Thursday, February 18, 2010

War Games Vs. Short Circuit

Wow, it’s so nice to have technology that actually works at my disposal. I state this with the utmost sarcasm and H-A-T-E-! In my line of work I should, NAY MUST, have a working computer. I need it to check schedules, to print timesheets, to research, to reschedule, so on and so forth. When I do not have that at my disposal I’m relegated to sitting and staring at the wall wishing for death. I cannot state enough how frustrating this is. At least I’m not alone in my misery, it’s the whole flippin’ office.

Best part is I’m going to get to amass some blogs now, this one being 2/15/10’s statement to no one. So for me, the ‘writer’, using that term loosely, I’ll have a crap load to post at one time, and will get a chance to see the evolution of the week, because usually I just do these things in stream of consciousness that’s why their so ‘good’….

On a lighter note I finished the first two Hammer films Quatermass movies; The Quatermass Xperiment (*** out of 5) & Quatermass II (**** out of 5 Stars). Let me start by saying that I am not a fan of the American actor who plays the lead character Professor Quatermass in either of these two films in comparison to the wonderful Scottish actor who plays him in Quatermass & The Pit. That being said, they really cranked up the douche bag factor in the first flick, Quatermass is a DICK! He is so obsessed with the British Special Rocket group’s success that he’s willing to sacrifice his men, his friends, his relationships, and even his job for success. I actually found myself rooting for the alien to put him in his place, which of course doesn’t happen. Now this vibe changes significantly in Quatermass II, it’s almost a remorsefully, still driven, but emotionally injured Quatermass who is confronted with an Invasion Of The Body Snatchers type of situation that quickly escalates. The second flick is light years better than the original, but still doesn’t touch the third film. Seeing these really makes me wish I had access to either the originals or any of the other versions of these tales without the American lead actor. Overall they are a great ‘hard’ sci-fi trilogy.

Valentine’s Day has come and went. Now I’m not saying I was an excellent husband for V-Day, but I definitely did a’ight. Sunday we cuddled and watched a flick, Zack & Miri Make A Porno (**** out of 5). We laughed and just more than anything just enjoyed being alone together with no pressure, no expectations, and nothing more to do than just be together. Those are the good times, and I relish them.

I was able to finish Earth’s Last Citadel (**** out of 5). It’s a short little old school sci-fi ditty. The basic premise is a scientist, his American military handler, & two German/Nazi affiliated ‘adventurers’ are kidnapped to the far future of earth, where humanity doesn’t exist and the Earth is dying. From there they have to put aside their differences, recognize that their preconception don’t mean anything, and try and survive the last of Earth’s long lost conquerors. It’s pretty short, like 200 pages, reads quickly, and keeps a good pace. My only complaint is the same as most of these books from this time period; they end abruptly, not in a bad way, just in a way that makes you feel a tad unfulfilled.

We are just starting our collective decent into the Sport’s Abyss, the only shining exception being Men’s NCAA basketball, which is speeding headlong to its climax in March. I had the opportunity to watch some games this weekend, and although they were all blowouts, I did learn one thing contrary to ESPN’s belief; Kentucky is VERY beatable. Let’s face it Coach Calipari is not a good coach, hell I don’t think much of him as a human being, but as a coach he’s a great recruiter. Kentucky is this year’s Memphis; HUGE on NBA temperamental talent, low on basketball I.Q., poise, and teamwork. The likes of Kansas, Syracuse, Villanova will work them, and a number of other teams, they just don’t have what it takes, and that stems from their coach. I’m not going to go off at length on how the guy ruins every program he touches, how he avoids NCAA sanctions by switching schools, how his guys don’t graduate, how it turns out some of them can’t even pass the ACT to get into college, or how he’s a cheat, an ass, and a stain on Rick Pitino’s coaching tree, nope I’m going to leave that alone today, instead let me just tell you he’s a bad coach. Routinely he gets amazing recruiting classes, chock full o’ NBA talent, and yet he can never seem to mold them into anything other than an occasional Final Four appearance. He’s just like his players, an underachiever. I think it upsets me even more to see ESPN slobber all over the guy, always neglecting to talk about his graduation rate, or the two schools he’s left to get sanctions, or that abortion that was his coaching stint in the NBA, nope to guys like Dick Vitale he’s a “tremendous motivator” and “an elite coach”. Guy’s a waste of human space, it’s just sad that the gatekeepers of basketball are afraid to make it public. So it will do nothing but warm my heart when his team again melts down and the ‘fans’ in Kentucky crucify him. It’ll be even better when he leaves in five years with no titles and the school is under NCAA investigation and he’s off to ruin either another school or another NBA franchise.

For the life of me I can’t figure out how I hurt myself, but I’ll be damned if my shoulders and upper back aren’t killing me. My right shoulder currently isn’t in the socket correctly; it’s sort of hanging and grinding, while my left just hurts. I can’t, without serious concentration and effort raise my left arm over my head currently. To make it even more fun my upper back hurts, you know that hurt where when you breath it feels like someone is kicking you in the chest, yup that’s the one. So I’m surly, miserable, and tired. I tried real hard to sleep this weekend, but my upper torso is killing me. Tonight Cassandra has got to walk on my back I need it. Hopefully this will give me some relief.

All this being said since I don’t know when or if this will even get to the blog at this point I give unto thee


- F’ you snow. Seriously.
- Big ‘ups’ to Lee and F-i-L Dave for hanging out while the ‘women folk’ went to Ikea. Diamond Dave got up all our blinds and between the three of us we were able to put in the digital thermometer without burning down the house, all in all a successful mission!
- I need to get back to Fringe. It’s bothering me that I haven’t finished the first season.
- I lost some respect for one of the guys on That Metal Show this weekend when he dismissed Soundgarden as simply being ‘Sabbath Lite’, as well as lumping them in with the “Grundge Movement”. I take offense to this. Soundgarden was just as much Zepplin as it was Sabbath, and in it’s later albums become something else entirely. Of course this all comes from a guy who has lips firmly attached to the collective asses of 80’s Hairbands, so take it for what you will. On a side note they mentioned Soundgarden might get back together, a man can hope!
- I loves me some banana bread, I NEEDS me some banana bread.
- For D&D on Saturday I think I’m going to slow roast the gigantic pork loin. Slow and low in the indoor smoker for like 10 hours with a bit of a tasty rub. I’ll just tell everyone to bring some buns for pulled pork sandwiches.
- People watch NASCAR for the wrecks, and that’s ‘Merica.
- Casssandra loves her some Speed Skater thighs; BELIEVE IT!
- I’m literally dying to go home. Between the computer issues and the fact that it hurts to breath I want to go home, put on the heating pad, maybe some ice-e-hot, gun down some ibuprofen, and just hope that this thing finally stops. Maybe after the back standin’ I can finagle a rub down out of her.
- I heard The Wolfman sucks. This makes me sad.
- We watched some Olympics on Saturday night with the extended In-Law family; mainly the women’s moguls, men’s luge, & men’s short track speed skating. My questions would have to be what the hell possess a person to want to lie on their backs and reach speeds of 90 mph? As for moguls, I’m not sure how any of those people have knees left after that event. And it may ruin some of my ‘man cred’ to admit this but speed skating is just tits to watch; the speed, the impending disaster waiting in every pass and curve, and the strategy involved make it really entertaining. I’m still not “into” the Olympics, but after Saturday night I might watch a bit more than I originally planned.
- I’ve come to the conclusion that when we get a tad bit o’ weather people drive like idiots.
- The Preposterous Statement Tournament has begun on the Common Man show on KFAN from 12pm to 3pm. For those that don’t know, this is a tourney where the pick the top 64 preposterous statements from the last year, pit them against each other in a March Madness style tourney that they then go through for the next three weeks, & the fans vote on which one moves on. It’s really genius and quiet funny.

Well, it’s time to grit my teeth, put my nose the grindstone, & tough out this final stretch run…

“I’d rather have John David Booty at quarterback than Brett Farve.” *

* Actual Preposterous Statement contestant.

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