Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hamburger Hill Vs. Ricochet

Since it’s a slow day I’m getting a chance to bust out another blog. It’s not that I necessarily have anything important to talk about today, or any other day for that matter, it’s just that this is an effective exercise in writing and nice way to constructively work out all the “gunk” that builds up in my brain. So you’ll have to excuse me if I’m a bit scattershot today…


- Tiger Woods Coverage – It’s not that I applaud Tiger’s sexual conquests, it’s just I’m tired of hearing about it.
- Fanboys Bitching On The Internet(s) – I love sites like Newsarama, but I’ll be damned if I can even tolerate the pointless hate fest that erupts after every story. I KNOW that whatever it is isn’t your cup of tea, but move on, sheesh.
- Dry Skin In Winter – I have psoriasis and it sucks so when winter comes my “areas” that are affected by this genetic curse become a real pain in the tuckus.
- Vikings Stadium Debate – The state of Minnesota better get it’s collective head out of it’s ass or they are going to find themselves without the one sport’s team that has been a consistent money maker, The Vikings.
- Being Hungry For Something & Not Being Able To Put Your Finger On It – I’ve been starving for something, but I have no earthly idea exactly what it would be. Every time I think I’ve figured it out I leave my meal unfulfilled.
- The Unfulfilled Promise Of Being Rewarded For Hard Work & Being Good At One’s Job – “All I want is what is mine. All I want is what is coming to me…” Seriously. I know the wheels of bureaucracy move slowly, but after today’s “meeting” I’m a bit disappointed. More than a little I guess, I’m sort of just exasperated.
- No D&D In December – It’s not anyone’s fault, or anything it’s just sucky. I really have a hankering to play. Stupid Christmas…
- Being Lower Middle ClassDAMN! I wish I had some serious cash. It would make not only my life easier, but also the lives of friends and family. I’m not askin’ much just to win the flippin’ lottery so me and mine can live on easy street, even if for just a little while.
- Lame Ass Drivers – I’m not sure what gets in the water around 7am in the morning but I think Highway 100 has reached it’s government recommended and approved amount of douche bags on the morning commute. I’m not sure where these people got their driver’s licenses, but someone should come back and revoke that S&^T!

Last night I was able to get the newest Cinematic Titanic, East Meets Watts, on disc and began watching it. Now I’ll reserve recommendation until I’ve finished it, I’m about half way through, but if everything up to this point is any indication it’s going to score high. First off, it’s a “Live Riff” from one of their tour stops; secondly the movie is spectacularly bad. The main characters names are something like Stud Brown & Larry Chang. Last but not least, the group & in particular J. Elvis Weinstien, are in RARE form. I was laughing quite hard last night, I look forward to finishing it tonight.

If you love some comics, and let’s face it if you know me there is at least a 60% chance that that statement is a little true, then you need to do yourself a favor and subscribe to The War Rocket Ajax podcast. It’s run by Chris Sims the creator of the amazing Chris’ Invincible Super Blog, a website that I think should be checked daily. It takes a very interesting track when interviewing people in the comics industry; they generally don’t talk that many comics! It’s really funny with segments like “Big Ups To All My Haters”, where Sims & his sidekick Eugene talk about who is hatin’ on them on the Internet(s). I thoroughly look forward to & enjoy it every time a new episode drops.


1) Batman & Robin – Grant Morrison has deconstructed the Batman mythos, banished Bruce Wayne from the present, refilled Gotham’s rogues gallery, allowed Dick Grayson to finally assume the mantle of the Bat, & all of it, ALL OF IT, are bloody brilliant! He’s doing for Batman what he did for Superman in All-Star Superman.
2) Guardians Of The Galaxy– Dan Abbnett & Andy Lanning have taken some of the most interesting & criminally underused characters in the Marvel cosmic pantheon and made them into household names! Rocket Racoon anyone? This book is big, crazy, high concept space opera at it’s best. There is a distinct alien feel to the vistas and enemies, the team dynamics are fun, and they’ve managed to make me care about not just Starlord again, but characters like Mantis, Bug, & the mighty Groot! Kudos gentlemen, KUDOS!
3) Nova – You can’t mention G.o.t.G. without mentioning Nova. DnA have spent the last two plus years turning Nova into Marvel’s answer to Geoff Johns on DC’s Green Lantern. They’ve taken a headstrong, impetuous character and had him grow up right before our very eyes as readers. In the process they are now using Nova as a mentor to Darkhawk. Yep, THAT Darkhawk, which is beyond inspired. This is just a great book.
4) Hellboy & B.P.R.D. miniseries – Wow, Mignola promised this would be the year we were going to see the changing tide and he has not disappointed. I’m still blown away by the reveal at the end of the last Hellboy mini. As for the art teams, Guy Davis on B.P.R.D. is fantastic & Duncan F. on Hellboy is the perfect mix of aping Mignola while having your own style. I could look at his art all day.
5) Blackest Night miniseries – Ok if your reading this you should be reading Green Lantern, probably Green Lantern Corps, & the assorted miniseries don’t hurt either, all that being said this mini is OUTSTANDING! I never even acknowledged or cared for Mera as a character and now I’m hoping she gets a starring role post Blackest Night. I’m not sure how the mini is going to end, and I really do hope it changes the status quo for death in the DCU, but I’m thoroughly enjoying this Horror story being told in a mainstream four-color superhero universe.
6) Detective Comics – I’m not sure how to explain this book. What J.H. Williams & Rucka are doing with Batwoman, and even Rucka & Cully Hammer on the Question in the back-up feature, is just hard to explain. First off let me explain, even if comics are not for you, you have to appreciate and marvel at J.H. Williams art, design, & panel layout. It’s simply surreal. Story wise, Batwoman is being taken from a one-note character and becoming one the most fully realized interesting characters in the DCU. I really hope that when Morrison brings back Bruce Wayne next year, that they let Rucka & Williams keep Detective the home of two of my favorite heroines.
7) Secret Six – From Gail Simone’s brutal and nasty storytelling to Scott’s pencils this book just hums. If you enjoy morally ambiguous characters doing dastardly deeds then this one is right up your alley. Not to mention Simone being a master at character reclamation projects, first Catman becoming B.A., and now making Bane into a character worth rooting for. She has an affinity and love for every character, panel, and page she churns out and it shows. It shows in every gory, depraved, and violent act the Six propagate.
8) Atomic Robo – It’s no secret I love Hellboy, and this book really is just a SCIENCE version of Hellboy. What can I say, I love big, gruff leading characters that like to solve their problems via left hooks! I jumped into this book a bit late and I’m still trying to get my bearings but what I’m currently reading, with Atomic Robo dealing with Cthulhu like beasties invading our dimension with the help of Action Carl Sagan is pretty damn amazing.
9) Scott Pilgrim – Yeah I know there is only one book left, and this title is going to get ALL sorts of lovin’ in the next year with the Edgar Wright & Michael Cera movie version coming out, but I think this is one great book. This is book is about growing up, about relationships, and about consequence for actions. Oh and it has robots, punches to the face, and plenty of comedy. Look past the crazy art and give it a go you will not be disappointed.
10) Incredible Hercules – This book was already good, but with the addition of the Agents Of Atlas back up it’s become can’t miss. What the creative team has been able to do is take the best of Hercules as a character, inject comedy, and yet the gravitas of Walt Simonson’s run on Thor, shake, and serve to you in a monthly glass of Awesome. I love that Herc loves to fight, that he’s an unapologetic man-whore, that he’s dumb and needs Amadeus Cho, but most of all I love that when you read this book it’s at it’s essence a buddy story and it’s fun. What more could you ask for?

Some honorable mentions would be; Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps, Flash: Rebirth, Mighty Avengers, Conan The Cimmerian, Phonograph, Superman: World Of New Krypton, Superman: Secret Origins, The Punisher (YEAH FRANKENCASTLE!), Fantastic Four, & The Walking Dead.

Meh, now that I’ve alienated the other 40% of readers how about some


- I hate being itchy.
- I know I don’t need it, nor should I covet it, but DAMN if I don’t want to get my hands on some more Mordheim buildings. See those damn buildings for that game are SO freakin’ sturdy and well designed that they turn a gaming table into something really special.
- You know, I thought this blog was going to be short, but look at it now, LOOK AT IT NOW!
- I wish I liked hockey, or at least understood it, or at least was tight enough with someone who wanted to get together and watch it. It looks fun, but I just don’t have the passion for it. Hell, I’ve noticed that my passion for watching football has waned the last three weeks. Sure I’ve listened to the games as I’ve been doing other stuff, but I haven’t been as invested as I was weeks ago.
- We were going to do up the other half of the giant pork loin this weekend, but now Cassandra isn’t “feelin’” pork. So I’m not sure what to make. I think I want chili.
- “Rich Girl” by Darryl Hall & John Oats OWNS YOUR ASSES!
- The D&D group needs an injection of crazy. I think I’m going to introduce J.B., Dave, & my characters from Advanced Heroquest into the game. I just need to find minis for Flamebeard Megakeys (J.B.’s wonderfully named wizard) & Ponce Nutcracker (Dave’s intrepid dwarf), as well as our trusty henchman. I have two minis in mind for my guy, Loki Angerbrow, I just need to settle on a decision. I’m not sure whether to use them as antagonists, patrons, or as parts of history…
- My comic reading has slacked a bit, and I’m feeling the need to get caught back up on Guardians Of The Galaxy & Nova, maybe this weekend I’ll sit down and plow through them. I sort of got lost at the end of the last G.o.t.G. arc. Oh, and I want to read the crazy Jonah Hex Vertigo stuff that Chris Sims described as Jonah Hex vs. Cthulhu! So you know it’s good.
- Avatar has me intrigued.
- I hates me some Lemon Curd.
- Cassandra hooked me up with “An Orgy Of George: The three books of George Carlin” for my birthday. I’ve read & LOVEDWhen Will Jesus Bring The Pork Chops”, so I’m just starting to digest “Brain Droppings” & “Napalm & Bubble Gum”, but so far they do not disappoint. When Carlin passed the world lost a great mind, a biting cynic of the human condition, and amazing comedian, I miss him.
- I like my job, I really do. That being said, DAMN if I’m not being repeatedly disappointed by decisions, appointments of positions, & very little follow through by certain people. I want to love this job, I want to stay at this job, and more than anything I want to be a part of this place, but they are making it very, VERY difficult to feel wanted, to feel invested, and to want to stay.
- But I loves me some Cheese Curds…
- Usually when after I’ve busted my prodigious ass physically I suffer from what I like to call “second day soreness”, well not this time. This time it’s “third day soreness”, and IT SUCKS! My shoulders are dead weight, my back is sore (but not John Lajoie sore), and my forearms are pretty tight. And no David it’s not from over masturbation, but thanks for asking.
- I need a hug…

Well I guess it’s time to suck it up and get to it…

“I want you to want me…”

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