Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Quatermass Xperiment Vs. Quatermass & The Pit

Last night I was struggling to go to bed so I watched Quatermass & The Pit {known as Five Million Miles To Earth in the U.S.} (Infinite *’s out of 5). Let me just say that I’ve learned over time that great special effects do NOT make a great movie. The fact is if the story is solid, the acting above average, and the mood of the film superb you can circumvent poor special effects, THIS movie proves that point. The effects are bad, and they should be there from 1967, but they work, they work because the movie is just GOOD. I didn’t realize it, but the Hammer Films version I saw is a remake of an earlier version done by the BBC as a series. I had always been aware of the Quatermass films and show because the of tangent attachment to Doctor Who, but I had no idea just how good they were. I can hardly wait to see The Quatermass Xperiment & Quatermass 2.

I finally finished Brian Lumley’s anthology book Fruiting Bodies & Other Fungi (**** out of 5). This was more of what I was expecting in reading how Lumley was a worthy successor to Lovecraft. The tales were weird, had a vibe of dread in them, and best of all, NO illusions to the monsters of the Cthulhu Mythos being moustache-twirling villains. This gives me renewed hope for the remainder of Lumley books I have in the Dave’s BAG O’ BOOKS!

It’s funny, I’m so irritated by work right now that that’s all I’ve got, so I’m going to let you just have two smoking barrels of


- My left shoulder is F’N killing me. It’s effectively ruining my sleep, making my waking hours miserable, and forcing me to pop Ibuprofen much more often than I’d like. Stupid shoulders.
- Chicken wings tonight, WHA!
- Batman The Brave & The Bold on Cartoon Network’s second season has just been glorious, I’ve missed some episodes, but so far I’ve gotten the opportunity to enjoy; seeing Nightwing for the first time, Firestorm, the freakin’ Metal Men, and an Aquaman-centric episode that was sublime. This show may be aimed at kids, but unless your soulless it’s really for anyone who loves fun.
- Joe C. wrote an amazing blog today on Comics & FOX News, check it out here;
- I finally received my three minis from Red Box Games. The sculpts are fantastic, the minis are a tad on the small size, and are a pain to put together. All that being said I would give them my money again, quality product.
- Last time I checked two minutes late IS STILL LATE!
- Just when I think I’m out, THEY KEEP PULLIN’ ME BACK IN! Damn you Heroclix, DAMN YOU! The Blackest Night starter sculpts look amazing.
- FX’s Archer owns your asses.
- I have to admit, Marvel is sucking me in right now. I’ve already opined on how much I love the new “I Am An Avenger” ad, but they’ve followed it up with “I Am A Secret Avenger” ads for Brubacker’s Secret Avengers book. The best part is all the characters are simply in silhouette. On a side note the cover for the post SIEGE Thunderbolts, starring Luke Cage, came out and the premise by the unstoppable Jeff Parker has me VERY interested, & last but not least Mr. Parker & his Agents Of Atlas are getting a new book post SIEGE, simply entitle Atlas. Could Marvel finely be shaking out of their Joe Q./Bendis inspired dark funk?
- I miss reading comics.

* Sigh * I guess I should get back to’….

“I’ll take the case!”


  1. Thanks for the shout-out!

    I'm glad Marvel has you interested too. I love the teasers as well.

  2. I love getting shout out(s) when they are deserved, and your blog DESERVES IT!

    Did you see the sweet Aquaman "Brightest Day" teaser, it was P-I-M-P-!

  3. That was indeed awesome! And how about a 3rd Green Lantern book? I'm not even that much of a super-hero fan, but I think my pull list is going to grow substantially this spring.

  4. Did you see the Geoff Johns is now one of the sides of the DC Triangle of Authority with Didio (*sigh*) & Jim Friggin' Lee?!

    I agree there is just a crap ton of awesome coming out right now, it's a wonderful time to be a geek!

  5. I think you would do better with only short stories from that I know what you likes.

    I should borrow you The Nonesuch and's fantastic and short!

  6. I'll have to take you up on that. Although I am going to give Necroscope the ole' college try for you Dave, only for you...