Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Blood: The Last Vampire Vs. Cutie Honey

When I blog early in the week sometimes it feels like I haven’t even blogged at all. It’s that time of year, that time when I can NOT WAIT to give people gifts, to eat way to much, to enjoy spending time with my wife. At the same time it’s the period of the year where I actually miss my family. So it’s sort of that weird dichotomy of feelings, on the one hand I’m with Cassandra, which is a euphoric feeling, and on the other hand I really do miss the opportunity to celebrate with my father, my grandma, my brother & his family, etc. One can’t complain though, I have a roof over my head, presents under our tree, a beautiful & vivacious wife on my arm, a job that only slightly annoys me, great friends, and food on my plate. Life is good.

How about something a little different;


1) You can never have too much bacon. While you can definitely push the pork envelope, hell I did last Sunday morning, bacon is the gift that just keeps on giving. From the smell, to the texture, to that addictive taste, it’s good for all that ails you.

2) Sonny Chiba movies, while awesome, are depressing. I knew he was the quintessential 1970’s kung fu anti-hero, but C’MON! Dude can’t catch a break in any flick he’s in. All I want is for The Chiba to get a happy ending in one flick, just ONE!

3) Shoveling sucks just as much ass as I remember. Some things in life you tend to gloss over in the prism of memory, or you make them out to be horrific moments through that shroud of the past. Shoveling is NOT one of those things. I don’t mind shoveling; it looks nice when it’s done, it’s nice to “earn” a good sweat & soreness, and it’s not that back breaking of work. All that being said it still sucks.

4) I miss playing miniatures. I forgot how much. I picked up Super Systems 3rd Edition so I could play superheroes and that hasn’t happened. I built a HUGE burned out coast city board for some DDMin’ and we didn’t play. I’ve gotten my hands on some more of World Works Games AMAZING cardstock terrain and I’m trying to figure out what to make, when & how to cheaply print it, who to cajole to help me cut it out, glue it, put it together. You know it’s funny, all this because I miss playing with little plastic men. Go figure.

5) Cassandra knows me to well. Solely based on my birthday presents it’s amazing just how well my wife has me figured out. For the love of Sinestro’s yellow power ring, she got me a Sweet Ninja Clock that is shaped like a shuriken & has a swing thingy on the bottom that is a ninja kicking you in the face. IN THE FACE! It wasn’t just the clock either, the two vintage Marvel tin signs, the t-shirts, the books, just all of it. It makes me insanely excited for Christmas!

6) The Venture Brothers (Season 4 = ********** out of 5 Brock Samson Mullets!) is STILL the best show on television. We just watched the Season 4 finale last night, and although I’m slightly annoyed that Cartoon Network cut season 4 into 7 episodes and then a 7 episode “season” 5, I was laughing my ass off at how good the season ender was. I know a lot of people were a bit down on this season, I for one cannot figure out why. It was chock full of character development; Jefferson Twilight got “magic powers” for gawd’s sake, Dean & Triana had a moment, The Order Of The Triad fought CTHULHU, Dean loved Hitler, we got TONS of crazy Brockness (and some more sweet Brock nicknames; Brockodile anyone?), Phantom Limb’s vengeance, Brock got to kill Hitler, Henchmen 21 & 24 are back together in a very strangely appropriate way, Hank grew up, & more of the MIGHTY MONARCH than you could shake a stick at. For seven episodes this show got more done than most shows do in twenty. All that and it was just as funny, smart, and inappropriate as ever! Sure shows like The League (Season 1 = ***** out of 5 Shiva(s)) are now on my radar, and I’m looking forward to things like FX’s Archer, starring H. John Benjamin, but STILL nothing can touch the hem of the Venture Brother’s disturbing dress.

7) There is nothing that gets me more ready for work than a heaping dose of Iron Maiden. It’s true. Having the ability to flip from the KFAN morning show during commercials over to some Iron Maiden has given me a renewed sense of energy when we’re making the long sojourn from Brooklyn south to work. I mean if you can’t get going to the gallop of The Trooper then you have NO SOUL!

8) The things in life beyond your personal sphere of control have to be let go of. As much as you want to hold onto them, to dissect them, to try and “fix” them, it does nothing for you. It does nothing but slowly erode your confidence, sense of self, and motivation. I have trouble keeping this axiom in the front of my addled mind, but when I do I notice that the mental fugue I can find myself in lift. It’s not that some problems are insurmountable, although there are those that are; it’s just that there are some that you have no business attempting to solve. Pick your mental battles, life is to damn short to fight them all.

9) DC & Marvel are both doing one thing right; Cosmic Opera Comics! DC is doing something truly phenomenal with Blackest Night & Green Lantern in general, while DnA’s little corner of the Marvel Universe; Guardians Of The Galaxy, Nova, Realm Of Kings, etc. have been insanely entertaining. I know a lot of people are excited for Marvel’s "Seige" storyline, especially since it ends Dark Reign, but I for one could care less when compared to what’s going on in their Sci-Fi supers books. Also on the DC front don’t sleep on R.E.B.E.L.S. as it’s turned out to be a stellar book. Just absolutely wonderful books being churned out by both companies.

10) I think you can judge a person by the people he or she chooses to associate him or herself with. If that is the case than I’m feeling pretty damn good about myself right now. Even people who I don’t get to see as often as I’d like, such as J.B., Joe C., or even Heidi, all are just incredible people. It’s crazy to have to tell people you can’t get together with them because you’ve just been to damn busy for like three months straight & you need a weekend “off”. It’s just really refreshing and dumbfoundingly incredible to be surrounded by folks who are without a doubt fantastic.

Not to shabby of a list, not to shabby at all.

Let’s keep warm with a steamin’ pile o’


- Turner Gill got the KU football job, and I for one am ecstatic! He’s a great coach and I think he’ll simply build off what Mangino did. Well except for the the whole verbally abusing & humiliating players thing…
- I still haven’t seen Ninja Assassin, but I desperately need to.
- Why does anyone give two quarts of monkey pee about whom Tiger Woods sleeps with? Seriously? I know he’s married, and yeah he’s a bad guy for cheating, but beyond that I don’t friggin’ care. It’s his family’s business and problem. To watch someone’s life play out in the media for nothing more than the enjoyment of others reminds me why I loathe our society in general. We are nothing more than bunch sycophantic voyeurs who bask in the failings and faults of others, so we don’t have to stare at our own flawed nature in the mirror. Dude is morally wrong and messed up for cheating, but let’s leave it at that and get back to something important like how Insurance companies are using Facebook to F’ up our chances of getting it passed.
- These are the things I want to be building;
o http://www.worldworksgames.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=7908
- I wish I had wealth beyond avarice so I could just buy crazy awesome stuff for all my friends. Nothing would make me happier than being able to lavish crap on friends and family.
- B.J. Penn is the greatest MMA lightweight of all time, bar none. As much as I’d love to see him in a 5 round war against a legitimate threat, there just isn’t anyone in that weight class that can touch him. He made a MESS out of Diego Sanchez’s face; he tapped Kenny Florian, and beat Joe Stevenson into a pulp. The last time he had a challenge was stepping up in weight to fight G.S.P. I want G.S.P. Vs. Penn III! I want it at a catch weight and I want B.J. to actually show up in shape, and ready to rumble, if he does that I’m not sure he can be beat.
- Being tall sucks sometimes, especially when your snow blower has short person handles.
- With the new year on the horizon we have to start thinking of the next BUZZ Trivia Challenge event, I’m thinking February, the next official Movie-A-Thon, and I’m hankering for a BINGO EXTRAVAGANZA! Oh and D&D, January D&D needs to be scheduled as well. Busy, busy, busy…
- I truly hate Baseball it’s stupid.
- You know what? I don’t hate KISS. Seriously. They aren’t horrible. I wouldn’t seek out there stuff, or even try and track down their entire catalogue, but they have their moments and when they do THEY ROCK!
- I’m starving for a good pot of chili.
- My back is really sore, like John Lajoie sore in “Everyday Normal Guy” on the YOUTube(s)…
- There is a new Cinematic Titanic episode out today; East Meets Watts. Yes, it does sound like it’s going to be a 70’s Blaxplotation Kung Fu flick, and if it is it will be GLOROIUS!
- It’s not that I’ve given up on Myspace bloggin’ it’s just that it’s the only reason I even venture to that corner of the Interweb(s), so if your reading there then you need to find my on blogspot, otherwise your missin’ out.
- Why does everyone hate on Tim Tebow? He’s a damn good quarterback. There is a high chance he’ll be a good NFL quarterback. Now I’m not a Christian, but hey if the guy wants to do stuff for gawd or whatever then good for him. I admire his tenacity at finishing college, doing missionary work during school breaks, and having an insanely hot girlfriend. He’s a winner, always have been, and I for one think he will continue this in the NFL.
- WAVES OF MERCURY! It’s comin’!

Well gotta get back to business time, not to be confused with “bidniss time”…

“Please. How stupid do I look to you? World Domination. I'll leave that to the religious nuts or the Republicans, thank you.”


  1. As for #8, remember the AA prayer: God grant me the serenity to accept the thing I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. If God ain't your cup of tea, feel free to insert Black Adam, Orcus or SCIENCE!

  2. Two quarts of monkey piss? Ew!

    At least you HAVE a snow blower, plus my house is on a corner, three lots long...Shoveling is the PITS!

  3. A-Shizzle,
    This MAY be the greatest post in the history of posts...
    I've been laughing about the last sentence all day.
    You sir, are a NATIONAL treasure... (insert Nick Cage joke here)

  4. Hides,
    Gross can be funny...
    True, but my driveway is a like a Datang Death March with a shovel. The blower helps, but it doesn't make it any less work for me, my shovel, or my achin' back...
    SO in summation I concur with much vigor, SHOVELING IS THE PITS!