Saturday, September 19, 2015

Our Journey into Frostgrave

THE Karl, Kedrin, Elyssa, Magic Mike, the lovely Cassandra, and myself finally took our first foray into the frozen city of Frostgrave.  Here is the photo evidence.  ENJOY!
I'm being Photobombed by THE Karl.  This is my King In Yellow inspired cultist warband.  I painted ALL these miniatures with the exception of the Nightguant (the Demon I Summon) which is a Pathfinder pre-paint.
The lovely Cassandra's warband, and Ked photobombing.

Our little shutter bug's, Elyssa, warband.  Who by the by, sort of owned us during the game.

THE Karl.  Being cooperative as usual.

Kedrin and her very elegant warband!

The Patron Saint of Gaming, Magic Mike, his loot, and his warband!

We used Terraclips for our city and it turned out really well.
Electric Elyssa's warband starts its foray into the Frozen City.

Yes, I had to do a LOT of rule checking.  It was our first time.

You can see THE Karl's band hiding behind the ruined wall here.

The beautiful thing about Terraclips is you can build multiple levels and then move them as needed!  In Frostgrave I feel like this can lead to all sorts of insanity.

Here you can see the full breathe and scope of our table.  As well as THE Karl giving me shit, as per usual.

Rules Lawyer?  THE Karl?  NO WAY!

The face of disappointment.

More from Elyssa's end of the table.

We played the scenario dealing with the Pool of Knowledge, here it is beautifully represented by a tile.

Another shot of the sheer size of the board.

Again a shot of the multiple layers of our Frostgrave table for that Sunday.  It truly is a great game, played with WONDERFUL people, and a fantastic time was had by all.  I think....


  1. It turned out rather well. I look forward to building the next one a bit tighter and claustrophobic with more walk ways on the 2nd, and possible 3rd story. The players are fantastic, as is the game, so they really made it.

  2. At the end of the day, players always make the game.