Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Piranha Vs. Gorgo

* = Yup, that's what yesterday looked like...

A shark invaded fresh water in Jersey yesterday. It had its opportunity to eat members of the cast of Jersey Shore, but alas they escaped. There is no justice in the world. Speaking of no justice & no peace, I had my ‘chat’ yesterday, and yes Interweb(s) it did pretty much suck as much as I thought it would. Actually it wasn’t that bad, although I was forced to admit that in response to being called unprofessional I did something unprofessional. I hate being wrong, more than that I hate proving someone else who was originally wrong, right by doing something petty and dumb. I don’t mind owning my mistakes, and apologizing, but it really sucked yesterday doing that and then having the other person “hem & haw” and justify a piss poor apology in response.

So I had to eat a big steaming bowl of crow yesterday. So much crow in fact that I’m full. Then my car went to shit on the way home. Steve McQueen, my car, has been the model of awesomeness since I purchased it. So to have it do whatever it is it’s doing while we’re just getting Cassandra’s car back up and running really is just pee icing on the shit cake. Oh and did I mention we just dropped like a grand on furniture for the basement. It’s as if whenever we get ahead something happens to remind us that we’ll NEVER get ahead. Somewhere I feel like there is someone watching my life and enjoying whenever I’m miserable. If so they had an F’N party yesterday. My body was broke down yesterday as well, as my right knee was excruciatingly painful, then I had a wonderful seizure this morning. I feel like cold diarrhea in a Dixie cup.

To top of my crap day yesterday I was prepped to cook up two big ole’ flank steaks, which had been marinating since Sunday, on the little grill. The oppressive humidity made it hard to light my grill starter; in fact it took two runs with paper to get it going. I went easy on the charcoal since it’s such a small grill and I was only cooking two things. Well I went to small and couldn’t get the heat up very high. I put the steaks down and they weren’t getting done. Anyone whose cooked flank steaks knows you want a quick VERY hot cooking process as the meat can be excessively tough and has little fat. So when I wasn’t getting that I panicked. I went out and grabbed a handful of grilling wood chips, pulled the grill and covered my coals. I put the steaks back down, covered, and let the smoking begin. About 20 minutes later we pulled them and gave them about 5 minutes under the broiler. I thought they would be crap. OH how wrong I was. I basically made flank steak into Mexican brisket. C-R-A-Z-Y-! The smoke ring was there, it was still medium rare in the middle, it pulled about, it was tender, and best of all it tasted amazing. It really was one of the best things I’ve cooked in awhile. It was nice to have at least one crappy thing yesterday turn out good.

All that being said, I’m here. The cars will get fixed, we’ll get a little more debt, we have a plan in place to pay off that furniture in record time, and my knee doesn’t hurt as bad this morning. Best part is after yesterday’s ‘chat’, which in reality was fun, & apology, which was not, I feel better. I’m more relaxed, I know where I stand with some folks and overall it’s given me some clarity. Maybe it’s time to spread my wings a bit, I think all this fiasco served to do was give me some motivation to go out and find better. So I’m going to look, see what’s to be seen, and go from there.

OR we’ll win the lottery and I’ll build a fortress and withdraw completely from humanity, either way I’m good.


- I can’t stress enough how much fun Werewolves Of Millers Hollow was. Whether it was myself, Dave, Terry, or Steve as the moderator we all were able to bring the game to a level where everyone was into it. I’m intrigued to play this with other people and see if maybe I’m a better Werewolf than Saturday would lead one to believe.
- Lawrence Fishburne’s daughter is doing porn. Start the suicide watch.
- D&D Saturday. I’m ready, I have everything printed and it should run smoothly. We’ll see if the Random Encounter Table bones the players like last time. I think I’m going to bust out some buildings this time.
- Speaking of D&D, Castle Ravenloft comes out in like two weeks. I’m really excited, STILL!
- My friend Stephen has moved his Lestrygonians cartoon strip to his blog;
o http://stephengilpin.blogspot.com/
It is well worth checking out not just for his wicked sense of humor, but the gorgeous art. He truly is insane. Insanely talented that is.
- I’m not sure there is much better in the world than Cheesy Jalapeno Puffcorn. Seriously.
- Now that football has started, I’m dying for the games to begin. I’m really intrigued by the Chiefs this year I think they could make major strides. Maybe in a couple weeks I’ll make my patented “Picks Bound To Go Wrong” selections for the season.
- Brett Farve just said he’s not coming back. Somehow I think all this really means is “LET THE GAMES BEGIN!”- I know I mentioned the furniture for the basement earlier, let me just say it is PIMP! As soon as we get a T.V. down there it’s going to be THE place to watch some football, relax, and stay cool. I’m very excited about finishing the basement next year and moving on to other things.
- The Dark Dave Writing Circle started up again the other day; I’ve already made my first addition. As of right now I’m not as into it as I was the first story, but I’m sure as we go I’ll get more and more invested. It’s such a fun and challenging exercise.

Back to the grind…

“Not yet. But I will find it and when I do, there will be no mercy. In the mean time, you two can stand here and quibble over his decision. Run into that church and kill them all. I no longer care.”


  1. I was waiting with bated breath, lik Gil Hicks in Mallrats, just about to ask "well, did he come, or what?" good to hear you didn't get shit-canned. we all gotta eat our words once in a while. What happened to Stee Mcquee? Maybe we can fixes him? I have tools! Also, Duluth was shweet. No old world, tho. Just not enough time to get to everything we wanted to do. Next time we'll be better prepared.

  2. I didn't so much have to eat words just apologize. I basically walked out of a meeting mainly because I was pissed that about a week earlier someone had sent out an e-mail calling me unprofessional, and then went around the office rumor mongering, getting other "follower" types to buy into that nonesense, and in then avoiding me. So I did a "I'll fix her", and left her high and dry in a meeting. Not my most mature moment.
    Anyways I apologized since it was the right thing to do. I don't think I was in any real danger of being canned, but I would almost have perferred that to the "I'm very disappointed in you" lecture and apologizing. Either way it was a good thing in the long run.
    I'm not sure with Steve McQueen yet, we're taking him in tonight. He's sort of sputtering and stalling. I'm thinking battery, alternator, OR spark plugs. AND I need an oil change.
    Yes, yes you do...
    Yeah I saw on "Teh Facebook(Z)" how much guys packed in, most impressive...