Tuesday, January 26, 2010

When Trumpets Fade Vs. A Town Has Turned To Dust

I think I’m more blogging today out of an obligation to killing time rather than having anything of a semblance of importance or my being excited by something. I mean, yeah I’m excited about learning about MSRA & Cellulitis, but not THAT excited. It’s not like I’m home reading Blackest Night, watching MST3K, or reading a book. I really do enjoy this process of finding material, developing tests, and getting it approved, but it’s a slow plodding process. One that isn’t conducive to time moving quickly.

It sounds like tonight will be Battlemasters with the Tuesday Night Gaming Group. For the record I have a two game losing streak to Steve, which he makes sure to remind me of as often as humanly, if you consider Steve to technically be human, possible. It’s not that I’m bad at the game; I’ve just suffered from disastrously ill-timed bad rolling. Tonight it seems I get another shot at redeeming myself. The interesting thing will be that this is a team game, so I will be playing with a teammate, which can be both a bane and a boon. Sometimes I’m not the guy who “drops the ball”, and sometimes I have needed someone to cover my ass as I’ve made a disastrous mistake. All I know is that I WILL NOT be Steve’s teammate tonight and I whole heartedly hope to crush his will to live tonight.

Minnesotans have proven to me today that they are truly the quintessential bandwagon fans. Two days post “12 Man In The Huddle” game; it’s Farve savagery on the radio. Let’s get a couple things straight;
- No Farve = No NFC North Title
- No Farve = No Cowboy’s win
- No Farve = Vikes are losing by 21 to the Saints in the Fourth
If you throw this guy under the bus for busting his ass and taking a beating that would make a heavyweight boxer cringe then you are a bandwagon jag-off. If you feel like Adrian Peterson’s fumbles, Berrian’s fumble, & Harvin’s fumble can be forgiven since they “didn’t lose US” the game, then you are a bandwagon rube. If you don’t think that Childress’s inability to count to 12 isn’t a firable offense, then you have no business making any comment at all. Farve didn’t lose you the game, just like he didn’t win any of the games this season either. He’s simply one of sixty. Last time I checked they still played overtime, where that vaunted defense let the Saints drive into position to win. You can’t blame a coin toss, the refs, or Brett Farve for that. Just like Viking fans screamed to Keith Brooking’s whiney ass last week, “…IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT, STOP IT!” If the Vikes defense didn’t like losing then maybe Jared Allen should have made a play, or Tyrell Johnson shouldn’t drop interceptions, or maybe Ben Lieber shouldn’t put himself in a position where a interference penalty, which for the record was a HORRIBLE call, can even be called. But more than anything else, Viking players, fans, & coaches if you don’t like losing then win out, host the playoffs, win a Superbowl, and get a new stadium. Fans can bitch about the Vikings “taking three weeks off” during the season costing THEM, fans love the “we” language especially bandwagon fans, but the way I see it where the hell where THEY when there were the threats of blackout games? I guess they were off the bandwagon then.

Alright I’m done with the whole Farve thing now, and I really hope everyone else jumps on my bandwagon.

Speaking of bandwagons, which I just used three times in the last three sentences, how ‘bout a bandwagon chock full o’


- I shoveled this morning and it sucked. Just like I remembered.
- I’m contemplating get some sushi when I head over to Dave’s tonight, but damn if Arby’s $1 menu isn’t callin’ to me. All I know is that I’m Culver(ed) out.
- Last night on the way home, post excellent dinner at Chili’s, we listened to a Radio Show adaptation of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (*** ½ out of 5 Stars). It was a more modernized telling of the tale, but it was nonetheless highly entertaining. Although, I will say it seemed to have a very strong vibe akin to Herbert West: Re-animator, Lovecraft’s own twist on Shelley’s brilliant tale. I loves me some Radio Drama.
- On I side note I also loves me some Franken-Castle.
- Oh for those that don’t know, Dave, myself and some other equally ambitious peeps are going to be trying our hand at Radio Drama. We have a few possibilities in mind;
o Lovecraft’s “The Music Of Eric Zahn”
o Howards’s “The Black Stranger”
o Jeff Parker’s first Agents of A.T.L.A.S. mini-series
o As well as a plethora of works that Dave is insanely excited about.
It’s going to be an interesting project, but I think we can A) pull it off & more importantly B) have a hell of a time doing it. I hope to get to this in the next two months.
- I would bomb a third world nation for a bowl of really good chili right now.

The day draws to it’s close…



  1. Have you tried the mint chocolate swirl shake at Arby's yet? Rachel Ray would call it fucking yummers!

  2. I have not, BUT NOW, now I'll have to.As for you Rachel Ray comment, BRILLIANT, and a tad sexy...

  3. When I get my back in working order again, I have promised myself that I won't waste so much time.
    I'll want to start on radio drama's asap.

  4. HUZAH! We'll need to sit down first and hammer through a workable draft to 'perform', then it'll be all about agreeing to who is speaking what part, and from there, it'll be fun!