Monday, January 24, 2011

Manhunt In Space Vs. The A-Team

* = In a future ruled by Kang lounging will not be optional...

The basement got painted this weekend. I didn’t help whatsoever. I don’t paint it’s just a reality. Cassandra and her parents rocked out the hallway and downstairs ‘living room’, that means that when the wall thingy for the flat screen gets here the downstairs will be suitable for Movie-A-Thons. It will also make it an excellent place for some gaming.

Now while I was of absolutely NO assistance in the painting I did make the dinner. We went with the crock-pot turkey sandwiches which are always fantastic, I spruced up some baked beans, and the coup de tat was the homemade mac n’ cheese. I have made it in the past, but usually with a béchamel sauce, this time we used a different route. It was good but the addition of bacon, some spicy sausage, and breadcrumbs on top pushed it into awesome level.

Sunday we watched the newest episode of the Avengers, it was the third part of the “Kang trilogy”. It was pretty damn good, but the cameo by Reed Richards, H.E.R.B.I.E., and the HEAVY Ultron foreshadowing really sealed the deal for me. Every time I feel the show has peeked it surprises me. I have no idea where it’s headed, and with no preview for next week I just have to chomp at the bit in anticipation. Finally Cartoon Network showed a new episode of Young Justice. I have to admit the animation is not as good as the two-part pilot. It’s not bad, it’s just not as smooth or hyper kinetic. I was also a tad disappointed with the characterization. Aqualad was very minimized, Miss Martian is a little too cutesy, and as much as I like Superboy he’s just too angry about everything. I have to give credit though, I’m “loving” me some Robin & Kid Flash. I want to love this show, but right now it’s taken a huge step backward. I would have to say Avengers is the better show currently. Do not despair DC fans. This Friday the team tries to stop a Venom drug war between Bane & agents of Kobra! That just sounds utterly and completely fantastic.

This Saturday is the second issue of the Twin Cities Marvel SAGA Campaign, and no I can’t give it a longer name. I hope to resolve a couple threads from the first session;
- Where did Crossfire get off to?
- Are the heroes employable? And if so whose cash will they take?
- Space Zeppelin exploration, yeah or nay?
- Will Momentum Man accept the race with Runnin’ Reb?
- Will Haven lose his job?
- How far will Agent Orange go to stay ‘together’?
- WHO are the new guys?
I haven’t been posting all the ‘teasers’ here on the blog lately, but if there is a call for it I’ll just repost them all in one massive post.

In other gaming related crap Dave and I tried to play the old school version of Horus Heresy (** out of 5) on Sunday. What an infuriating little game. It took two hours to set up and after one turn we both agreed that we’d had enough. It just wasn’t fun and the rules were so light that we had to many questions to really proceed without making a ton of house rulings. I was mightly disappointed as this was a game I’d heard a lot about and had high expectations for. I’m intrigued by the new version of it, and if I had $60.00 I’d pick it up, maybe in a few months, as it certainly has to be better than the old one. We used Odin’s Ravens (***** out of 5) as a gaming palate cleanser and I was able to defeat Dave in a close three-turn race. If you have a short time to play a game you just can’t go wrong. It’s short, fun, quick playing, and really easy.



- I hate when real life cuts into my ‘time’.
- My plan is to play DCU Online at least twice a week; tonight I might sneak down and play for a bit while the lovely wife paints the trim, and no Dave that wasn’t a sexual reference.
- Wanna wrestle?
- Speaking of Dave he was kind enough to bring over the newest Fairly Secret Army song on Saturday entitled “Next Song”. As wonderful as “Fairly Secret Attack”, the first song is, “Next Song” is insanely catchy. This project is shaping up to be eclectic and groovy in a way I was neither anticipating or was fully prepared for and that is awesome.
- I’m hungry for something, I just can’t figure out what it is exactly.
- Cassandra’s quarterly D&D group is shaping up. Anthony “White Box SON” J., Mighty Mike, & Work Joe are in. Heidi, Mary, & Christina are all potentially in. And I’m trying to finagle a Co-DM. I think we’ll be picking up on the Known World setting from the previous campaign like 100 years after the Old Group. It’s sad though that I sent out so many e-mails asking if folks were interested and received so few responses. Oh and Ant I forgot to ask, but would Charlene also like to play? I’m sure she’d laugh at us and say “No”, but it never hurts to try.
- Sean’s Chili for Marvel SAGA this weekend! I’m looking forward to making this.

It’s that time again…

“We've crossed the burning wastelands
Sought out forgotten tombs
Within this shattered planet
Beneath a broken moon
We live amongst the ruins
Where cities once did rise
From graves of fallen nations
Watch hollow eyes

In our time we have seen
Untold pain and suffering

Our legends tell of weapons
Wielded by kings of old
Crafted by evil wizards
Unholy to behold
We seek the fire lances
That slew the ancient race
The world where they were masters
Now lays in waste

In your time you shall see
Endless death and misery
Invoke myth and prophecy
All you know shall cease to be”

* = Isn't it a shame will never see this?

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