Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Invasion Of The Neptune Men Vs. The Crawling Eye

This one will be a bit short and sorta random today, as I’m pressed for time and will be all week, and the reality is I don’t have a real coherent thought permeating my brain currently. So I give unto the huddled masses…


- The 2nd Annual Dark Dave Game Day was last Saturday and it was BRILLIANT! Although there wasn’t the turnout of the first one, which was massive, there was a dedicated group of hard-core board gamers who came to throw down some “chits and hexes” with impudence. Here is a run down of what I was able to play;
o Grave Robbers From Outer Space (**** out of 5 Stars) – I’ve owned this game ever since J. to the B. hooked me on it. The basic premise is simple; you’re making bad B Movies, and trying to destroy the bad movies of your opponents. We played two rounds of this game, and I happened to win them both more by luck than anything else. Great game that’s quick, easy to learn, and really is a good “gateway drug” game.
o Last Night On Earth (**** ½ out of 5 Stars) – I think I’ve espoused at length about the times and joys I’ve had since buying this game. Quiet simply, in my opinion it’s the best zombie game out there. Again, maybe I’m biased since Terry and I kicked ass and took names as the ever-expanding horde that overran the survivors trapped in the Manor House. Ah, BRAINS!
o Inn-Fighting (*** ½ out of 5 Stars) – I like this little diddy by WotC. It’s a riff on a bar fight in a D&D world. You roll some dice with cool symbols on it, there is drinking, and really are there anything better than a Beholder Barfly? It’s again a tight little, fast game that even my mother-in-law heartily endorses.
o Robo Rally (* out of 5 Stars) – I did not care for this game. At all. It is a very analytical game that involves a ton of positioning, facing, and then random luck. I quit after three turns to keep from launching into a curse laden tie raid about how much I hated it. Just not my cup of tea.
o Battle Masters (***** out of 5 Stars) – Have I mentioned I LOVE this game. Simply put, it’s poor man’s Warhammer. It plays quick, it’s action packed, but most of all it’s really fun. Even in the loss to Dark Dave I had an absolute hoot. Oh by the by Dave, I will CRUSH you next time. Seriously, one of my top ten favorite games all time.
o Advanced Heroquest (*** ½ out of 5 Stars) – This is basically D&D light with a healthy dash of Warhammer Quest, which I’ve played a LONG time ago but barely remember. The game was decent, but a little random. What made it a blast was the people I played with; Stevula as the Game Master, J.B. as Firebeard Megakeys our wizard, Dark Dave’s Pounce Nutcracker or Dwarven Fighter, Henry Buford (I can’t remember his crazy last name) our intrepid Henchmen, & I was Loki Angerbrow our surly Elven Ranger. Together we went a vengeance-fueled blood soaked rampage into a deep dark dungeon to revenge a fallen village and find ourselves a ransomed maiden. Hilarity ensued. Stevula did a wonderful job of letting us be crazy, but keeping the game moving, J.B. & Dave are as always a JOY to play any game with, but get them into a game where they can stretch that acting/entertainer muscle and it’s a riot. Hopefully this game will lead to an on-going campaign chronicling the further adventures of our intrepid crew of loot seekers.
- On a side note I just want to thank Anthony “It’s a Donkey Show” J. & J.B. for making the trip down and going with. It wouldn’t have been near the wonderful weekend without them.
- J.B. and I did some serious Batman The Brave & The Bold Season 1 (***** out of 5 Stars) watchin’. You know what? I don’t care if you hate it, I LOVE IT! It’s goofy Silver Age Batman fun. Crazy team-ups, crazier villains, a lot of “moral” lessons, and just a vibe that appeals to “fanboys” and kids alike. This is a perfect FUN Batman cartoon.
- Big cross family bonfire this Friday night. It was awesome last year and I for one can’t wait to kick back, sip on a beverage, and enjoy the company and the fire.
- Work is killin’ me right now. It’s sapped some of my vaunted confidence, it’s left me with a bitter taste in my mouth, and in the end put me in a position where I’m being forced to re-examine where I am. On the flip-side it’s affording me an opportunity to step up, handle business, and maybe, just MAYBE get the attention of some of the high ups in a way that I never have been able to do before.
- The squirrels in our yard are the most amazing squirrels. EVER. In the history of Squirrels.
- Cassandra and I finally finished with the BBC series Being Human (*** ½ out of 5 Stars). It’s about a vampire who’s on the wagon, a werewolf who hates himself, and a ghost who live in a house together to try and “be human”. Sinister events unfold, as does the “yucks”. It was really good, in a BBC sorta way. What I mean is while entertaining that’s all it was. I’m hoping a second season will build on the solid foundation it set in place.
- I watched a couple things on Monday as I took the day after screwing up my shoulder and my back (yes Dave just like John Lajoule). Here’s what I watched;
o The Hangover (*** ½ out of 5 Stars) – I really liked this movie, but didn’t love it. So many of the characters were SO unlikable that I ended up enjoying all of their pain and misery rather than rooting for them. It did have some outrageously funny moments though, I just expected a lot more.
o Superman/Batman Public Enemies (**** out of 5 Stars) – MAN, can DC’s Animated division turn out some great stuff. For those that don’t know this is an animated version of the Jeph Loeb & Ed McGuiness story that kicked off the Superman/Batman title. It has to do with Lex Luthor as president and his on-going vendetta with Superman. TONS of cameos and fights ensue. It was very good, but just like the material it comes from it’s flawed. Although I was very happy to see that they left the Superman/Batman Vs. Hawkman/Captain Marvel fight in.
o Satanism In The Modern World (**** out of 5 Stars) – This was an interview/debate piece I ran into on the web and just felt compelled to watch. Basically, it was an evangelist engaging in a “debate” with two prominent Satanists about what it means to be a Satanist. It was fascinating, and quite funny to watch this “man of god” act like a first rate ass to two people who seemed like they were interested in actual discourse. I recommend watching it if you have any interest in seeing the dichotomy of religion and are even intrigued by seeing just what being a Satanist entails. Now just to clarify, I’m not a Satanist, and don’t condone or follow any religion, but again it was damn interesting.
o METAL: A Headbanger’s Journey (********* out of 5 Stars) – Hey kids do you like METAL?! Sure you do! So why not sit down and watch a really good documentary on the musical genre, and it’s varied sub-genres, from a sociologists perspective. Listen, this is a great documentary; everyone should watch it for no other reason than the bat-shite insane interview with the lead singer of Golgoth. It’s HI-lariously crazy. Just a great doc.
- I don’t know whether to be depressed by the 1st two Chief’s games or encouraged. I still think that 4 wins are attainable, but if the offense doesn’t get on track soon it’ll be a long road to hoe. Oh and thanks for Bobby Wade Minnesota, he’ll be a BIG help.
- Dave I WANT MY WAVES OF MERCURY! STAT! For those that don’t know Dark Dave has another album almost done, and I for one can tell you, from the songs that I’ve heard it’s bloody brilliant. I’m making it my personal mission to PIMP IT every blog.
- Holy Crap! Can you believe it’s almost October? Neither can I.
- The idea of Char & Anthony putting together a list of “Sean-isms” is one of the single most mind blowingly incredible things in the history of all things. Seriously.
- I’m not going to go into detail, but just let me state for the “Interweb(s)” record that I love my family, both blood and in-laws. Sure we may not always see eye to eye, but they are incredible people that I respect, admire, and do hold an unyielding affection for. SO, thank you. Thank you for putting up with my diatribes, my opinions, my moods, and all the other levels of mass insanity I can bring to the table.
- There is a table set up in my basement for a mini’s “city fight”. I’m not sure when I’ll get to use it, but I’m not taking it down until I do. HEAR that world? Consider this an open challenge/invitation.

Well, it’s about that time again…

“Well nobody wants to burn in hell
But everybody's got a soul to sell
When i was young my mama gave me some advice
She said boy don't you know everybody's got a price?
I'll make lots of money, i'll make more money than you
I'll drive around in my limo that's what i was born to do
And i might like you better if we fuck together
If its not to be noted i got somethin' better for ya:
Naked pictures, of your mother
Naked pictures of your mother
Naked pictures, of your mother
So low
I dropped the bomb on Japan
I was a hostage in Iran
I'm the ugly american
Now, i'm a government man
A government man!
And i'll make lots of money, i'll make more money than you
I'll drive around in my limo that's what i was born to do
And i might like you better if we fuck together
If its not to be noted i got somethin' better for ya:
Naked pictures, of your mother
Naked pictures of your mother
Naked pictures, of your mother

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