Monday, April 26, 2010

War Of The Colossal Beasts Vs. Until The Light Takes Us

What a crazy long weekend. We escaped the ‘black hole’ early on Friday after busting our proverbial humps all week to run some errands, and then partake of the Godfather’s that evening with Dark Dave and Lightin’ Liz. I was able to print off the vast majority of what will be, not one but TWO Cave Works boards at Office Depot. The cost was cheap compared not just to every other printer, but cheap compared to what it costs me to print at home on the ink-sucking monstrosity that is my HP printer.

Sure the NFL draft sapped a lot of my time, Thursday night, Friday night, and even some of Saturday, but I wasn’t as captivated by it as I had been in the past. I think that Todd McShay’s constant fighting with ‘The Hairpiece’ that is Mel Kiper kills some of my enjoyment, not to mention Steve Young’s case of verbal diarrhea. ESPN’s coverage was just ‘meh’ at best. I did think the Chiefs had a good little draft to accompany a great free agent offseason. I also think that the Vikings had a decent draft, the thing is almost EVERYONE in the NFC North got better, well the Bears sorta got better. I’ll be much more intrigued to see how this draft shakes out in the long term, I mean for all I or anyone else prognosticating knows Eric Berry could be the next Glen Dorsey.

* Sigh *, one can hope the end result is different. I mean it’s the offseason Hope springs eternal.

Saturday we were in “The Cloud” with the in-laws to celebrate Char’s ‘dirty 30’. The food was good, as always, but man was there a serious vibe of lethargy in the air. It seemed as if everyone just wanted to take a nap, all day long, everyone that is except Sean and Maddy. Those two literally were hell on wheels, and HI-larious to watch. Sean is such a little person now; he has conversations, he makes decisions (good and bad), and he wants to be involved. It’s amazing to have watched this happen, to watch him literally grow up and feel like no time has passed. In addition Maddy is right behind him in everything. She’s talking, although I’m not always sure I know what the hell she’s talking about, she’s got her own idea on what she wants to do, and she’s got a little sense of humor on her. It’s crazy to think that they’ve grown so much in such a short amount of time. Amazing.

Sunday we took the time to finally sit down and spend some quality time with the new season of Doctor Who (Season 5 Episodes 1-4: **** ½ out of 5), and thus far it hasn’t disappointed. Matt Smith, the new Doctor, is a nice mix of Eccleston’s brooding, the absent-minded goof of Tom Baker, & the unbridled, wide-eyed crazy that was David Tennant. While the first two episodes, The 11th Hour & The Beast Below, were good they quickly paled before the might of Victory Of The Daleks & the first part of the creepy The Time Of Angels. I wasn’t worried about Steven Moffet taking the show over from Russell T. Davies, but I was worried about Matt Smith becoming the new doctor, and of course the new companion. My worries have been stamped out, or “EXTERMINAT”ed. I’m so glad the good Doctor is back on.

I finally finished a couple of things this weekend as well. I finished watching the Black Metal documentary Until The Light Takes Us (*** ½ out of 5). It’s fascinating all the craziness, murder, and arson that occurred in the 1990’s. I know I’ve already went over it in another blog, but it really is exceptionally interesting and worth checking out. I also was able to finish Robert E. Howard’s Ghor Kin-Slayer (**** out of 5). For those that don’t know this is the tale that Howard sort of started that the publisher who picked up the rights, Necronomicon press, had a lot of famous author’s contribute a chapter a piece in Howard’s style. It starts with some basic Howard tropes, but quickly veers into uncharted territory referencing other Howard characters, time periods, before folding itself directly into the warm, snuggly arms of the Cthulhu Mythos. It’s a solid read, and the way they pulled it all together is pretty damn cool.

How about some


- I love when people can’t get out of their own way and take a situation that is working just fine and trample all over it for no good reason. It makes NO sense, and all it serves to do is undermine your authority and make you look misinformed. It’s a wonder anything ever gets done. Ever.
- Man, I need to cut my mane; seriously my hair is crazy thick.
- The Cave Works stuff just got printed off, and yet I already have like half of it cut out and ready. Now I just need to force Cassandra to get to gluin’.

You know I’m so irritated I can’t even think of anything to type right now. Back at it I suppose…

“If I don’t get my stapler, I’m going to burn the building down…”

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