Thursday, October 1, 2009

Rosemary's Baby Vs. Outbreak

It’s a rainy, cold day. I’m stuck in my office, sure I’ve got work, but it’s S-L-O-W work, sort of unsatisfying work. I’ll power through it, especially since tomorrow is super short and the weekend will be upon us, but it doesn’t mean I have to enjoy the fact that I’m not curled up in bed dreaming about things that are METAL!

*Sigh *

I figured why not try something a bit new today so here it goes;


- I hate, H-A-T-E, when “mommy & daddy” fight. If you and another person in a group I’m associated with have to argue, then do so civilly without snark, without venom & vitriol, just act like the intelligent adults I believe you to be. Life is short, but time is long, and that’s why I CHOOSE to hang out with people I; A) like B) respect & C) bring something tangible to the table. So when there is a breakdown in my little societal model it’s upsetting.
- When it’s rainy out it should be THE LAW that we get to stay home and sleep. I went to bed at like 9pm last night, and yes I am an old woman, and because of the weather I still desperately desire the warm comfort of my bed. I just want to curl into the fetal position and sleep this day away, and in a perfect world I would not only get to, but it would be encouraged.
- Al Davis is bat-shite insane. Do you remember when the Raiders used to be a “Commitment To Excellence”? I do. I remember when the Silver and Black were feared, when my school was littered with shirts that read “Real Men Where Silver & Black”. Recognize this is deep in the heart of Chief fandom, and yet the Raiders were kings. Now, now the Raiders are a joke. Make no mistake they beat my precious Chiefs two weeks ago, but for the love of Pete, the Chiefs are in rebuilding mode and have a direction. The Raiders are adrift. They have coaches breaking each other jaws, they have a QB who is a BUST, a plethora of good possibly even great Running Backs who should be dominate, and have blown more Top Ten picks than I care to recount. Robert Gallery anyone? Al Davis should have the Raiders taken from him; he is ruining one of the most iconic franchises in sports. Take it away before a doddering old coot forever destroys the majesty, the mystique, and the “Excellence Of The Raiders”…
- There is nothing more metal than Iron Maiden. Not a metal fan? Fine. Don’t like loud rock? That’s cool too. BUT I dare you, NAY I CHALLENGE you to listen to Iron Maiden and not be roped in to their awesomeness. Not a day goes by, well at least since the good ole’ days of living in Duluth with J.B. that I don’t listen to at least one Iron Maiden song. If for no other reason than to get my blood pumping. Sure there are heavier bands, sure there are some bands that have more hits, and there are bands that are better musicians, but you know what? NONE OF THOSE BANDS ARE IRON MAIDEN!
- Currently the best non-animated show on T.V. is “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”. It’s true. Granted it’s no Venture Brothers, but hey nothing is. As unlikable as Seinfeld tried to make it’s characters they pale in comparison to the “everyman” characters on “Sunny”. They are the worst you see in those you love and the very things you loath in the people you hate. The best part is they always get what’s coming to them, usually in the grossest, meanest, and funniest way possible. So if you like your humor as crass as possible, as mean spirited and hate inspiring as it can be, and just like to laugh until you cry then you need to watch the best non-animated show on television.
- Waves Of Mercury is the best album Dave has done. You thought I was joking about pimpin’ Dave’s new masterpiece every blog didn’t you? C’mon, when have I gone back on something like that? Well, sure I’m pimping a friend’s stuff, but the reality is it IS the best thing he’s done and that truly IS saying an awful lot. I have worn out The Essential Endless CD he gave me, and think very highly of it. I really enjoyed 1,000 Suns. I thought it was epic in scope while moody & dark in execution. Both those things being said they have NOTHING on Waves Of Mercury. It’s just a Universal Truth, get used to it.
- Nothing is as good as you remember it. No it’s true. You know that memory you have of that show when you were a kid? Like let’s say G.I. Joe, it wasn’t that good. Seriously. Neither was Transformers. Comics you say? Like maybe “Kraven’s Last Hunt”? Nope. It really wasn’t that great; neither was “10 Nights Of The Beast”. The reality is what makes those things so “Great” is nostalgia. I’ve tried to sit through some old cartoons that as a youth were utterly amazing and realized that they are not that good, but my memory of sitting on the floor with my soccer stuff on and a bowl of cereal in front of me while watching Gummy Bears was E-P-I-C-! And that is good enough.
- I live in a country full of morons. Look around you. Seriously. Take a moment and look at the people around you. I’ll wait. Ok, done? They seem sane, their good people, they keep most things in perspective, and they try and do right by you and other people. Now, go turn on the news. Seriously. Turn on MSNBC, FOX News, CNN, etc. Go turn it on and try to watch it for more than thirty minutes and not be filled with righteous indignation. We live in a country that is currently full of moronic people. Whether it’s the whole “Death Panel”, “Birthers”, I-bring-a-gun-to-a-speech crowd or it’s the Hollywood elite who feel like Roman Polanski raping and sodomizing a 13 year girl is something he should get to avoid punishment on because, and I quote Whoopy Goldberg “…it wasn’t Rape Rape…” or it’s just the people who feel like E! T.V. is the pinnacle of news and can’t wait to get to their I-Phones to check Spencer & Heidi’s twitter we are a country that has lost any semblance of intelligent society. So to those of you who think, who contemplate world issues, who enjoy using your brain, who refuse to follow the lemming like masses, and who truly crave information I salute you, because we are a dying breed…
- It’s hard to take my musings and ramblings seriously. It really is. Even I can understand that. I can go from something like Gummi Bears to a white-hot rage over reading about immigration policy. The fact is I can rant about anything. I can find opinion or interest on almost any subject. It’s not that I’m that smart; it’s just that I’m that interested. Oh and that opinionated. I like to have discussions. I like to think. I love to daydream. In fact as I type this schlock that only like 8 people in the entire world read right now I’m daydreaming. I’m thinking about Movie-A-Thons, how I’m going to use the concept of Legendary Boons in my D&D campaign, who would win in a foot race between Quicksilver & Max Mercury, how frightening it would be if the Zombie Apocalypse happened today, etc. My mind moves so far so fast sometimes that I can’t even keep up. So why would anyone take the serious things I have to say seriously, when they are proceeded by rants about The Justice League, bananas, or just why Tom Brady is dreamy? They shouldn’t, hell I barely do. The fact is though, if you find merit in the idea of a blog built on stream of consciousness and the ideal of an ongoing argument with the voices in one’s head then you realize even fun and games are deadly serious…
- I am the luckiest man alive. It’s true. I have a job I like, no matter what I tell you. I have a roof over my head, food on my plate, and clothes on my back, even if they aren’t fashionable. But more than anything I married my best friend and the love of my life. I don’t blog about Cassandra to often. I know people can almost gag on the saccharine sweet diatribes I can get into when speaking about my wife, so I’m going to refrain from writing a novel about it. Let me just say this, I can’t imagine my life without her and I just can’t seem to remember what it was like without her. And that is TRUTH!

Ah, now that that exercise is done how about some


- Packers Vs. Vikings on Monday. I can NOT wait.
- It’s official I’m a Wheel Watcher. Yep, Cassandra has broken my spirit. I now look forward to sitting on the couch, cuddling, and watching Wheel Of Fortune with Cassandra. Now I don’t have a Watcher I.D., like my wife does, but I do find myself watching even when I’m pretending to read and while doing so trying to solve the puzzles. I find myself flipping from Attack Of The Show to The Wheel so I can pick a favorite contestant and dog out the others. Most of all I find myself dissecting all the bizarre, very unfunny things The Sajak says on a nightly basis while trying to figure out where that creepy little troll buried the bodies. Yes, yes I am a Wheel Watcher…
- I’m making some “Thanksgiving Casserole” tonight. It’s the bomb-diggity…
- So I’ve been knee deep in Dungeon Masters Guide 2, and it is incredible. If you are going to run a D&D campaign then this book is a must have. The elaborated upon monster roles information, the ability to customize traps & monsters, templates, companions, alternative treasures, etc. I seriously have found at least ten things that are going to find their way into my campaign in the first half of the book alone. It’s that good.
- Possible Emergency Movie-A-Thon this Saturday! Feel that in my writing? That’s excitement.
- I know it's not kosher to say, but I'm rooting for Swine Flu.
- Good luck & Gawd Speed Loki Angerbrow, Flamebeard Megakeys, & Ponce Nutcracker. Although it is apparent that our Tuesday nights playing Advanced Heroquest are over I will never forget your awesomeness as characters. ‘Tis a sad day, a sad day indeed.
- I must see Zombieland! I MUST SEE IT SOON!
- Dave and I have been steadily adding to our ever growing lexicon of nerdery, I have two new entries to report on;
o Werewolf – Usage; “That game was pretty fun, hell it was Werewolf…” See to call something Werewolf is a lesser version of the universally amazing Airwolf adjective. Werewolf is based off the old t.v. show, from I believe the early 90’s, that we both remember as being awesome, & yet I’m sure if we were able to watch would realize it was AWFUL!
o Halford – Usage; “When Ponce killed that Orc that was totally HALFORD!” Rob Halford, lead singer of Judas Priest, is a proud gay man who just happens to dress in copious amounts of leather and metal studs all the while being SO metal that he hits notes that explode pet ears. So when something is a sort of feminine is also Metal, it is Halford.
- I wish I could wear my PJ pants non-stop. They are so soft.

I was debating on how to wrap up the blog this week, and I’ve decided on this. Joe, Dave, Heidi, & Duke my “subscribers” on the new blog site I challenge you. CHALLENGE! I challenge you to meet the same output I have established. One blog per week. Maybe we even throw out a common subject to blog on, hell I don’t care. The fact is I want to read your blogs, so I hope you’ll take my Challenge and blog, the length doesn’t matter, once per week.

Other than that I’ve got crap to do…



  1. It's late and I should have been in bed an hour ago but...I saw that you posted and just had to scan through before actually reading it whole tomorrow when I saw the line "I live in a country full of morons".

    Without even knowing where you're going with that I have to say that I completely agree.

  2. Well I finally got to reading the whole thing. As to your challenge - I accept! The only problem is I'm intimidated by the sheer volume of bloggage that throw out there. Sure it's once a week, but you cover more ground than a US highway. I'm like a Wal-Mart parking lot. No, more like a Pamida.

    But I accept anyway.

  3. No kidding, I was just about to post a poll on facebook asking, if you only had network TV, what would you rather watch at 6:30, Wheel of Fortune or Seinfeld? I go back and forth on that one.

    I've only watched a bit of Sunny, and liked it, but my vote goes to 30 Rock for the exact opposite reasons you gave for Sunny. The characters all have great chemistry, are kind to each other, and conflict among them is minimal which isn't the formula for TV comedy nowadays. But it's hilarious anyway.

    And I still agree with you that this country is full of morons.

  4. It's sad to know that we live in a place that rewards stupidity, vapid behavior, and a general lack of well humanity. This is why I'm actively rooting for a Pandemic.

  5. I blog once a week now, here and on the Wizards site, but just about gaming there. So clean the sand out of your vagina and hop to!
    I miss Pamida.
    You may not be as stream of consciousness as I tend to get, but your stuff is top notch and another reason I wish we would have gotten the Podcast off the ground. See since we can't do that we can blog!
    Yeah BLOGGIN'!

    I've been conditioned now, like a POW.
    I like 30 Rock, but it can be a little to "sweet" for my tastes, you know me I like to simultaneously love and loathe things.
    That's why Venture Brothers is so brilliant, because the only time I hate it is when it's not on.
    Yes my friend, yes it is.
    AND that is why we can't stop fighting the good fight of actually using that mush in our cranium and keeping some hope alive for something better.

  7. hahaha, okay, 1: I only have network tv (and I barely even miss cable) and of course I choose Wheel over Seinfeld. 2: I miss Pamida too, we had one in Ashland (aka "the Armpit of Wisconsin") and I remember fondly frantically choosing which lame, after school shopping in the reject discount sales bin, which trapper keeper would be MINE for the year. And I do know where there is still a Pamida in operation between Duluth and the cities. And 3: I can't even get myself to READ blogs at least once a week, let alone write one. But I'll attempt to get one out, it isn't a bad challenge, can you like give us a blogging topic assignment? That might make it easier, give us the first spoonful of inspiration. Not to be confused with perspiration. Damn it's late. I should be asleep.

  8. Uh not missing Cable, LIES!
    Let's see your only missing;
    - It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
    - Southpark
    - Venture Brothers
    - Bad movies on Syfy channel
    Need I go on? I thought not.
    Ah Pamida, such loyalty from the 'Sconie contingency.
    I know you can do it!
    Ok my first Blogging assignment to you is the best Zombie movie, and WHY?!
    Yes, yes you probably should.