Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fool’s Rush In Vs. The Hard Way

I have to admit, Cassandra and I are completely wrapped up in True Blood Season 2. And Dave if that makes me a ‘thirteen year old girl’ just like your wife then SO BE IT! It’s good stuff, and I’m enjoying it immensely. If you haven’t taken the time to watch it, do so you won’t be disappointed.

I was extremely intrigued with Marvel’s upcoming street-level event Shadowlandinvolving the repercussions of Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil, taking control of the The Hand, a group of mystical ninjas that have been his enemies for a LONG time. He took control in hopes of wielding them as a weapon for ‘good’ while also realizing that with the Marvel Universe under the throes of Norman Osborne’s, aka the Green Goblin, Dark Reign’ safety would be in numbers. Now that there is this supposed “Heroic Age” Daredevil might have to pay for his ‘sins’ of taking over a notorious group of murderers and declaring New York’s Hell’s Kitchen ‘off limits’. I was excited because this promised to use liberally characters like Shang Chi, Ghost Rider, Moon Knight, The Shroud, Misty Knight, Paladin, so on and so forth, BUT Marvel has done what it is that Marvel does and killed this. They’ve gone from one miniseries to like 5 miniseries and a gaggle of one-shot tie-ins. Which is what they bitch about DC doing all the time. I want to like this series, I REALLY do. Hell I want to like World War Hulks, mainly because Greg Pak writes a MEAN Hulk series, but again when you layer and heap miniseries upon miniseries upon one-shots it really contributes to “Event Fatigue”. Why can’t they just use the Keith Giffen Annihilation model; one main 6-issue miniseries, and four self-contained, but important 4-issue mini-series? That system works, it doesn’t cripple the wallets of your buyers, it doesn’t feel like a shameless cash grab, and doesn’t make you hypocrites. In fact I’m actually still really pumped about The Thanos Imperative, which apparently will tie up this whole Cancerverse/Cthuluverse story for the cosmic heroes of the Marvel Universe. Now my only complaint here is WHY did you have to cancel, or as you put it put them on 'hiatus', two EXCELLENT on-going series to tell this story? This seems like the opposite of the normal event model you employ Marvel. This I think is my real problem with Marvel; it’s run by the Twitter generation. A bunch of self-important, self-aggrandizing douches that change direction with the ebb and flow of the masses. I want my comics to be told by storytellers not the dictates of the masses of fanboys living in mom’s basement. If these ‘basement boys’ were such great minds or storytellers THEY’D be telling the stories for a living.

And before I get accused of hating exclusively on Marvel, I’m irritated with DC about certain decisions as well; death of Ryan Choi, Osiris coming back only to be a villain, Lian Harper being killed, the cancelling of The Web & The Shield which were GREAT books, Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palimonti being off Power Girl, Geoff Johns NOT writing The Legion Of Superheroes, and the direction of JSA. It’s not even that I think I’d do a better job, I just expect more from such talented people.

Sorry for the comic rant.

Since you set through that I suppose you deserve some


- IDW is putting out a D&D comic and I’m actually sort of excited about it. It’s got a decent writer in John Rogers and I LOVE Andrea Di Vito’s art, especially during Marvel’s Annihilation series a couple years back. This could be very good.
- Andre Johnson’s cash grab/hold out should piss me off, but it doesn’t. Dude deserves to get paid, and the Texans should do so. You KNOW if he were underperforming they’d tear that contract up first chance they got, OR just release him. Even though I’m irritated about some of the things the NFL Player’s Union does and stands for I must say that when it comes to guaranteed contracts I support them 100%.
- Horus Heresy tonight at Dave’s!
- I’m officially freezing in my office. Which is sad because yesterday I felt as if I was stewing in my own juices.
- My Monsterpocalypse pieces started showing up yesterday and I for one am in the mood to play a game where stabbing someone with the Chrysler Building is a DISTINCT POSSIBILITY!
- We had corndogs for dinner last night, and it was magical.
- Big Gaming Weekend is fast approaching and I’ve yet to decide just where the group will first foray into the dreaded Chaos Scar, BUT I’m leaning towards the adventure “Stick In The Mud”. It has one of my all time favorite goofy monsters in it as the main antagonists; Bullywugs!
- I really am a bad speller.
- Allow me to suggest Queens Of The Stone Age’s album “Songs For The Deaf(**** ½ out of 5) as an excellent commuting music choice.
- So there is a sequel to 1982’s Sword & Sorcery coming out called Tales Of An Ancient Empire, and no I don’t get why you do a sequel to movie that is almost thirty either, BUT hey I’m a sucker for swords and wizards. Oh and it has Kevin Sorbo in it who owes the collective world something after he contaminated the Kull movie making a sequel toxic for the next, well 28 years. Remember kids it’s a “Red Band Trailer” so it’s not exactly Work Safe. Check it:

TALES OF AN ANCIENT EMPIRE - RED BAND TRAILER - HD version from Albert Pyun on Vimeo.

- I just want to pimp a movie that just came out on Blue Ray, Outlander (***** out of 5). I know I’ve gushed about it before, but it’s basically Space Jesus, Jim Caviezel, battling a sentient monster during Viking times, oh and Ron Pearlman is THE BALLZ in it.
- I’m officially on a mission to raid Uncle Hugo’s of ALL of the Lonewolf books, just so I can read them simultaneously with Dave and relive my childhood. Surprised? I thought not.
- I really want to see Frankenstein fight Godzilla. Just throwin’ it out there.
- I’ve to track down the Defenders Of The Earth cartoon. I had forgotten that it was basically a cartoon about a pulp character’s version of the Justice League.
- By the way Doc Savage OWNS!

Well I suppose…

Dead bull with the life from the low
I’ll be massive conquistador
Give me soul and show me the door
Metal heavy, soft at the core
Gimme toro, gimme some more

Pressurize, neutralize
Deep fried, gimme some more

Space flunky, four on the floor
Fortified with the liqour store
This one's down, gimme some more
Gimme toro, gimme some more

Shrunken head I love to adore
B-movie, gimme some gore
Gimme toro, gimme some more
B-movie, gimme some gore

Gimme toro, gimme some more


  1. You don't read Lone Wolf...you play Lone Wolf...you Live Lone Wolf!



    Come July I'll make that trip to Uncle Hugo's and throwdown that fat stack of cash so I TOO can LIVE LONE WOLF!