Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ice Station Zebra Vs. 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea

Is there much better in life than the opening guitar riff of Iron Maiden’s “The Trooper”? I thought not. This has been a crappy week so far, and it’s only Tuesday. I’m trying to turn it around, get my head on straight, and get motivated, but so far I’ve been sluggishly pessimistic at best, BUT I’m feeling better this morning. I have “The Trooper” on in my internal jukebox, work is work, and I’m bloggin’. Not to mention, it’s Cassandra’s birthday today, I’d tell you her age, but I’m not that kind of guy. Instead how about


5) Closet Nerd. My wife is a closet nerd. It’s taken her sometime to be ok with it in public, but she is a geek, and I’m insanely proud of it & her. She’s obsessive about Harry Potter, she plays D&D (& LOVES IT!), she loves The Venture Brothers, she used to collect She-Hulk (When Dan Slott was the writer) & Runaways, she paints miniatures, etc. Her geek cred is HIGH!

4) Excellent Cook. She used to be pretty one-dimensional with only baking in her repertoire, but that has changed. Now it’s fried rice, enchiladas, buffalo chicken nachos, strata, etc. If she can figure it out she can make it. She also is shaking off the baking yoke in the way that she’ll experiment more in the kitchen, and no I don’t mean like that Dave. I mean she’ll taste what she’s making and on the fly mix it up, make a change, and it’s always delicious.

3) Drives Like Frankenstein From Deathrace 2000 (The Good Corman Version, Not The Remake). Ever seen Deathrace 2000 (**** out of 5 Stars)? In it there is a driver, played by David Carradine, named Frankenstein, and he is B.A.! That’s Cassandra. Back in the day she used to fret and struggle with driving. It stressed her out, she drove timid, and she hated being behind the wheel. NOW, get out of her way. Running behind? She’ll get you there like Stathem in the Transporter! If “Blue” had teeth and a machine gun on it then she’d use them. She’s simply unstoppable.

2) She Is The Power Behind The Yearly Halloween Party Throne. Ever wonder how those big, crazy, well decorated Halloween parties get done every year? It’s Cassandra. She puts all the legwork in, and when she doesn’t have time she delegates to her decorating crew, aka Charlene. She’s always thinking about how she can make next year better, and the best part; it’s never for her, it’s for our friends.

1) She Has A Work Posse. At previous jobs Cassandra has sometimes struggled to put together lasting friendships. Here it hasn’t been an issue. She has a group, a posse if you will, here at work that she runs with. It’s super funny to see, because generally that’s what I do; I find and assemble my group, and then I enjoy the fruits of my friendship labor. I don’t have that here, she does, and I admire her ability to do that in a stifling environment.

So I finished The Middleman season 1 (**** ½ out of 5 Stars) on Sunday. Let me sum it up with what Cassandra called it, “cute”. The show is cute. It’s kind of like a hodge podge of all things nerdery thrown into a superhero blender, spiced with witty self-reverential dialogue, finished with a dollop of wackiness. It’s 12 episodes of just fun. Shows aren’t that fun anymore, or smart. This show knew its audience and played to it. It’s just too bad ABC Family sucks sweaty donkey balls, or they would have pushed this show harder. Middleman, you will be missed.

I started Fringe, and I’m three episodes ‘deep’, so far it’s good. It’s not great, but it’s very good. It does feel like X-Files 2.0, a little bigger, a little slicker, a little less dark, but X-files nonetheless, and that’s not a bad thing. I really like the X-Files, this show seems to take the best of that show and run with it. I just have yet to connect with anyone of the characters enough to feel like I ‘have’ to follow the show. I’m going to watch season 1, because I’ve heard it just gets better and better, with the hope that I do and IT does.

Speaking of things I’m watching, you should ALL be watching The League on FX. It’s a riot. It takes the hateful vibe of “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” and whores it out with sport’s nerdery, relationship comedy, and guy friends talking constant trash. Oh and it has YOUTube genius John Lajoie, that’s right the guy from such classics as “Show Me Your Genitials”, “E=MC Vagina”, “Rapist Glasses”, “Pedophile Beards”, & “It Was Sunday Afternoon”. ALL ARE GENIUS & SHOULD BE WATCHED DAILY! He is a bit player on the show, ‘Taco’ to be exact, but every episode he shows more and more why he’s hilarious. The cast is good, the lines are funny (“Confidence In My Pussy Vs. Vaginal Hubris” is one of the single funniest bits I’ve heard in some time), and tightly written. Sure it’s vulgar, but it’s still damn funny and I look forward to it weekly.

How about a little


- D&D on Saturday. No Dave, but we do gain Steve & Mighty Mike is back from his honeymoon. It should be a blood bath. I’m starting to mentally put together the next chapter, post Overlook, of what the group will be headed towards. I’m designing the vast majority of it from the ground up so I’m being forced to actually think and use DDI more and more. The big thing will be getting all my Romanesque dudes painted ASAP. Oh and players who read this, I have one word for you regarding that; Gladiators! As for the here and now, it’ll be interesting to see how the group deals with more and more hordes of Orcs & Orogs in the bowels of Moradin’s Monastery.
- Cassandra & I are turkey hoarders.
- Old school Looney Tunes cartoons rule. IT’S THAT SIMPLE!
- The return of Phantom Limb on The Venture Brothers the other night was EPIC! The use of the music from the movie Excalibur (Infinite *’s out of 5 Stars) during the coronation scene with Dean and Bowie was HI-larious. And that final clip after the credits, WHO didn’t see that coming as the perfect solution to Sgt. Hatred’s predilection towards pedophilia? So funny.
- There was a new Doctor Who last weekend, “The Waters Of Mars", I haven’t watched it. YET!
- Speaking of watching new things we tried AMC’s remake of The Prisoner. I didn’t really care for it. I had insanely high hopes, as the original Prisoner (Infinite *’s out of 5 Stars) is one of my all time favorite television shows. It’s utterly and completely brilliant. Patrick Magoohan was just cooler than the other side of the pillow; it’s unfortunate that Jim “Jebus” Caviezel can’t even hold his coat. I’m going to watch it in it’s entirety once it’s over, so I reserve final judgment, but so far I’m disappointed at best.
- Sunday I’m going to try and get caught up on Blackest Night. Dark Dave’s love of it is rekindling the embers in my nerd heart to go back and start it again from the beginning.
- Suck it Cowboy & Raiders fans, players, & owners. SUCK IT! On a side note I don’t have a problem with Belicheck’s call at the end of the Pats Vs. Colts game. The defense is depleted and was tired, not to mention it wasn’t getting to Manning in the 4th quarter at all. I think if you can’t trust one of the greatest QB’s in the history of the game to get you two yards in order to keep another all time great off the field then your offense is a sham. Oh and as for the spot by the officials, it was HORRIBLE! Great game though and I look forward to, & hope for, a playoff rematch.
- On a Packers Vs. Cowboys side note, can someone at FOX please ensure that Troy Aikman doesn’t call any more Cowboys games? His love/hate relationship with the team clouds his ability to do the game any service. Speaking of service, can someone at FOX remove Joe Buck’s mouth from Troy’s cock so I can understand what he’s saying? The guy is the WORST NFL announcer. What a jock-sniffing moron.
- So the fabled free Foodsaver arrived and I busted it out to use yesterday after an epic trip to Sam’s Club. It didn’t work. That’s right, months of anticipation crushed. Sadness.
- Speaking of sadness, I’m tired of ripping pants. So very tired.
- Oh guess what I sucka’s? We have a pimp ass fireplace in the basement now. WHA!

Well time isn’t going to kill itself…

“I am NOT a number, I AM A FREE MAN!”

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