like a broken record, but the picture doesn't do this Reaper Bones Gorgon justice.  It is layered silver, grey, and a rust wash.  The eyes are bright green as well.  

This is a Games Workshop Lord Of The Rings miniature.  I think it turned out really well, and the color scheme looks solid.

Here is a group shot of my Asmodean Knights.  I've VERY pleased with these baddies.

One of these is an old metal miniature and the other is a Wargames Factory miniature.  They are both painted to meet my Collus Shipping Guild color scheme for 2nd Group.  I really like them.  

I have NO idea where this old metal miniature is from.  It has VERY awkward facial features, but the paint job is ok.

The Knight is a hodge podge of Warhammer and other assorted stuff, and the archer is from a board game.  I used that Gold, Black, and Dark Blue color scheme to create a small group.  I think I'm going to be doing this more often, as it looks pretty solid.

So blurry.  The face is GREAT on this Warhammer bitz box guy.  Its a shame you can't see it.

Here are my Duergars led by a Warhammer Dwarf and a Mantic Dwarf.  The Mantic Dwarves make perfect Duergar as they look insane.

A Warhammer bitz box fighter, who looks much better up close.

I feel like a broken record.  This is another Warhammer bitz box guy, and yes he looks a LOT better up close.  I can see this guy getting some serious time in Frostgrave.

This is a Reaper Bones miniature and shows off a bit of that dry brushing I'm starting to use all the time, but again is a victim of the dreaded light source glare.

Our Knight friend alone.  Cassandra did a FANTASTIC job on the eyes, but you can't tell here, because I'm a shite photographer.

Our surly bartender looks fantastic.  This is a Reaper Bones miniature.  The DIP really gave him a grizzled look.

A well dressed pirate in an awkward pose.  This is a bitz box Warhammer special, with Cassandra in the background during best 1970's metal album cover move.  

My Duergar assembled with their Battle Commander, who is another Mantic Dwarf.

This might be one of the best things I've painted.  It is a Reaper Bones Roper.  The sheer amount of dry brushing, layers, and the eye effect are good enough that you can even see them in this picture.

Another Warhammer bitz box pirate.  Again he looks so much better up close.  I like the DIP a lot, but it really makes any white or off white look so damn dingy.

This amazing Reaper Bones miniature was painted by James Wheeler and is outstanding.  I really like the color choices he went with as well as the way the DIP enhanced them.

This is a Reaper Bones blacksmith and an unknown metal monk.  Bother turned out really well, and again were some of my first forays into consistently using dry brushing.

I have no idea what board game this Orc came from, but I like his fur pants and creepy shield.  The paint job is ok.

Some of these finally finished miniatures have been waiting for eyes and the DIP for over a year.  This is one of those models, a Warhammer bitz box build.  While he lacks dry brushing, he has a great color scheme, and a clean paint job.  I really like this miniature a lot.

These are two Reaper Bones statues.  I feel like you can see my evolution as a mini painter here as this is recent.  I am dry brushing effectively now, and it really pops the miniatures.

An old Warhammer bitz box build.  I've noticed I tend to go a bit more wild with color choices when I feel like a miniature is more likely to be in a pirate crew.

I can't recall where I picked up these miniatures, but they turned out rather well.  They are bit on the small size scale wise.  However I'm always in need of townsfolk and now I'm starting to paint some and it should add some interesting visuals to my gaming tables.

This is a Reaper Bones miniature.  I REALLY like the way the shield turned out and when not in glaring light there are a ton of nice little details that pop.  Cassandra thinks that this is one of the better things I've painted.

Group shot of pirate and henchman types.

This might be the oldest, in terms of chronologically when painted, miniature in this batch.  In saying that I can tell some of the things I would do differently.  However the paint job is solid.  It is a Reaper Bones miniature.

This is a Wargames Factory and some crazy plastic miniature that is going to serve as a Halfling barbarian.  It sort of has an Ator, the Flying Eagle thing going.

Stupid blur.  I like this Warhammer bitz box refugee a lot.  He might even become my new Man-At-Arms in my Frostgrave warband.

One of these is from the boardgame Lionheart and the other from the Vampire Wars line I think.  The 2nd one I got in an Ebay lot and was partially painted, I just touched it up and finished it.  

I think these both might be Descent miniatures.  Either way both turned out rather well.  They are on the small side of scale, but should see some table time.

This beast is cobbled together from Games Workshop bitz.  He's going to be a Collus Shipping Guild 'employee' who will harass 2nd Group when and if it gets back on track.

This Cultist is a mixture of Games Workshop, Wargames Factory, and Mantic bitz.  Up close it looks fantastic.  I really like painting cultists.

I can't remember where I got this Plague Doctor, but I know I had to give him a sword after the weapon he had broke.  I went wild painting here and gave him flame effects on the bottom of his robes and it looks fabulous.  I am very proud of this miniature in general.  It may become the Apothecary in one of my Frostgrave Warbands.  In D&D, if I was to play, I would build my character off this miniature.

Well there you have it, here is what is finally done.  There is another batch of stuff that my Friends and I painted that is waiting for some finishing touches, eyes, and a DIP.  Then I'll post them as well.  I might even paint today as posting these has inspired me a bit.  Feel free to leave any feedback in the comments as I love to hear it.  And hopefully this inspires you to pick up a brush and try your hand as well!

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