Monday, April 5, 2010

Temple Grandin Vs. Machete

I’m back. After a week plus of being sick, heck I’m still sick, I’m finally back in front of a computer long enough to blog. Oh have no fear this will be short as I’m tired, strugglin’ and busy. I’ve watched and read quiet a bit of stuff the last week plus, but I just don’t feel to down to review anything. That being said, thank you to David for getting me the following; R.E.H. 2nd Collected Conan book (***** out of 5), Solomon Kane (INFINITE ’s out of), and the Bran Mak Morn (***** out of 5, “Worms Of The Earth” is AMAZING!), they were all spectacular, and in hard cover no less.

I’m so tired all you get is


- If you have HBO and get a chance watch Temple Grandin (**** out of 5 Stars) you won’t be disappointed.
- We need to rake the yard it’s full of dead leaves.
- Cassandra painted the bathroom & it looks really nice. It’s very relaxing.
- BINGO is Saturday, and I can only hope it lives up to the hype.
- Easter was pretty kick ass as watching the kids hunt for eggs is always entertaining. Oh and watching them while being slogged on cough medicine is glorious.
- We have the new ‘puter tower, it gets hooked up TONIGHT! I’m excited about having a functional computer again.
- I’ve been painting my ass off! I just need to do some touch up work on the Romans, finish hair, belts, and weapons on almost everyone else, then it’s on to Cassandra for finishing work. I seriously have like 60 minis in mid process it’s CRAZY!
- I sincerely hope that Butler routes Duke tonight. I hate Duke, I really really do.
- Thank goodness for YOUTube, where else would I get to see ‘Cheeseburger Josh’ get the crap beat out of him by a Jesus look-a-like on the floor of a Whataburger?
- Good luck to Donovan McNabb, I hope he makes the Eagles’ miserable for the remainder of his career.

And with that I’m back at it…

“Once more into the breach my friends…”

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