Friday, January 22, 2010

Take This Job & Shove It Vs. Used Cars

So, yesterday work “rewarded” me with a promotion and a pay raise. I was pretty excited. I felt like they had recognized my worth, my loyalty, and were interested in seeing what we could accomplish together. What I failed to realize at the time was it didn’t really meet the fiscal requirements I had wanted. When that was pointed out to me later it was incredibly deflating. It’s not that it’s all about money, I mean for gawd’s sakes I’ve spent 11 years of my life now working in a field that is known for keeping it’s worker’s in the “poor house”, but I’m at a time in my life where I got(s) bills to pay son! I’m now torn. Do I go in and tell them thanks but no thanks? Do I make money THE issue? Or do I continue to be an exemplary employee, point to my work, let them know that I will want more in the future, and at the same time find some other small ways to supplement our income? Maybe I’ll get back into donating plasma, there’s good money in that, and you help others in the process. I just need to formulate my next step. This has been one of the most bittersweet 24 hours of my life.

On a side note, WTF is with the weather? I feel like its winter in Kansas; no snow, rain, sleet, & ice, I’d prefer a friggin’ blizzard than having a driveway that could double as an ice rink. Our steps are a death trap, so gawd bless the mail person for even attempting to do their job. The drive this morning wasn’t terrible, but I’m certainly not looking forward to the commute home. Not to mention the Weather Terrorist are calling for a January ‘Snownami’ this weekend. These people live to scare the beejezus out of us. I for one hope we get a bit of a warm trend so I can get some more of this ice off the driveway, and then I can deal with some more snow now that the snow blower is back up and running at full power.

All this crap has made me ornery, so how about…


- FOX News – Really? Are you even a news organization anymore? Your “fair and balanced” viewpoint would actually be hilarious if it wasn’t for the fact that there is a segment of our country that take your word as gospel. These guys make Al Jazera look even keeled and bipartisan.
- Jim Kramer – Dude, just stop. You are a liar. I just wish that all the dumb asses who buy into your shtick got a chance to kick you square in your balls for all the money you’ve cost them in the name of ratings.
- Fran Tarkington – The Anti-Cheezus is out again bashing Farve. How the hell can you bash a guy who is four quarters from a Superbowl at age 40, and just dropped 4 TDs on “Jerry’s Kids” last weekend? Sir Fran get over yourself, go back to the nursing home, and eat your oatmeal.
- Pat Robertson – Is there a crazier example out there of religious zealotry in all of Christendom currently? His insensitive and frankly hateful comments about Haiti just serve to remind those of us who still have our faculties just how dangerous demagogues like this are.
- Rush Limbaugh – See above. I understand that Rush is a race-baiting douche, but he really does work hard to top himself constantly. I guess what really disappoints me is I’m not surprised. Think what a real force for positive change a guy like this could be if he wasn’t a money hungry, pill popping, and racist crazy person.
- Mike Greenberg – Wow, you really said “Martin Luther Coon Day” on the air? How do you have a job? How in the hell can ESPN let you off with just a slap on the wrist? First off you’re a talentless Jet’s rube hack, and now drop a racist bomb on air. Pure class.
- Jamar From Brooklyn Park – I don’t know Jamar personally, I know I’ve mentioned him a few times on the blog. He’s a guy who calls the Paul Allen Show on KFAN constantly to talk up his Cowboys. This week he refused to eat the crow he deserved and instead made an ass out of himself. Jamar don’t be Keith Brooking, take it like a man.
- NBC & Jay Leno – Wow, does it feel good? Do you feel better now that you thoroughly screwed Conan? I hope it does, I hope you savor that flavor, because it’s fleeting. I have a sneaking suspicion that Conan will find another gig and he’ll make sure that NBC & Jay Leno rues the day they crossed the Ginger Giant!
- Joe Quasada – This whole cheap shot promotion Marvel did to DC over Blackest Night tie-in issues is one of the single most classless things Joe Q. has done in his ‘Dark Reign’ at the House Of Ideas. It’s really sad. If I was still purchasing comics I can tell you I’d stop purchasing Marvel, simply for what their E.i.C. represents.
- Internet Haters – Whether it be on FOX Sports Net, Newsarama, 4E Haters, or any number of other forums I peruse daily, these folks who feel they can state their opinions like fact, and flame anyone who disagrees have to go. This is maybe the worst thing the Internet(s) have spawned; faceless, protected, cowardly haters. I’m fine with being a hater, hell I’m a Hater, but see there is the difference, I’m a ‘big boy capital H’ Hater, not someone hiding in my mom’s basement telling everyone they are “teh suxor” with no real argument other than their opinion. Sad, sad little people in this world.

It’s Friday so I’m keepin’ it ‘real’, real short…


- I have a Cool Whip container full of fantasy miniature bits. I’m enjoying going through them, but I need to get on getting some more minis but together. Oh and if I had an ounce of hair on my nuts I’d paint tonight and some tomorrow. We’ll see if me calling myself out in a blog will motivate Ben to get anything done. WHOOPS! Third ‘personed’ myself there.
- For those that don’t know Brett Farve is now Cheezus Christ.
- Is there a cooler comic villain than Dr. Doom? I thought not. Then why is Marvel so intent on making him racist & lame?
- I hates me the American political “system”, H-A-T-E-!
- Dave has the D&D Soundtrack almost complete. I received a sneak preview last night, and it is chock full of POWER METAL! Emphasis on P-O-W-E-R-!
- With the computer down I don’t have access to DDI, AND IT’S KILLIN’ ME!
- I loves me some gyros.
- I literally have absolutely positively NO interest in The Tooth Fairy movie starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, but seeing him promote it makes the me wonder just HOW THE HELL this guy isn’t a giant movie star? He’s charismatic, he’s got chops, and he wants it so badly. I can only hope that Geoff Johns gets his SHAZAM script done and they do what they should and cast Mr. Johnson as Black Adam. He would be amazing.
- I wonder if Joe Buck cried himself to sleep last Sunday night, and if Troy Aikman had to cuddle with him to get him to sleep. And if so, what will they do if the Vikings go into New Orleans and win Sunday night? Maybe Joe Buck will have a stroke, one can wish…

Well on that horrible visual, I’m out…

“In brightest day, in blackest night…”

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