Friday, February 19, 2016

Contempt Vs. Dead Tired

These are a bunch of Heroclix that I did some repaints on.  Not my best work, but decent and really interesting Cult I want to use.  The only one I didn't do anything to is the Female Eclipso. 

This is my first Hero Forge miniature.  It was pleasant to make, even better to paint.  I have ideas on who this will be in my campaign world, and possibly in Frostgrave.  I really do feel like it turned out pretty well.

Another look here.  I don't know if my fire painting is that good, but I keep working on it.  I do feel I've gotten better at the lighting effects on things like bottles as I've gotten better as dry brushing.  Also that salt and pepper hair really makes me happy.

To my better half, the lovely Cassandra, the cape here is the main event.  I do think it might be one of the better things I've painted in awhile.

This one is a Dystopian Legions that I picked up cheap off of Miniature Market.  It was a bit intimidating at first, but once I cleaned him up, I really feel like he turned out wonderfully.

Again the subtleness of dry brushing really gives life to miniatures.  I just wish I was a bit more talented at it.

This one came with the above miniature from Dystopian Legions.  This will be my Apprentice for the above Wizard for Frostgrave.  The eyes were not easy to get done, and even now don't look as good as I'd like.

The back looks good, but for some reason looking at it now I feel like it needs something even after the rusty wash.  Maybe after the DIP it'll pop.

This is Heroclix Per Degaton miniature with an added sword and a WH 40K head.  Seeing as they are from Karlot The Undying's armed forces I wanted them to have a color scheme and a steam punk style.  I think this looks pretty decent.

Here is the group shot with two Pathfinder Reign Of Winter pre-paints in the back.  I have a ton of those dudes and they are going to be part of either Karlot The Undying's forces in the Known World D&D games or in Frostgrave.  Either way I like the uniformed look and the Steam Punk vibe.

Casual Doug being SUPER Casual.  We gave The Undercity a try.  I both REALLY dug it.  It's a solid game, I got it on the cheap, and the pile of miniatures are worth the price alone.

Casual Doug laying down the rules.  Again I recommend the game as it is sort of a more impressive version the D&D Adventure System Games.  The quality of it has convinced me to get in on the Kickstarter for the sequel Widower's Wood!  Check it out.

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