Friday, June 11, 2010

The Secret Of My Success Vs. Autism The Musical

* Zombie are 'Serious Business'...

I don’t have a lot today, but I don’t want to disappoint Dave, who last night expressed his undying addiction to this particular blog. I know, I know Dave it’s nigh impossible to stare directly into the madness that is this blog and remain unchanged. I like to think of myself and this blog as a modern day “The King In Yellow”.

So last night we played two board games; Condottiere (**** out of 5) and Guillotine (**** out of 5). Both were FANTASTIC! Condottiere is a bidding game, played on a tiny board, and it plays F-A-S-T-! It’s a fun little game that I look forward to playing again. Guillotine is a Wizards of the Coast game where you’re executing French nobles. So it sounds sort of messed up, but it’s really, really fun. It’s built around screwing your neighbors, which as we all know is the best type of game. It again plays very fast, it’s a simple learning curve, and best of all was enjoyable. I do so love when we play these quick games, it makes the night feel very productive.

This one is short, it’s…


- Did you know that cats could drive you crazy because of a parasite they have in their feces that messes up the neurotransmitters in your brain? This might be why I’m a dog person.
- F’ YOU ENGLAND! Now I’m not a big soccer guy, but I hope we whup that dentally challenged ass. First you screw up our coast with your oil & THEN you burn our flag, it's no wonder people riot before, after, & during this sport.
- By the by, I don’t really care about England.
- OR soccer.
- It’s sad but as I get ready to post this I realize just how much The Powertrip Morning Show has formed almost this entire blog this morning…
- Show of hands; Who even gives a crap about baseball? I thought so…
- I love how Arizona is not JUST worried about an invasion from Mexico, but now they are concerned with Human/Animal genetic hybrids. Worried enough to pass a law. Oh Arizona.
- Raining + Meat – My Grill = Unhappiness. It’s “Teh Math(s)”, you can check my work…
- October can’t get here fast enough, I mean did you see that kick ass zombie picture at the top of the Blog? AWESOME SAUCE! Frank Darabont's version of the Walking Dead on AMC WILL RULE YOU!

“I pooped my pants, I ate to much corn…”

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