Monday, January 25, 2010

Thaw Vs. The Thing From Another World

I watched Dave & Cassandra’s Sport’s Heart BREAK last night, & I could take no joy in it. What a great NFC championship game, and in the end what a bitter ashen taste left in the mouths of the Viking’s fans. I for one hope that Brett Farve takes another shot at immortality next year, by coming back and leading the Vikings one more time. As for the Superbowl, I’m just going to enjoy watching two of the very best quarterbacks go head to head. And although I do not hate on Peyton Manning, simply because he’s the funniest guy in the NFL, I’m rooting for Drew Brees & the Saints. My prediction is 34-31 Saints.

As most of you know, I haven’t gotten one of these right since KU won the NCAA title, so take it for what’s worth, NOTHING!

As for the weekend, up until D&D on Saturday night it was blissful. It’s not that D&D was bad, but… Well it’s better if I just give you,


- THE GOOD – Holy crap that White Chicken Chili was AMAZING. I’m craving it right this moment as I type, it was that good. It was really nice to give and get gifts from Mighty Mike; it was even more gratifying that we got each other stuff we both wanted. Dave’s soundtrack for D&D was very funny, and I’d actually want a copy with the full songs. Hear that Dave, I WANT THIS, make it so. My Player’s Guide hand-outs seemed to go over very well, time will tell if they get maximized in their use. There is nothing better than hanging out with friends.
- THE BAD – People being late, folks who can’t stay focused on the game, and of course the dreaded, “…when am I going to get to do (blank)…” You could tell we hadn’t gamed in over a month. Usually it only takes about an hour, hence the 5pm start time and the 6pm dice rolling time, to get done with the socializing and get invested in the game. When the group really hasn’t hung out together in that long the socializing overshadows the game. As for focus, this goes hand in hand with socializing, it wasn’t just one person, or two, unfortunately it was all of us. The last one, the dreaded “what about me” thing really sucked. As the DM you really shouldn’t have to explain the direction and the pace of the campaign, its bad table etiquette, and it really does ruin the momentum of the whole thing. As for the DMing, I know better ways to retake control, and I just didn’t get it done.
- THE UGLY – I was bushed. Just tired out of my mind, couldn’t focus, and I was NOWHERE near as organized as I usually am. With the DDI being down, I tried desperately to prop the game up with character building, but I fell absolutely flat in combat encounters. I was flustered, tired, and couldn’t get my players on the right track. Saturday was the worst DMing job I’ve done with the 4th Edition. The only things I can do are learning from it, and do better next month.

Oh well, it’s supposed to be fun, and when it’s not you have to figure out how to make it fun again. So that’s what I need to do.


- F’ you Packer Fans. I can’t believe the classless drivel they are spewing via e-mail and phone calls on Paul Allen’s show this morning. For a group that didn’t get out of the 1st round of the playoffs and lost twice to the Vikings they sure act like they just won the Superbowl. What a bunch of worthless rubes. They’re just like Raiders fan; living vicariously through a past they can never hope to rekindle.
- I had a blast watching the game last night! Thanks Dave, Liz, & Cassandra. Even better than that was watching “Wyvern” during commercials and post game. It’s always fun beyond words to watch crap movies and rip them, but even more so with friends.
- Jared Allen, you want to be great, then SHOW UP IN A BIG GAME! For a guy that talks that much, he sure was quiet on the field last night. Oh and Childress, LEARN TO F’N COUNT! Sheesh.
- Since the ‘puter is down, and football is basically over, I’m contemplating supplementing some of my time with some type of multi-player console action RPG. Maybe starting Champions Of Norath again, or D&D Heroes. Now if I can just find at least one more player. Dave? Cassandra?
- I have a hankering for Banana Bread.
- I began reading “The Coming Of Conan The Cimmerian”, which was my gift from Mighty Mike. It is SO good; I had forgotten just what an amazingly vivid writer Robert E. Howard was.
- What ever happened to professionalism? What happened to being on time? I miss the days of people treating their jobs like they meant something.
- Scraping ice of the driveway Saturday morning was BRUTAL. Luckily Cassandra rolled up those pink sleeves and really helped out.
- Is there anything better than goblins riding giant spiders? I thought not…

Well it’s back to the ole’ drawing board…

“The better team lost last night…”


  1. As a Green Bay fan, I agree with you to an extent about Packer fans needing to show a little class (up until you compared us to Raiders fans. Ouch!) With the Packers eliminated we had every reason to root for the Vikings with our alum at QB and kicker and not to mention outright divisional pride. The "I told you so's" I've been seeing on facebook have been annoying. They weren't saying "I told you so" when Minnesota owned Green Bay twice. As a matter of fact, I'll go ahead and say the exact opposite. I was wrong about Favre going into this season and I'm happy I was. He should have received the MVP and it was a great season to watch. Now for the Super Bowl, go Saints!

  2. If the cheese head fits. In all seriousness, I have been absolutely amazed that this fan base which has long been seen as classy nationwide, while being routinely chided here in the Cities Twin, is what they've been labeled; Dirty 'Sconies. These guys who've been laying in the weeds to do their weak "I TOLD YOU SO!" thing are embarrassing.
    I agree completely, these folks aren't fans their vultures. See you, YOU my friend, are a true fan, a class act, & a gentleman.


  3. i'm so sad... you are right, the better team did lose last night. too many mental mistakes. It's at least bearable having lost to the saints. If the cowboys had beaten us, I would have had to up and die. the super bowl should be a fun game, between two teams I like! Either way, I'm sure I'll be pleased with the outcome.

  4. It's funny because now the "bandwagon" in Minnesotans is coming out. They Farve Hate is in full blossom this morning. Listen Vikings fans; without Farve you don't get the #2 seed, you don't make it to New Orleans, & you certainly don't have a shot to win that game AT ALL!
    I don't mind that they lost to the Saints, BUT NOW the Saints HAVE to win it all.

    F' Packer Fans!
    F' "Jerry's Kids"!
    & F' Minnesota Bandwagon Jumpers!

  5. I hope you didn't think I was saying that. I still loves me some Favre, and will wear that jersey 'til it falls apart! There's always next season, I hope Brett stays on for another year, but if not, I hope the QB bridesmaids learned something from him. "FOREVER PURPLE!" (I do hope they win the Superbowl before I die, though...) Ben, do you think our guys are going to play in the Pro Bowl? I didn't hear anything about it yet.

  6. No, I know your a die-hard Vikes fan, and I KNOW you, like me, LOVES YOU SOME BRETT FARVE! So I wasn't singling you out, just making a point.

    I heard today Farve, Winfield, & Harvin WILL NOT play. All three are pretty beat up, so I can understand that. I also heard a funny line about how Peterson will play and rush for 250 yards because no one tackles or tries to strip the ball in Pro Bowl.

    I think Farve will be back, I hope he'll be back. Just like I hope he does go out winning a Superbowl. And not just so he can stick it to that segment of Dirty 'Sconies who curse his name, or that bag o' shit that is Ted Thompson, or to shut up old senile self-promoting tools like Fran Tarkington, & not even just to again show what a sham ESPN is when it comes to actual sports "journalism". I want him to win it, so I can see the greatest quarterback of my generation go out like Elway did.