Saturday, February 6, 2016

Heel Turn Radio - Episode 41 - Dickensian Potty Humor

The Beard & YOUR King Ginger take it to the streets to go through the Chikara Season 16 double header season premiere and what are hopes and dreams are for what happens next, we heap deserved praise on the Lucha Underground season 2 first episode AND their news of a season 3 being on the way, we then discuss just who is poop and who deserves to be called up in NXT, before wrapping up with a rundown of the WWE proper and fantasy book us some Rasslemania.  Join us for lots of poop comparisons, Vince fatigue, and mad love for the Independents.  So let go of the tag rope, hop off that apron, and leave your partner behind.  It's time for a HEEL TURN!

Heel Turn Radio - Episode 41 - Dickensian Potty Humor


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