Monday, October 18, 2010

Spy Games Vs. War Games

* = Now I'm interested in the comic, usually it's the other way around...

Jamar from Brooklyn Park is on KFAN running his mouth about the Cowboys getting beat yesterday by the Vikings. He has no points, he’s angry, it’s just embarrassing, and in fact I’m still not sure why Paul Allen takes his calls. Dallas is done. They are a great team coached by a buffoon, run by a demagogue, and they are soft at key positions. In fact I agree with Roy Williams, words I never thought I’d utter, they, being the Cowboys, have a top five offense & a top five defense, and yet they are 1 & 4, how does that happen? They play in a tough division with the Giants, the Eagles, & the Redskins all being a difficult ‘out’. Don’t get me wrong the offense was not great, it was barely good, but it was good enough compared to a Cowboys offense that is LOADED for bear, except for the offensive line & a quarterback who looks shell-shocked. The Vikings defense looked decent. In fact overall the Vikings looked mediocre but still won, & that is a good thing. When you can beat a good team, and talent wise the Cowboys are a great team, it’s a stepping-stone to getting your house in order.

Speaking of crazy, did anyone else see the Chiefs get J-O-B-B-E-D by the officials in Houston? That was one of the worst pass interference calls in the history of sports since the beginning of all time(s)! The Chiefs are young they’ll grow from this, but it’s a damn shame that they had to lose on the flags of the refs. The only consolation is that everyone else in the AFC West lost as well. The Chargers are terrible losing to the Rams, and the Raiders are the Raiders. I have respect at least for the Broncos for hanging in with a Jets team that got every call. I still stick by my preseason prediction Vikings Vs. Ravens in the Super Bowl.

I’ll leave my football rant there, since I know a lot of you don’t care. What am I talking about no one reads this so none of you care.

There was a D&D mutiny on Saturday. Meaning that the group, all three of them, decided that they were to tired, not interested, &/or it was to late to get the game going after watching the new Avengers cartoon until 7pm. I can’t say I blame them or that I’m mad at them, but I was slightly irritated. Prepping for D&D took up my entire Saturday morning, 8am to 1pm. Getting a good group of people together was a challenge, keeping them together has been virtually impossible. I feel like I’m losing my group. Maybe I am.

On a side note I find it incredibly interesting that no matter how much we feel we know someone or understand something the reality is we don’t. There is no equity built in relationships. I can be a hero to one person and a villain to another, and those two folks can be standing in the same room at the same time and come to that conclusion based upon one statement I’ve made. Perception is reality and it is maddening. I think I feel this way, because I do try desperately to try and see the many fractured fragments of reality. I want to understand why others feel what they do, why they think the way they do, and I want to be able to craft myself into something & someone better, not just someone more bitter.

I was lucky enough to catch two new flicks here recently, here’s a rundown;
- Monsters (*** out of 5) – This is an interesting little sci-fi allegory flick regarding immigration, class subjugation, and environmental balance. The movie has some interesting looking beasties, very Black Goat With A Thousand Young

looking, but they weren’t in the flick that long. There was a bit of the Cloverfield (*** out of 5) thing going on throughout. I also thought the flick was hurt by the two very drab leads. There was zero chemistry, which hurts a movie that is trying to build atmosphere. Not a bad sci-fi flick, very ambitious, but it just missed on to many marks to be great.
- Red (**** out of 5) – I was set to dislike this movie, as it’s what we watched, along with The League, instead of rolling 20’s. I was wrong, Dave was right. He is handsome I am not, he is good looking, I’m a troll, so on and so forth. I know this based upon a Warren Ellis & Cully Hammer comic, and according to Dave it strayed from that work, but it kept the ‘vibe’. This isn’t an overly smart flick, but damn it’s fun. Its go moments of darkness, of laugh out loud humor, ultra violence, and its cast just brings what would normally be a “meh” flick into a movie I’m interested in watching again. Good stuff!

How ‘bout I give you some


- We hit up Al Bakers on Friday and it was delicious. VIVA WINGS!- So even though D&D was pushed aside, I really put together some interesting stuff encounter wise for the Gladiatorial Games that the players have been forced into. I have three words for you; Orcs On Dinosaurs!
- For those that are going to play in the exponentially growing Marvel SAGA Campaign starting in December here are a few teasers;
o WHO is the Paradocracy?
o WHAT is the New World Society?
o WHEN was the last time anyone checked on Zarko, The Tomorrow Man?
o WHERE does the Portal go?
- I’m over two thirds of the way through The Blackheart’s Omnibus and it’s been surprisingly good. In fact it’s just getting better and better. I look forward to finishing it this week. Then the real test begins, finding the 1st Felix & Gotrek Omnibus so I can start that Omnibus trilogy.
- Wed. the Avengers cartoon starts up on some Disney cartoon channel and I am beyond excited. I’m even more pumped after hearing from Mighty Mike that he heard Batman: Brave & The Bold is getting ended after this season which is a tragedy. I can only hope against hope that he’s wrong. If Avengers can continue to be as good as the mini-episodes (Infinite *’s out of 5!) were then I’m sold. This along with the promise Young Justice has shown leave me really interested in two team super hero cartoons.
- Sad to say, but there are two Hammer Mummy flicks sitting on the DVR right now that I need to get to. I’m sorry Hammer.
- It sounds as if the Movie-A-Thon in November will be “EVIL BABIES”!
Smell that tang in the air boys and girls? That’s apathy…

“Sesqua Valley's singing out my name
I'll pass on that if it's all the same
She's one of the Million Favoured Ones
She's the Black Goat with a Thousand Young

She's the six-gun Gorgon dynamo
She's primed up and all Geronimo
Start that meteoric neutron hail
Nine point million on the Richter scale

If you want Nirvanimetric bliss
Help me break my amniotic shell
Damn this blasted bifid barb of Hell

Shake the paw of Mighty Metraton
Cutting corners to oblivion
All the Hyperspatial seams are sealed
Thanks to me and my disruption field

Sesqua Valley's singing out my name
I'll pass on that if its all the same
She's one of the Million Favoured Ones
She's the Black Goat with a Thousand Young

She's the six-gun Gorgon dynamo
Inbetween the spaces that we know
Taking seriously what it said
Let it go or you might end up dead”

* = This MIGHT be what the Marvel SAGA Campaign Characters have to look forward OR back to...

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