Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Meatballs Vs. One Crazy Summer

* - By the by, even though I'm irritated beyond all belief with Marvel Comics right now, especially with Guardians Of The Galaxy & Nova going on hiatus, this 'Shadowlands' thing looks B. Friggin' A.!

Holy crap when awesomeness comes a knockin’, SON you gotta answer that door. And thus Awesome has knocked and I have answered. Due to the mystical might that is Chris Sims & both his Invincible Super-Blog & his podcast War Rocket Ajax I have stumbled upon an absolutely hilarious internet comic strip; Let’s Be Friends Again (Infinite *’s out of 5). Go here and enjoy;
I recommend starting from the beginning. And again I seriously canNOT recommend this enough.

Last night we were flippin’ channels after Dave left, and no I don’t ‘need’ to see or talk to him everyday, but I do like it, and we ran across another excellent documentary. And no Dave it wasn’t another episode of DVR’d Pornocopia, it was another ESPN 30 In 30 documentary entitled Run Ricky Run (***** out of 5). It was about the rise, fall, & rise of Ricky Williams, and it was absolutely fascinating. To watch a guy who you think has everything deal with deep profound pain due to mental illness and childhood abuse crash and burn so drastically. The cycle of isolation, substance abuse, and almost manic behavior really marred what seemed to be a promising young man. The most incredible part was watching him come full circle and get his life, his past, and his personal philosophy all inline so he could become a happy individual. Like I said phenomenal documentary about a misunderstood public figure.

I know there was other things I wanted to blog about, but for the life of me I can’t remember them, oh well we’ll always have


- I showed Dave the prints of Cave Works that I’m working on, he was blown away, I could see it in his eyes. Either that or it was a tear because he finally realized my Geek had eclipsed his.
- Sunflower seeds. They divide people. If you’re not down with the Sunflower seeds then we are E-N-E-M-I-E-S.
- By the by Pornocopia is a documentary series from HBO about the Adult Entertainment industry, and it is very interesting. Oh and it has boobs.
- It’s getting to be mowing time again, but I think I’m going to wait for the rain to pass through, that’s right I’m lazy as HELL, before getting after it. Hopefully that will continue to give my lawn that rich, lush look. IF the ‘sprouties’ don’t drive me nuts first.
- Those who do not make a stand DO in fact make a stand. They stand for nothing.
- I’m currently obsessed with listening to either Mitch Hedberg comedy albums or the music of The Sword, a stoner metal band that specializes in power metal lyrics. Either way I WIN!
- Speaking of listening to stuff I also just finished listening to the audio book of Warhammer: Felix & Gotrek in Slayer Of The Storm God (***** out of 5). I’m sure if I was to read this work I’d be sort of “meh” on it, but hearing someone read it, someone who is REALLY into it; doing voices, sound effects, and layered over a good soundtrack makes this whole thing ‘POP’. It also makes me wish we’d get off our collective asses and get to doing our Radio Drama group. Especially since the Dave R. Writing Circle has become stalled.
- I really love(s) me some boobs. Just thought you should know.
- I’m in one of those, “man I’m hungry for something but I can’t put my finger on what it is…” moods. It’s frustrating.
- What do folks think of all the extras on my blog? Oh that’s right no one reads this…
- Is it sad that while catching the coverage about Tito Ortiz possibly roughing up mattress actress and mother of his children Jenna Jameson all I could think of is, “…man she looks HORRIBLE…” & “…he could do better…”?

And on that note of insane shallowness I’m OUT!

“So many men have fallen
So many more must die
Cut down like wheat beneath a scythe
And though our limbs may weary
Of ripping, slashing, cleaving blows
We face an endless host of foes

How heavy this axe
Burden carried from birth
Wrought in stygian visions
By the gods of the earth

Upon the hallowed mountain
The gods convene
To mourn the death of our ancient queen
Keepers of sacred fire
Awaken from your sleep
Drink from the cup of memory

How heavy this axe
Burden carried from birth
Wrought in stygian visions
By the gods of the earth”

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