Friday, October 1, 2010

Learn It, Love It, LIVE BY IT!

* = Alan Moore is displeased with you…

It’s Friday so it’s time to get your LEARN ON!


I heard this originally on the PowerTrip morning show on Kfan & was disturbed by how incredibly it sounded. It really is unusually serene.


3-0! Are you kidding me? I can’t get over it. I’m shocked. All that being said I’m insanely excited. I said in my football predictions blog that I felt K.C. was two years away from being a factor, BUT if the defense continues to play like it has and the offense finds a rhythm then they could win the West, and that would be GLORIOUS!


I know I’ve put this on before but the more I think about it, and the price is right, the more this could serve to scratch that Sci-Fi itch I sometimes have. Oh and it could serve as a catalyst to bizarre D&D game I have floating in my head with a Slough Feg soundtrack. That’s right, that’s just how my brain rolls.


Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie crafted a very tight little set of tales about the beauty, majesty, and magic of music. I can’t really do this comic justice as to what it’s about beyond the music but it’s fantastic. So seek it out.


- Tonight is BENTOBERFEST! I’m tired, I’m trying hard to just get through the day, and yet, AND YET I can’t wait to hang out tonight, have a few beers, eat some sausage, and see my friends.
- Dark Sun is still a possibility mainly due to both Brom’s old work:

- And the new stuff WotC is pumping out:

And with that I’m out of here!

“When I pray, and sometimes I do, I pray to myself. I pray that I can pull myself through. And if I’m lucky, I answer myself.”

* = To kill the Dragonborn or not?

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