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The Assembled Marvel SAGA Teasers

Here it is as I threatened, ALL the current Marvel SAGA notes...

MARVEL SAGA Notes as of 2/1/11

Real Name: Victor Vernon
Birthplace: Truth or Consequences, NM
Known Allies: Jonathan Vernon (father, deceased), Patricia Vernon (mother, deceased), Laura Lynch (occasional love interest), Rick Jones (AKA Bucky, AKA Captain Marvel, AKA Hulk, AKA A-Bomb, best friend), Lanh Long (AKA Miss Saigon, occasional partner and love interest), Dr. Robert Bruce Banner (AKA Hulk, friend and ally), Professor Harold Hunter (“creator” and friend)
Known Enemies: Gunther Grauss (AKA Dr. Hemorrhage), AIM, Hydra, Quan Chien (AKA Major Tet), MODOK, Emil Blonsky (AKA Abomination)
Group Affiliation: Defenders (former member), Teen Brigade (former member)
First Appearance: Tales to Awe #69 (Dec. 1969)
Biography: Victor Vernon spent an idyllic childhood growing up in the mesas of New Mexico with his loving parents, Jonathan and Patricia. During his formative years, he met and became fast friends with Rick Jones; soon, the two of them formed a band of adolescent CB radio enthusiasts known as the “Teen Brigade (Teen Brigade: Year One #1; Sept., 1990).” Around the same time, Victor made the acquaintance of local girl Laura Lynch, with whom he was instantly smitten. Despite his loyal friendship to Rick, Victor was among the peers who dared Rick to drive onto the experimental field at Gamma Base during the initial test of the Gamma Bomb, leading to the transformation of Dr. Robert “Bruce” Banner into the Hulk (Incredible Hulk #1, May, 1962).
Shortly after the “Hulk” incident, Victor was drafted into the Vietnam War, where, due to his rebellious nature, he was selected to participate in “Operation: Orange,” an initiative designed to increase the resilience of GIs against enemy chemical weapons. Because he had spent a great deal of time around Rick Jones after his near-death experience with the Gamma Bomb, the level of latent G-radiation in Vernon’s system interacted strangely with the caustic gasses he was exposed to, Victor found himself transformed into a gaseous being. Unsure of how to cope with the situation, he drifted into the desert where he soon found himself in conflict with the mutant superhero group, the X-Men. After some misunderstanding, which involved believing Vernon to be a mutant and member of Magneto’s “Brotherhood of Evil Mutants:” Professor Charles Xavier determined that Victor was not, in fact, a mutant, and took pity on the poor boy, ending the contest in a truce.
Powers/Abilities: Agent Orange has the ability to alter his body on a molecular level and transform himself into, quite literally, a living gas cloud. He can alter his body chemistry to produce different types of gasses, including knockout gas, laughing gas and powerful hallucinogens. In order to maintain physical integrity during combat, Agent Orange usually wears a stylized costume into battle that is, in fact, and advanced containment suit with filters that allow him to release gas as needed. Because his body continually regenerates, Agent Orange can dissipate as much gas as necessary without “losing” himself.

Real Name: Samuel Hayley
Known Allies: Janet Hayley (Sister, Police Officer – ‘Capes’ Unit, age 42), Kimberly Hayley (Mother, Retired, age 70), Stacy Layton (Girlfriend, Insurance Agent, age 35), The Aquarian (Mentor)
Known Enemies:
Group Affiliation:
First Appearance:
Biography: 37 year old Electrical Engineer. Former patient at Project Pegasus after being doused in energy during a confrontation between The Aquarian & Quantum.
Powers/Abilities: Blasts, Flight, Force Field

Real Name: Calvin
Known Allies: Speed Demon (Mentor), Darla DeMonet (Girlfriend, Student – Accounting Major), Professor Fantlor (Mentor, Physics Professor), Ned & Stella (Parents, Living in Ohio)
Known Enemies: White Rabbit, Kangaroo, Cardiac, Jack O' Lantern, The Looter
Group Affiliation:
First Appearance:
Biography: He is a college student at the University of Minnesota, transferring from Empire State University, that volunteered for one of those experiments they perform on young adults who need some spending money. He thought he was just taking some new aspirin, but these were very unethical scientists. He was actually fed a pill that was supposed to repel nuclear radiation and the weird light in the room was really a small nuke reactor. In classic comic book style, Something Goes Wrong, and all the scientists end up dead from the radiation (serves 'em right), while Cal (short for Calvin Hobbes) gets superpowers. Luck for Cal, he is distantly related to the Golden Age Whizzer and the radiation triggered his latent super-momentum powers.
Stats: Str: 5x -- Agi: 8d -- Int: 5x -- Wpo: 5x
Edge/Hand Size: 2/4 (25)
Skills: Fast Exit
Lightening Speed 18 (10 on water)
Stunts: mach control, run up walls
Resistance to Electrical Attacks - 6
He runs around, building up speed, pretty useless for the first rounds of action, but then gets really powerful around the fifth round. He likes to run up to enemies at 200 mph, stop on a dime, and then transfer the momentum to his target with a light tap, which sends the scumbag flying through a wall. He has managed to charge up some metal bars with momentum as well, and these things act like D&D's Immovable Rods, which he whips in the air and uses as parallel bars to get momentum and take out foes with acrobatic swings. He can transfer momentum to friendly targets with a touch to give them a short dose of super speed, but this can be risky as most people have difficulty using super speed without training.
Momentum Man basically has Superspeed at 15, but with an Unique Limitation that it starts out at 6 (which is probably equal to his Strength and Agility...actually he probably has 6 for all four of his Attributes), but, if he is moving around a lot (running, swinging on immovable rods like they were parallel bars, doing lots of push-ups, jumping jacks, etc), he can slowly increase it to the power's maximum rating of 15, though it is difficult to maintain at that level for long.

He has another Limitation that the higher levels of Superspeed are difficult to control and hard to maintain for long lengths of time.
So, it would work like this:
Round 1: Superspeed 6 - I guess you could this "Rank 1." This Momentum Man's Superspeed score if he wasn't doing anything before the action started (like being surprised). Moe had better start running in circles or tossing up and activating Immovable Rods this round. If forced into action, he's probably in serious trouble.
Round 2: Superspeed 9 (3 higher than last round) - Rank 2. Moe has built up enough momentum to have a decent level of Superspeed (about 300 mph). Outside of combat, he is able to maintin this level of Superspeed safely for travel purposes if he continually moves (running in place counts) without pushing himself to his higher limits.
Round 3: Superspeed 12 (3 higher than last round) - Rank 3. Moe is amazingly fast now, but this level is hard to control. He is at a -2 to do anything with this level of Superspeed.
Round 4: Superspeed 15 (3 higher than last round) - Rank 4. Moe is a blur to all except those that have high levels of Superspeed themselves, or some sort of detection power. Moe is pretty sloppy at this speed (-4 to any Superspeed challenges), so he ususally doesn't do more than short distance stuff with this rank of momentum (though he could move at roughly 2000 mph if he wanted...and probably smash into a skyscraper).
Round 5 and beyond: Rank 5. Moe can create an area effect attack of raw kinetic energy with himself at the center with Energy Blast 15 (he is immune to this), but it drains him and knocks him back to Superspeed 6. If he doesn't perform this move or slow down to release some momentum, he will have to make Strength checks at Difficulty 8 or be knocked out by his own power. The Difficulty goes up by 4 each round thereafter.
Superspeed Stunts
Momentum Man can transfer his current rank (or lower) of Superspeed to someone else, with all the benefits and drawbacks inherent to that rank of power, but at a –4 to use due to a lack of training and experience. Moe himself will be knocked down a rank of power for doing this, and he can't do it at his starting rank of Superspeed 6. Each round thereafter, a card is flipped. If the card comes up Negative, the effect has worn off. The effect also wears off if the recipient stops moving.
Momentum Man can also transfer momentum into his enemies with a close range attack, which ignores any Body Armor, though this attack knocks him back to Rank 1 (this is the "run at someone at 500 mph and stop on a dime, then tap your foe lightly, which sends him flying 100' at 100 mph" trick).
Unique Items
Finally, Cal has gotten hold of some titanium bars (he got them from the scientists' lab where the accident happened), and in his spare time he grips them while studying, eating, fooling around with Darla, whatever. Constant contact with the bars (or rods) has allowed them to gain some bizarre reverse-momentum energy of their own, and Cal has discovered he can cause them to freeze in the air. Only he (or someone who has Superspeed) can move them once activated (otherwise, it is a Strength challenge, Difficulty 25). Momentum Man will throw these "immovable rods" into the air to use as parrellel bars to swing on, make an instant ladder, or to use as a pinning device, to make a downed target stay down. The rods run out of "immovability" after a few minutes if Momentum Man doesn't deactivate them first. Cal has 8 of these rods.

Real Name: Nicholas Burzynski
Known Allies:
Known Enemies: Amanda ‘Mandy’ Smythe (Spokes Woman Baintronics Industries), Brad McMullen ( )
Group Affiliation:
First Appearance:
Biography: Nicholas studied Biotech at UW Madison. He was following the research of Dr. Curt Conners, but in addition to the regenerative qualities that some reptiles have, he was also looking into the skin shedding as well. Nicholas surmised that the cosmetic industry would benefit greatly if a process to discard wrinkled skin with brand new smooth skin could net him millions if not billions.
Of course there's always a problem, this was in the form of one Mandy Smythe, who always took great delight in making her boyfriend Brad McMullen, all star running back of the of the Badgers extremely jealous.
To Nicholas, women would always be far more complicated than any science, and when Mandy made advances that even the most socially inept nerd could recognize towards him at a local bar, he'd made an enemy of a man who thought with his fists always before his brains.
And so Brad plotted his revenge.
The lab where Nicholas worked had an accident, ruining his research as well as putting in question the danger of his experiments. Brad had an airtight alibi, and besides no one could replace him on the team. The situation and Nicholas were swept under the rug.
Strangely enough Brad developed a severe skin condition six months later where his flesh began sloughing off, and while the school was able to save his life much in part to research of Nicholas' that they owned (which was strangely incomplete) the all star football player was left disfigured and crippled for life.
But enough of that, this story is about Nicholas. Nicholas was able to recreate much of his research from memory and went to work for a local bio firm. He noticed about four months after the incident that he could manipulate his dead skin cells and thought being a superhero would be pretty cool.
Nicholas or "Nick" is basically a good guy, but has no patience whatsoever for people who mistreat others including himself.

You get the picture. Anyways, you are living as normal of a life as you have been able to, and again I would stress I'd like you to sort of give me an occupation, and 3 to 5 supporting characters, WHEN you are teleported to a clock tower. There a British man identifying himself as the Chronal Physician tells you that the multiverse has gone "Weebly Wobbly". Something is eliminating timelines & variants. Strange thing is, NONE of you existed until 45 sec. ago. He tells you he's seen the future of all timelines and none of them are particularly good, what he hasn't seen is YOU. That makes you a chance to fix this. He looks at his bizarre watch, starts to mumble and sweat, before rushing over to a Grandfather Clock in the corner, opening it, & stepping inside. Before he leaves he looks back at you & says, "Humanity...Scratch that...The Multiverse needs you, it needs you to BRILLIANT. Do not fail it or me, for if you do, well, let's just say no one will remember any of it; you, me, us, anything. We're talking about the End of All Things. So no pressure, just be brilliant. Off to save another universe, Ta ta...."

You have run of a Clock Tower, on the T.V. you note that a news report is showing that 45mins ago The Twin Cities main hero, an armored man known as The Protector, was just beaten to death in Downtown Minneapolis by three prisoners who escaped transport to The Deep Freeze, a prison in Savage, MN that houses homicidal superhumans by freezing them. The assailants are Mr. Hyde, Marrow, & Crossfire.

What ever happened to Don Frank N. Stien? In the late 1960's the undead crime boss ruled with fear and guile in the Twin Cities first killing his rivals and then having them raised into undead servitude as his Capo's. In 1967 Stien put into motion his most sinister plan attempting to form a coalition with Compu-Mobster 2000 out of Chicago. This terrifying team-up was thwarted by Midwestern Mystery Men; Doktor Koncept, ‘Peerless’ Hunter Sabini, The Lone Gunman & his partner Kemo Sabe. It is widely known that Compu-Mobster 2000 was de-activated along with his gang, but no one knows the final(?) resting place of the ‘Dead’ Don….

o WHO is the Paradocracy?
o WHAT is the New World Society?
o WHEN was the last time anyone checked on Zarko, The Tomorrow Man?
o WHERE does that Portal go?

Twin Cities Cape Beat – 10/26/10
By: Stanley Simmons
- This Month in capes history;
o In 1983 The Ghostronaught retired from “Active Duty” in the upper Midwest after stopping the Crime Cartel from taking over Professor Thaddeus Steele’s inert Space Zeppelin giving them access to all of the long lost heroes invention & technology. The Space Zeppelin had been ‘out of phase’ with our earth since 1969. Of the Crime Cartel’s membership Mr. Lao, La Peregrin, Simon Says all perished as well as one of Steele’s erstwhile compatriots from the 1930’s, the Grey Ghost. The Space Zeppelin is scheduled to reappear in ‘our’ space in 2011.
o In 1999 the Twin Cities was rocked by an invasion attempt by the dreaded Xmnu The Titan. Only the timely intervention of the Great Lakes Avengers, Sun Girl, & The Golden King prevented Xmnu from beginning a one monster invasion of the Midwest. Tragically, The Golden King would never awake from the mental assault by this assailant from beyond the stars.
o In 2004 Chicago saw the first ‘Modern’ incarnation of the Crime Cartel as their plan to steal the Sears Tower was thwarted, due to the timely intervention of the short lived super team The Seven.
o In 2005 Minneapolis The Seven disbands after Commando Kody, the Space Ranger, & The Strange Visitor are killed in a deadly battle with the Crime Cartel. On the Cartel’s side Pantheon and The Red Menace were also mortally wounded. Tyrantosaurus X & The Manvil both escaped custody four days later.
o In 2008 Dallas the 1940’s super patriot Ole’ Glory, aka Rory Taylor, was laid to rest. At the proceedings son of Ole’ Glory enemy Blitzkrieg, Abel Reinhard turned himself in after a botched attempt to bomb the proceedings. Abel was sentenced to 10 years in the ‘Deep Freeze’. At his sentencing he vowed to redeem himself and his family name after serving his time.

Celebrity News!
- Celebutaunt daughter of the aforementioned Professor Steele, “Hot Tub” Jonni Steele is scheduled to return to the Twin Cities after wrapping on her latest film endeavor in Japan. The indestructible diva has publicly said she is looking into the I.P.’s of her father’s Steele Corporation. Currently Steele Corp. is in the midst of a hostile take over by Baintronics.
- The law firm of Hammer & Kline has successfully defended local crime celebrity Mokole Membe aka The Crimo-dile again from an extended prison sentence for racketeering and attempted murder. Even after expert testimony from Dr. Edgar Starr, the cities leading ‘cape’ psychologist, the alleged Reptilian Crime Boss is free again. Key in his release was the public discrediting of Dr. Starr as it was released he is the son of deceased super villain Elihas Starr aka Egghead. None of the parties could be reached for further comment.
- Former Korean War super hero standout Edward Sothal, known as The Indestructible Man, continues to mull over a run at the Senate. Just as former NFL star Phil Grayfield has entered his name in the Governor’s race. Rumor’s abound that Grayfield may have to publicly disclose what is widely speculated that he once moonlighted as little known 1990’s mystery man NFL SuperPro before being fully vetted by the Republican party. He already has the financial support of the New World PAC, a non-profit grass roots organization that has rallied strong support with the upper Midwest’s most affluent individuals.
- Forgoing his floundering comedy career Griffin Gogol, aka Captain Ultra, has been spotted in the Twin Cities and as far south as Des Moines where he has been able to stop two bank robbers by Koo Koo & Tick Tock, as well as a property destruction laden fist fight with Rolly Polly & long time New York villain The Looter, both escaped capture. Time will tell if this semi-well known hero is looking to make the upper Midwest his new home.
- Last but not least the re-opening & re-christening of the UCWF to the UCFF, Unlimited Class Fighting Federation, kicks off in a little over a month with a tournament to decide their Earth Heavy Weight Champion. Announced participants are; Armadillo, Jersey Devil, El Zorro de Plata, Cowgirl, Poundcakes, Yoshin “Thunder” Kaiman, Vice, & G.I. Bro! Tickets are still available.

Twin Cities Cape Beat – 11/3/10
By: Stanley Simmons
Celebrity News!
- Baintronics spokeswoman Amanda Smythe held a press conference stating that they would be open to a partnership with the current majority shareholder of Steele Corp., celebutaunt superhero Jonni Steele. This partnership would be contingent on Ms. Steele assuming a public spokesman role as well as putting herself in a ‘body guard’ capacity for Baintronics head Sunset Bain. Ms. Steele could not be reached for comment.
- Former super villain Carlton Sanders, aka Trump, is writing a tell all book about his experience in the high-speed world of New York’s underworld. He claims his book would “name names”. Sanders has been a resident of St. Paul for two years after serving five years on The Raft.
- After a few weeks of contemplation Edward Sothal has bowed out of his run for State Senate. He sighted his unstable health as his main concern. Political handlers who wish to remain anonymous blame political pressure being applied to the moderate by special interest groups and the clout of the upstart New World PAC.
- Speaking of the New World PAC, they’ve scheduled a press conference in conjunction with Republican gubernatorial candidate Phil Grayfield. It is rumored that their Mr. Grayfield will publicly disclose his history as former mystery man NFL SuperPro. Grayfield has stated that he is in favor of a Superhuman Registration Act, a heated point of political contention in the state, requiring all those individuals operating with post human abilities to register as “dangerous weapons” with their state government. This would also allow for state officials to request these individuals assistance in the case of an emergency. It would also make unregistered masked vigilantes vulnerable to state prosecution.
- Allana & Sergie Zarkov, the stage magician duo known as Glamour & Illusion have signed to do a series of mass illusions in the Upper Midwest. The Zarkov’s are the children of famed illusionist and adventurers Glynis & Ilya Zarkov the husband and wife duo that once operated in New Orleans in the early 1980’s. The duo fell on hard times and Ilya was the victim of an unsolved murder. The children were born to their comatose mother. The two youths were raised in New Salem Colorado and have since become the darlings of the “Magic Scene”.
- General John Ryker has taken up the post of Warden & Head Administrator at the ‘Deep Freeze’ prison. He has already turned local government and watchdog organization head’s by using mothballed Sentinel units as a quick response team. This team was used most recently to stop the attempted escape of Darkoth The Death Demon. Mutant Rights groups have begun protesting the use of these devices sighting them as ‘culturally offensive’. The General was unavailable for comment.
- Last but not least the UCFF will be holding an exhibition bout in its new UCFF Arena located outside Chaska. The bout will pit the ‘Titan From Beyond The Stars’ Torgo, with Ben Grimm in his corner against the Gamma Powered Goliath, Ravage! With the arena being designed by Sunset Bain in conjunction with Damage Control Inc., it should be amazing to see two super powered gladiators do battle.

By Stanley Simmons
- Edward Sothal has been admitted to Region’s West Hospital after being assaulted by masked criminals. From what this reporter was able to gather Sothal has multiple arrow wounds to the torso, but is in stable condition.

In other news…
- The ‘Titan From Beyond The Stars’ Torgo, with Ben Grimm in his corner defeated the Gamma Powered Goliath, Ravage in their charity UCFF bout last Saturday. Post bout controversy hit as General John Ryker served Ravage with a warrant and with two Sentinels waiting outside the building had the contract fighter escorted to the ‘Deep Freeze’ facility. So far the Department of Corrections – Powers Division & the U.S. Department of Justice were unavailable for comment.
- Minneapolis ‘Capes’ Detective Janet Haley had “No Comment” to this reporter’s questions regarding the rash of M.G.H., Mutant Growth Hormone, related crimes in the Twin Cities. Just where are these gangs and the low tiered spandex set getting this ‘boost’?
- Gubernatorial candidate and former masked man Phil Grayfield has announced his engagement to German Baroness Heike Rogers. Rogers is the head of the New World PAC. Two years ago she refuted claims that her actual last name is Zemo, and called the documents that linked her to Baron Helmut Zemo being her ex-husband not only false, but ‘a degradation of her very character being propagated by the Liberal Media Elite’. The two have been dating for approximately eight months. They have announced spring nuptials.
- ‘Hot Tub’ Johnni Steele has publicly denounced the Baintronics offer put forth earlier this month leading economic experts to believe that a ‘hostile’ takeover of Steele Corp. is imminent. In addition Ms. Steele has shown a vested interest in leading what she is calling a ‘salvage mission’ to her father’s Space Zeppelin, which is scheduled to reappear in ‘our’ space on January 1st, 2011.

WikiLeaks Release 12/10/10

These transmissions were sent anonymously to WikiLeaks last week. From sources within S.H.I.E.L.D. & the Federal Department of Super Human Corrections both verified the validity of said transmissions. When both agencies as well as the White House were contacted for comment they declined.

Coded Transmission
Quartermain – Green Man is OFF the board, I repeat Green Man is off the board. Assailant(s) or Cause(s) unknown. H.B. personnel being redistributed to appropriate settings. Recommendation for Team Gamma Project is Discontinuation.
Gen. Ryker – Request that S.H.I.E.L.D. send all H.B. personnel to ‘Deep Freeze’ installation. Operation Diary is underway, Gamma connection probable, & former ‘Agent’ has been located in vicinity. Coincidence Unlikely.
Fury – Indisposed currently in route Latveria. Quartermain is ranking officer, his call. Fury out.
Gyrich – Commission of Super Human Affairs has contacted the sitting President and Gen. Ryker is to be given full supervision of Gamma Project, as well as ‘displaced’ personnel. They are to be relocated to ‘Deep Freeze’ immediately. Secure ‘Agent’, continue Operation Diary, and prep team for Operation Hindenburg in January.
Three transmissions followed, but all had been significantly blacked out. Only the following terms were legible;
Val Cooper
Thunderbolt Program
Jester Jones
Zarkko, The Tomorrow Man
Terrigen Mists

History on Jester Jones in the Marvel Earth 55429 from the case files of General Ryker:

Questions, Questions, Questions OR The Hilarious Tragedy Of Jester Jones

He touched true power when he worked for HYDRA post his public firing on the Jester Jones' Show. He had a brief run-in with Nomad & Captain America as they attempted to stop a Red Skull using the Cosmic Cube plot. He used that split second with the cube to give himself significant wealth. He then left HYDRA, faking his death, which of course was an assumed name anyway since he didn't believe in their dogma; he just wanted money and 'secrets' to get his fame back. He then bought out the company that fired him. He meandered along as a local celebrity, sort a boorish Dean Martin type on the local scene, always a smile on his face, drink in his hand, and lady on his arm. Behind closed doors he began having horrible dreams drawing him to the Cube.
Eventually he began appearing less and less in public, until in March 1978 he put together an expedition team to follow a lead on Monster Island. It had been reported that the Cube had been 'lost' there by the Mole Man in one of his many confrontations with the Fantastic Four. Of the 39 members of his 'team' only 8 returned, BUT Jones had his Cube. He then slowly set about learning its abilities and testing himself with subtle changes. All the while he used it mundanely to accumulate a massive amount of wealth.
Eventually this brought him under the scrutiny of Doctor Strange. Strange contacted his allies in the Defenders and they confronted him. He warped reality around them for over a week giving them their greatest wishes. Doctor Strange became a famous surgeon, Bruce Banner a physicist, married to Betty, and with children, Norrin Radd was a visiting dignitary from Zenn-La with his wife Shalla-Bal, The Hulk was left alone in nature, and Namor sovereign and protector of the whole Northern Hemisphere. The whole time Jones was on the peripheral of their new 'lives' befriending them, working his way into their lives, becoming a confident. In the end he found that the Eye Of Amagotto in Strange's possession would only serve to allow him even more control, in fact it would give him the ability to make this warped reality permanent.
Meanwhile on the outside of this field of warped reality Valkyrie, Nighthawk, Doktor Koncept, Starlord, & Baron Mordo were trying to deal with this ever-increasing bubble of 'change'. Eventually they caused so much stress on the outside that Jones had to speed up his attempt at taking possession of the Eye. He looked deep into the recesses of Space Time and his mind broke. Little did he know that the Eye is not a portal of knowledge to the Universe, but to the Multiverse. Jones was overwhelmed with the idea that he existed simultaneously across Space Time and all of the 'him(s)' where now looking back at Him. The Warped Reality broke. The Defenders were exhausted and humiliated, but they had won. Baron Mordo was implored to 'wipe' Jones' mind, while Koncept skirted away with the fractured Cosmic Cube. He jettisoned it into the Negative Zone.
Jones' was taken to Derleth Asylum, and over a ten-year span he spent in rehabilitation. His money had been hidden well enough to continue to help him acquire wealth in the interim, and he seemed like he had regained some semblance of sanity, and quiet possibly happiness. That ruse was short lived.
Upon his release he put together his next desperate grasp for power. Using his resources he put together a crew of low powered villains;
Turner D. Century
Titania I
The Human Fly
These agents then staged a breakout at the Raft and kidnapped Zebediah Killgrave, The Purple Man. Jones' used Killgrave in his Ubercube Engine. This along with the remnants of his old Cosmic Cube bartered from Blastaar of the Negative Zone for help luring The Thing into a trap using Franklin Richards, were enough power to fire up the power of his Ubercube Engine. Jones used the engine to turn all the children in Minnesota, Wisconsin, some of Iowa, & most of Michigan into mindless automatons. At the same time using them using their collective energy, which he claimed was their 'Dreams', as fuel to forge his Ubercube.
Jones used his control of this army of children to start his "Children's Crusade". At the same time The Thing and Franklin Richards escaped the Negative Zone and stumbled into Minneapolis. Franklin was overwhelmed by the Ubercube's power, it released the 'barriers' placed on his powers by his father and this further energized the Ubercube to almost limitless levels.
The Thing put out a desperate call for help before he was overwhelmed by a nightmarish creation from the bowels of Franklin's imagination given life by Jones' Ubercube; H.E.R.B.E.R.T., Humanoid Experimental Robot Built for Extermination of Radical Threats!
Doctor Strange was the first to answer but was quickly overwhelmed. Fearing the Strange and the Eye Jones' used his new reality manipulating power to hurl Doctor Strange across the cosmos. Jones' then quickly enacted revenge on both Baron Mordo & Doktor Koncept by trapping them in the Doktor's Haunted Mansion to relive thier greatest failures. Within 24 hours Jones' had taken the Upper Midwest and was manufacturing events subtle to stave off possible intervention from other heroes. This was done by subtlety manipulating the villains of the Marvel Universe into the event simply known as Acts Of Vengeance. In the meantime the Upper Midwest was transformed into a virtual paradise; Jester Jones' version of paradise.
All the while a few small pockets of resistance held out. Eventually Nighthawk freed The Thing, who put out a distress call over Project Pegasus channels that brought the Blue Shield. Doctor Strange was found in space by Starlord who rushed Strange back to Earth. The Lone Gunman & Kemosabe rallied to Doktor Koncept's Haunted Mansion, Brother Voodoo felt the loss of Doctor Strange from Earth, went to investigate, and found himself trying to survive the overwhelming power of the Ubercube, and finally local heroes The Protector, The Hipster, & Raggedy Annie took the fight to Jones.
Attacked on a myriad of fronts eventually Jones' will was lessened to an extent that freed Franklin Richards who detonated the Ubercube Engine, bathing Jones' in pure cosmic power. He fell into a fitufill dreaming state.
The 'Deep Freeze' was hastily constructed around his sedated form. The 'broken' Ubercube was fractured magically and pieces were placed throughout a myriad of dimensions all warded by Brother Voodoo. Baron Mordo, Doctor Strange, & Doktor Koncept combined power to significantly drain off Jones' excess power. Turner D. Century, Letha, Hijacker, Mirage, Titania I, The Human Fly, & H.E.R.B.E.R.T. all escaped, but The Purple Man was sent back to The Raft.

Twin Cities Cape Beat – 12/30/10
By: Stanley Simmons

Capes News!
- “Hot Tub” Jonni Steele has announced a deal with the Discovery Channel to have a documentary crew follow her and a ‘hand picked crew’ as they make an attempt to board her father’s Space Zepplin, due to phase into ‘Real Space’ on 1/11/11. She has yet to give the media any inclination about who this ‘hand picked’ salvage crew might be. But I have heard from a few un-named sources within her inner circle that she might be seeking the services of the currently very ‘hot’ cape Momentum Man. As far as the hostile take-over attempt by Baintronics of the Steele Corporation, an injunction by Ms. Steele’s law team at Hammer & Kline has effectively stalled the proposed forced merger. Baintronics spokeswoman Amanda Smythe cited the lawsuit as “frivolous & unfortunate”. In addition she stated that Baintronics would be exploring the option of their own salvage operation since they felt that Ms. Steele “does not have the best interest of the company or her father’s Intellectual Property in mind, she is simply using her name and reputation to further her own selfish agenda. Baintronics, as a potential owner and operator of said Intellectual Property feels an independent salvage operation would be not only fiscally responsible, but technologically imperative.” Ms. Steele could not be reached for immediate response.
- Former head defender of Hammer & Kline, Stephen Hammer’s practice of Hammer Solutions was severely damaged by unknown parties last week. There has been rampant speculation that Mr. Hammer left under pressure of the Board of Directors after assisting local prosecuting attorney Ned Stone in a case of industrial sabotage against the ‘Cape’ Killer Shrike who claimed to be operating at the behest of Hammer Industries. Mr. Hammer, in the year since, has been spear heading an effort for victims of ‘Cape’ crime to file civil cases and seek damages. This has led to a string of financial seizures of both money and properties of ‘Capes’ who have been convicted in criminal court, including a 27 million dollar settlement against William Cross, the criminal known as Crossfire. Coincidentally Cross was one of three escapees from the transport to “The Deep Freeze” penitentiary. He is still at large.
- Griffin Gogol, aka Captain Ultra has scheduled a press conference in two weeks on the steps of the Minneapolis courthouse. The subject of his announcement is unknown at this time, but the rumor has it he has signed on with Saxon Industries. It is unknown whether or not it is in a defense capacity or if their ‘Talent Agency’ branch is simply representing him.
- High profile power couple Gubernatorial candidate and former masked man Phil Grayfield & German Baroness Heike Rogers are scheduled to do a one-hour ‘sit down’ interview with yours truly & famed national reporter Laura Lynch in January for CSPAN. They have been named, by the right wing publication The Republic, American Couple Of The Year. Rogers is still battling claims that she has some lineage with the Zemo family, as well as failure to prove just where her wealth originates from in Germany. Meanwhile Grayfield has been an unstoppable political juggernaut and has begun to publicly call for a Public Super Hero Database, something his opponents have likened to a variation of the Mutant Registration Act. Rogers has responded by asking, “…just what do my opponents have to hide?”
- A warrant has been issued for Lanh Long, aka Miss Saigon, former hero in the Chicago area. This warrant was federally issued and some strong voices in the ‘Cape’ community have pointed to this as a “witch hunt”. Local S.H.I.E.L.D. liaison and head of “The Deep Freeze” facility General John Ryker has vowed a “quick and efficient capture of this urban terrorist”. As someone who has met Ms. Long, I find it hard to believe that she is responsible for the “Terroristic Attacks” that are being attributed to her.
- There has been state capital pressure for Minneapolis ‘Capes’ Detective Janet Haley to step up her ‘Capes Division’ investigation into the Twin Cities recent rash of M.G.H. related crime. This pressure may have been due to the leaked information that Dr. Calvin Zabo, aka Mr. Hyde, had a massive amount of M.G.H. in his system during his recent escape from custody, along with the mutant Marrow & the aforementioned Crossfire, Hyde & Marrow were apprehended by local celebrity Momentum Man and two other unknown heroes. On Corbin Haige’s radio program he went with information from a source, that wished to remain nameless in local law enforcement, that Dr. Zabo, upon re-capture, was found to have ingested five times the normal dose of M.G.H. A dose this high would routinely kill a normal individual, as footage showed it simply made an already dangerous criminal homicidal. What this reporter really wants to know is just where this stuff if coming from?
- Finally in Sport’s News, the UCFF held another “BASH FOR CHARITY” event last night with Yoshin “Thunder” Kaiman defeating G.I. Bro by submission, El Zorro de Plata outlasting top rated female heavyweight Poundcakes, and in the main event The Armadillo defeated Jersey Devil by Technical Knockout. Half of the proceeds went to the Mayo Clinic Lab for Genetic Research as well as the recently established Mallus Foundation.

Twin Cities Cape Beat – 1/18/11
By: Stanley Simmons

Capes News!
- Just when we thought we’d seen Mr. Fahrenheit mend his criminal ways, this former flamboyant criminal robbed a Wells Fargo armored car Monday night along with a “crew” made up of The Supersonic Woman, The Meteor Men, Pi-R8, Rolly Polly, & someone claiming to be the deceased villain Trickshot at the expense of self-appointed Twin Cities hero Captain Ultra. Afterwards Internet criminal Pi-R8 put the footage of said encounter online via YOUTube along with a message to all self-styled ‘heroes’ in the area “I’m BACK!” What that possibly entails this reporters shudders to think.
- Mokole Membe, aka the Crimo-dile, was found in downtown St. Paul suffering from numerous projectile wounds atop the bodies of his crime “families” capos. Who or what would take on the ‘Teflon Terrorsaur’ remains to be seen, but it’s abundantly obvious that they are playing for keeps.
- Current number 2 contender for the UCFF Earth Heavyweight Championship, G.I. Bro was arrested by a ‘Capes’ team led by Detective Janet Haley after a positive test for an M.G.H. masking agent was found in his blood sample after his bout with Yoshin “Thunder” Kaiman on 12/30/10’s “Ring In The New Year” event. Albert Jackson, G.I. Bro’s real name, has retained Stephen Hammer as representation. In a prepared press release Mr. Jackson proclaimed his innocence and promises he is cooperating with law enforcement to get the bottom of these heinous allegations. If one remembers the UCWF was shut down due to the use of illegal experimentations upon competitors to empower them. Detective Haley has only stated that Mr. Jackson had M.G.H. paraphernalia in his ‘possession’ upon arrest and that he is a ‘Person Of Interest’ in a wider investigation. Already UCFF’s financial baker Sunset Bain, owner and operator of Baintronics Inc., has begun to distance the company from Mr. Jackson & the investigation by issuing it’s own statement through spokeswoman Amanda Smyth; “We are deeply saddened by the apparent lack of judgment and poor choices by Mr. Jackson. And while we will support him in any attempt to prove his innocence or seek assistance for any substance abuse issues, we will not support nor tolerate the acquisition, use, or distribution of M.G.H.” The rumor is Ms. Bain’s attorneys at Hammer & Kline are looking at Mr. Jackson’s contract with the UCFF.
- Renowned Canadian Gamma Ray expert Walter Langkowski will be in the Twin Cities at the invite of ‘Deep Freeze’ warden General John Ryker to tour the facility and give a lecture on the dangers of radiation exposure and mutation. Langkowski is better known as the Canadian superhuman Sasquatch, former member of the defunct team Alpha Flight. The lecture is open to the public.
- Oklahoma city ‘bad boy hero’ Runnin’ Reb has issued a public challenge to current Twin Cities celebrity hero Momentum Man. The highly unpredictable southern stalwart is interested in “showing that carpetbagger what speed really is” for charity. Momentum Man has yet to publicly respond. Most will remember that two years ago the Runnin’ Reb’s racially insensitive tie-raid directed towards New York city hero The Falcon after busting a Watchdogs ring in Jackson, MI garnered him a significant amount of negative media attention. Since then the ‘Southern Speedster’ has re-located to the Midwest, Oklahoma City most recently, in an attempt to rehabilitate his image.
- Let me take this opportunity to welcome Conservative radio ‘star’ Corbin Haige to the publication. It is my hope that Mr. Haige will offer a fair and balanced counterpoint on all things ‘Capes’ in the Twin Cities. Finally, let me remind you all that Channel 45’s new ‘Cape’ series Behind The Cape will begin airing next week with a profile of 1940’s champion Edward Sothal, The Indestructible Man.
- Last but not least Rebecca Grant, the daughter of Stephen Grant the deceased hero The Protector, has come out publicly and asked for custody of her father’s ‘battle armor”. The Minneapolis ‘Capes’ division claims to not have possession of the suit. Ms. Grant is currently asking for any information that might lead to the recovery of her father’s technology. Good luck Ms. Grant your father was a great man.

The DIRT – 1/18/11
By: Corbin Haige, Conservative Firebrand

- I’m sure the Pinko Socialists would love for me to leave this one alone, but I for one am TERRIFIED by the idea of another group of masked vigilantes running around our fair city. Sure they were able to stop three fugitives from causing any more damage or death’s, but why, if they have nothing to hide, didn’t they hang around afterwards, why haven’t they answered MY requests for an interview, why are they wearing masks? Why indeed. It’s because they DO have something to hide. Sure I didn’t always see eye to eye with The Protector, in fact I thought his wearing a mask led directly to his lack of credibility, but he proved his mettle and intent time after time in this city. I’m sure his like won’t be found again, and certainly not by the likes of this media glory hound Momentum Man and his two mysterious sidekicks.
- And while we’re on the subject of Communists and folks with insidious agendas let me talk a bit about those folks who are publicly chastising General John Ryker and the government’s labeling of dangerous vigilante Miss Saigon an urban terrorist. Criticism of this decision is ludicrous. In my humble opinion the only good thing this woman did was stop the riot at the Republican National Convention a few years ago when that nut Madcap and the Peacenik decided to ‘poison’ the water supply. This woman is a menace, and not only that she’s a Socialist menace. This woman will only be satisfied when she sullies the reputation of not only the U.S.A., but also the fine troops in organizations like S.H.E.I.L.D. that defend our shores. Don’t get me started on the hippies and tree huggers who are anti-Sentinel program, sheesh, these folks need to get a job.
- I also want to remind folks to start getting ready to vote, and vote Ned Stone, D.A., out of office. This anti-industry ‘watchdog’ is still slandering philanthropist pillar of the industrial community Justin Hammer. If a ten-time loser like Simon Maddicks, Killer Shrike, claims that he was hired to do a ‘job’ why should we take his word for it? This guy is a career criminal, why do we even give him the public forum to falsely accuse a man who is not only a standout American, but also a personal friend.
- While other reporters, pundits, and even public officials seem to feel free to toss out baseless accusations regarding our future Governor Phil Grayfield and his fiancé German Baroness Heike Rogers all I can say is congratulations. Ms. Rogers’ New World PAC is a bastion of light in an otherwise dark time in our fair country. I’m sure that Mr. Grayfield and his lovely wife will help lead us all out of this wilderness. Good luck and Godspeed to the two of them.
- Finally, kudos to the good people of the Twin Cities for giving yours truly another outlet to tell you THE TRUTH!

Excerpts From Doktor Koncept’s Case Book, Case #111

November 6th, 1971
I have received a frantic phone call from Dr. Anthony Ludgate Druid (see Monster Hunter entry cross reference with Dr. Druid entry). Druid and I are both colleagues of Ulysses Bloodstone (see Ulysses Bloodstone entry), other than that we have no relationship. He was asking that I immediately come to London and assist in an unusual situation.
I have not significantly recovered from my last trip to Britain. Bloodstone had refrained from significantly informing me of the risk that the Burrowers Beneath would pose. Dr. Elder (See Mole Man entry) had speculated that there is an entire underground ecology made up of beasts beyond our comprehension suffice to say he was correct, see Case Book entry #93, but I digress.
Druid was nearly frantic in explaining that he felt something dark and sinister was afoot. The good doctor had been the site physician and associate of one Doctor Daniel Damian (see Kree Sentry entry) during an expedition to Egypt 20 years previous. This dig had culminated in the discovery of the Black Tomb Of The Nameless. Druid explained that the then ruler of ancient Egypt, Rama Tut (See Rama Tut entry), had imprisoned an enemy “from beyond the stars”, striking her name from history all in an attempt to break her hold over his slaves. Apparently this was done to quell an uprising within his own court as well. The team was made up of Dr. Damian, Professor Stoker, the psychic Leah Barns, a Professor Taylor, & the mystic Nicolas Scratch (see Salem’s Seven entry).
Druid informed me that Taylor and Stoker had been in possession of two artifacts from the tomb, both of which are now missing. Taylor and Stoker were also now deceased having had their throats ripped to shreds.
Druid went on to explain that what the party had uncovered artifacts unknown to Earth. Dr. Damian speculated these to be of the Kree designation (see Kree entry). He has had previous interactions with these interstellar artifacts. As I discussed these items of interest with the two doctors Damian’s daughter Amelia, who had just come from an ill-fated meeting with Mrs. Barnes, interrupted us. She had with her the third artifact and the blood of Leah Barnes on her person. She explained that upon her arrival in Barnes’ home forces unknown had rendered her unconscious, when she awoke Mrs. Barnes throat had been ripped asunder. She ran in terror bringing with her the item her father had requested. I find myself attracted to this lovely creature, yet cautiously suspicious of her tale.
After walking the grounds and securing the manor I allowed Druid and Damian to continue to speculate while I took tea with Ms. Taylor. She is a truly enchanting creature to say the least, and the chemistry between us is alarming. Amelia has confided in me that she fears that she is now the target of whoever is at the heart of this mystery.

November 7th, 1971
Amelia and I assist her father in his pouring through his archives on Kree presence during the reign of Rama Tut. Druid has become content with contacting his associates stateside about this mysterious Nicolas Scratch. I find my concentration being drawn away from research and being focused on Amelia. Her presence is intoxicating and frightening. My enhanced senses have revealed an unidentifiable aura that permeates her being. Could this be the source of my attraction, or is it truly something more?

November 8th, 1971
Damian is a vegetable. Something unsettling has rendered him catatonic. Druid claims that Nicolas Scratch is behind it all, some mad attempt to raise this Nameless Entombed “Goddess”. Druid fears Scratch that much is clear. At least he’s found that Scratch is here in London. I’ve not been able to tear myself away from Ms. Taylor, I’m not sure I want to. Duty calls so I’m off to confront this mysterious Mr. Scratch with Amelia Taylor in tow. With any luck I’ll be able to solve this by the end of the night.

November 9th, 1971
I’ve been a fool. Amelia was a pawn in a much more dangerous game than I realized. Scratch has found the name of this Nameless “Goddess”, Telra-Rogg. Upon awaking from being rendered unconscious by Amelia’s power I was able to gleam the following information from the Dark Books Of Kulan Gath (see Kulan Gath entry). Telra-Rogg is/was a Kree renegade, possibly some sort of alien mystic (?) or Celestial Madonna (see Mantis entry) figure, who came to earth during the Hyborian Age (see Conan entry). There she studied under the mighty Kulan Gath. Gath exposed her to the might of the unknowable Shuma-Gorath (see Shuma-Gorath entry); upon doing that she became some sort of Malign Intelligence (see Kree Supreme Intelligence). Gath and Telra-Rogg where defeated by Conan the Cimmerian in a bloody battle in Stygia.
Eventually Telra-Rogg resurfaced during Rama Tut’s dynasty usurping him as the Black Queen of the Nile. After a two-year shadow war Tut and his followers were able to overcome her sorceries and alien science to imprison her in a tomb to languish in un-death. Dr. Damian’s team uncovered her; I believe an elaborate scheme by Nicolas Scratch, and in the process but a 20-year plan into place. I believe Amelia Taylor to be a clone of Telra-Rogg. This would explain her identical appearance to the Black Queen of the Nile, as well as her bizarre energy signature manifestation, that rendered me unconscious, similar to the tales told of the Malign Intelligence in Gath’s writing. Her power is so devastating that it has effectively neutered the power of Druid. Currently Scratch and Ms. Taylor are on their way to Egypt. As I write this I am making preparations to follow. They must be stopped at all costs…

November 12th, 1971
I conferred with Druid in London via my LSD screen. He has been digging diligently into the history of this Black Queen of the Nile. He believes Scratch means to summon Bast, Anubis, & Set (see Egyptian Pantheon entry) to the Prime Material Plane using Ms. Taylor as a conduit in order to fully free Telra-Rogg. Is she an unwilling pawn or is something more sinister at play here? Upon summoning these Gods what does Scratch plan next? Surely they will not be ‘happy’ to be forced to the Prime Material Plane? I’m missing something here, but I can’t place my finger on it. The screen’s strain has greatly weakened me, I must rest.

November 14th, 1971
As I set imprisoned in the Sphinx of Rama Tut I contemplate the fate that awaits me, to be the betrothed of the Black Queen’s vessel. They mean to sacrifice me. Damn Scratch and his evil genius. I must conserve my strength and meditate. My only hope is that Druid can arrive in time.

November 18th, 1971
I’ll live. I’m not sure how else describe what has happened.

After my last entry I was dressed for the occasion by Scratch’s followers. As I was brought into the musty throne room of Rama Tut I bore witness to a portal of unknowable power. Stripped of my vestments, luckily they missed my hidden LSD screen, I was unable however to access it to appropriately scan or document the energy readings contained within its spiraling tendrils. Suffice to say I was fearful as the mindless minions pushed me forward and through the portal. When my vision finally was restored I found myself marveling at the view. The sun, the stars, the Earth itself lay before me in the Black Queen of the Nile’s Tomb on the Moon. This is not my first time on the surface of another world (see Case Files #23, 52, & 80), but is the most awe-inspiring.
At that moment I found myself sure that no force on earth could help me. Scratch performed the foul ceremony binding me to the fetching Ms. Taylor, and began beseeching the ancient Gods to awaken and grace us with their presence. As Bast, Anubis, and even Set where pulled to the Prime Material Plane the mighty Telra-Rogg finally awoke. Her hand outstretched she began pulling the very life essence from Ms. Taylor and myself, not only weakening us, but aging us both, stealing our very essence to fuel her rebirth. The pain was excruciating. Simultaneously the three Egyptian deities of old began to recognize their dilemma, they had been tricked!
Scratch & Telra-Rogg meant to feed them to the great and terrible Shuma-Gorath! As Gorath emerged from the corners of space and time a titanic battle commenced. Set & Anubis, putting petty squabbles aside, desperately tried to avoid the menacing tendrils and hideous gaze of the All Seeing Eye, Shuma-Gorath, all the while Bast attempted to crack the mystical shield separating her from Scratch & Telra-Rogg’s aberrant ritual.
When things seemed to be at their bleakest there was a waning in the drain of life. Dr. Druid’s astral form lay between the energy conduits effectively cutting it off from the two of us. Amelia lay breathing shallowly, but alive. I on the other hand found my strength and vigor returning as Bast bathed me in mystical might. As she returned her attention to the now attacking Telra-Rogg, Bast was unable to prevent Scratch from banishing the good Doctor’s astral form from the tomb. I took the opportunity to attach my LSD screen to the Kree technology. Alien vistas and mentality assaulted my senses and threatened to overcome my very being. I was able to refocus though and reroute my psychedelic science into what I gathered to be the engines of a Kree starship. Using not only that but also my knowledge of the arcane arts to draw upon the ambient energy of the conflagration occurring around me I was able to turn the thrust of the ship inwards, effectively ripping a hole in space time to some sort of Negative or Null Space (see Negative Zone entry).
Set & Anubis effectively forced the decreasing might of Shuma-Gorath back to whatever reality it calls home, while Bast fell before the might of Malign Intelligence and Scratch’s mystic power. I realized the situation had become beyond dire as Telra-Rogg’s black thought tentacles began corrupting the stability of all three of the Egyptian entities.
Seeing her shunting between time and space I found only one option. I took Ms. Taylor, poor Amelia, and pushed her physical from into the insubstantial form of Telra-Rogg. The resulting expulsion of psychic residue left all parties flat on their backs just as the room began to melt into the ever-expanding Null Zone. The blast had banished Set, Anubis, & Bast back to their own realm and effectively sealed Shuma-Gorath in its dimension. The backlash fused the LSD screen into my brain searing my psyche. I fear the damage permanent.
Scratch escaped in the commotion through the portal back to Earth. As the Kree ship continued to fold in upon itself I bore witness to the full integration of Amelia and Telra-Rogg. Madness, regret, and knowledge beyond comprehension integrated with hope, love, and the innocence of youth. As this new Black Queen of the Nile took her throne she both grinned manically at me while tears of pain ran down her perfect cheek. As the Malign Intelligence began to re-manifest itself around her she bade me leave back to Earth.
I obeyed, less out of my own willpower and more out of the force of her unknowable mind. I stood in horrible realization of what I had done, what I had witnessed in the portal watching the Tomb of the Black Queen of the Nile, Amelia Telra-Rogg, slip effortlessly between the folds of space and time into the Null Zone. I know not what occurred next as I feel into blessed unconsciousness.

November 19th, 1971
I still do not feel refreshed from the events that occurred. The LSD screen has caused damage to my cerebral cortex. My frontal lobe has been severed from my amygdale. It’s as if my brain is at war, or maybe it’s just my inability to cope with or even understand what I have seen, what I was forced to do. Dr. Damian has fully recovered and is holding a service for Ms. Taylor. I will not attend the proceedings for my “bride” for she is not dead.

November 21st, 1971
Dr. Druid and I are on our way back to America. He has sworn to find and destroy Nicolas Scratch. I am on my way back to my manor on Lake Superior. I’ve realized that the connection I made to the Kree starship has flooded my mind with alien technology.
The result is I find my frontal lobe racing with possibility; interstellar travel, this Null Zone, cloning, etc. I will need to concentrate and meditate on these matters. I’m afraid to allow the screaming in my brain that is the fear & loathing in my amygdale voice as it would shatter me, driving me mad. I can only coldly calculate on the fate of the Tomb of the Black Queen of the Nile.

Case Closed.

Excerpts From Doktor Koncept’s Case Book, Case #173

January 31st, 1977
I have been contemplating a trip to Hala for some time now. Between my time studying with Karl and the information I’ve gleaned since ‘71’s ‘cranial intrusion’ of Kree information, see Case #111, I have had a strange sense of longing to see the grand Imperial Towers. It’s almost an invisible force drawing me in. Mordo has shown me a way to traverse the vast expanse via magic, but I’m reticent to do it since it would require me possibly crossing into the Negative Zone, where my former ‘bride’ still hopefully slumbers. On the other hand since my return from Earth-712 (See Case File #159), the ‘Golden Agency’ Earth (Now known as the ‘Squadron Earth’ See Case File #265) I have been consumed with dread. My double from Earth-712 was nothing short of a base villain. All the technology and mystic mastery that I’ve accumulated has allowed me to make reparations for my actions during the first World War, so to see what could have befallen me had I not found a better way is difficult to swallow. At the same time the scientist in me longs to visit other strange vistas and meeting the vast variations of myself that exist within the confines of the multi-verse, but I digress.
With the Kree technology I’ve accumulated (see Case File #123) from the Blue Area of the Moon I think I have the ability to create a drive capable of transporting me to Hala without Mordo’s spells. I’ve noticed that I’ve become more and more reliant upon not only the ‘Good Baron’ but magic as well of late. Why it is an incredible tool, I fear that the cost of its usage may be too high. Tonight I will begin converting my so-called Null Drive to the ship I have procured. Hala awaits…

February 5th, 1977
The work has been long and arduous, but I believe I’m ready to launch. I have not seen Karl since I refused to treat with some of his allies from the so-called ‘Dark Dimension’. Even though the representative of their ruler, the aptly named Dormammu, offered me the Key I have been searching for I have an underlying feeling that allowing those denizens entry into my Endless Mansion would have been a mistake. Still I have not ruled out future joint endeavors. I wonder just what Karl’s relationship is to these beings, and why he is so insistent that I too ally myself with them.
The ship is prepped, I have studied the language and customs of Hala, and I feel confident that I could pass for a pink Kree if need be. Tomorrow I will be the first human being to set foot upon the fertile soil of another Empire, I can only hope it as a future friend.

February 10th 1977
There is no way out. Karl’s cunning plot has rendered The Kirby, my shuttle, adrift in the Negative Zone. The fuel Karl acquired for me to power the Null Drive turned out to be a ruse. His betrayal knows no bound as he also managed to sabotage my LSD screen and disabled the vast majority of my offensive equipment. I shudder to think of what is going on in my ‘home’ right now. When I return there shall be a reckoning.

February 13th, 1977
A strange object has been drifting towards me from out of this colorful void. I am undecided as to whether I should investigate. The repairs go slow and I’m beginning to think that I may not have the equipment necessary to get back home. Though I’m loathe to say it, Thaddeus was right, no amount of knowledge will ever off-set Karl’s betrayal.

February 15th, 1977
Life. There is life even here in the heart of this Negative Zone. Strange life forms have begun to scout my ship. I am unsure as to their intentions, but have high hopes for a successful first contact. With my power source damaged I’ve been unable to get a clear visual contact to ascertain their appearance, but my excitement level is high. It has been over ten days since I’ve been able to ‘connect’ my spheres, so I fear that the Right sphere is asserting dominance which may explain my almost giddy nature at the potential of communication with these new beings. I’m beginning to realize that without the harmonizer built into my LSD Screen I may not be able to access the information necessary in my Left sphere to complete repairs, let alone weigh out the possible negative potential of dealing with these denizens of the Negative Zone.

February 17th, 1977
I think my ribs are broken, and my I currently cannot use my right hand. The boarders appeared insect-like in physiology. If I was in better shape and had the proper equipment an autopsy would yield more information. My supplies have begun to wane. I’m still at a loss to discover just what power source Karl ‘infected’ my Null Drive with. The ‘good news’ if there is any is that I’ve been able to patch together a crude version of my LSD Screen. I have subsequently sent out a Sub-Chronal distress call. If the scavengers return I am not sure I will survive.

March 1st, 1977
EUREKA! In their last attempt to take the ship the primitive leader had a power source on him like I have never seen. I am none to proud of the tactics I had to stoop to in order to slay him, but in the end I had no desire to become his next food source. The deceased ‘shaman’s’ power source is roughly cylindrical in shape, but the power it emanates is beyond description. In fact it’s very presence has stimulated untold communication between my Left and Right sphere without the use of my LSD Screen. I theorize that prolonged exposure could result in a full integration.
The ‘natives’ are just out of the rebuilt Ion Cannon’s range.. They are obviously regrouping for a final attack. Between the complete rebuild of the Null Drive and this new ‘Cosmic Rod’ power source I feel confident in my ability to get back home. I just hope I can do so before these fierce pillagers make their final siege.

March 3rd, 1977
It’s not home I’ve found, but for the time being it’ll do. Karl played his last hand with the homunculus he had stowed away deviating my flight pattern. In my rush to expel that foul creation I had to jettison the ‘Cosmic Rod’ back into the Negative Zone. It is a shame that I will never be able to fully study or utilize it’s potential.
I find myself within this so-called Dark Dimension. Be it luck or fate a woman calling herself Umar has granted me safety and shelter. She claims to be the sister of the god-like ruler of this realm. Even though I’m wildly suspicious of her I have to admit she’s done nothing to warrant it. She’s housed me, healed my wounds, and been a very ‘willing’ hostess. Beyond her secretive nature and dubious family origin she is quiet fetching.

March 7th, 1977
I was right to avoid allying myself with these ‘people’. What was Karl thinking? This is a hellish realm ruled under a fascist regime. I am unsettled by what I’ve seen here and what I’ve been forced to do. Have I been so naïve to what Baron Mordo’s true motivations have been? What is awaiting me in my home?

March 23th, 1977
Umar has proved invaluable, but I have learned that it has had less to do with her ‘interest’ in me and more in my potential ability to thwart the machinations of her brother, the dread god-like tyrant king Dormammu. Some of the things I have perpetrated in order to maintain this ruse will haunt me for the remainder of my days. Umar has shown me many things in my exile here; while the vast majority have been ranged from frightening to truly unnerving it has not all been vile.
She has shown me that there are dimensions beyond comprehension in the multi-verse as well as parallel universes where I, personally, have run the gamut from despoiler to savior. I long to see these strange worlds. The potential is limitless. My potential is limitless. I could become limitless. When and if I survive this ordeal I think I may have found my next ‘project’.

April 4th, 1977
The siege has ended. I am forced to admit I underestimated both Umar’s loyalty and her power. Without them both it would have been virtually impossible to expel the summoned ‘Mindless Ones’ from my home. Unfortunately The Kirby physical structure will need vast repairs after serving its role in my plan. In addition it will take some time to repair the damage Karl and his patron have done to my Endless Mansion.
Worse still it may take me the rest of my life to forgive myself for my suspicious nature. I should have trusted her; instead I think I have sent Umar to her death by banishing her back to the Dark Dimension to face her brother’s wrath. I’ve also discovered much to my dismay that The Kirby’s navigational system is frozen. Even if I wanted to I’m not sure I could redesign and or rebuild it, especially without the ‘Cosmic Rod’. Currently it will only navigate to three destinations; The Negative Zone, The Dark Dimension, and my home. The Null Drive will have to be deemed a scientific failure. Which means that Hala will have to wait. I suppose I’ll have to see if Thaddeus can take a look at it, maybe he can house it on that damn ‘blimp’ of his. Inter-dimensional travel really was and is more his cup of tea than mine. I wonder if I’ll ever see Umar again, and if I do will I be greeted with tender ministrations or a knife in my back…

Case Closed.

Helium Francis & The Fairly Unknown Army of Earth 1,111

The Aquarian, Haven, & Quasar were pulled into Earth 1,111. There the First World War never ended. Britain & Germany control the world. It's a Victorian Space Age. The U.S. of England (formerly the United States Of America) is overrun with refugees and due to chemical and biological warfare large portions of the Eastern Europe and most of Asia is uninhabitable. The 'States' have become the refuge of the Kings Of America ruling with an iron fist over thier New World serfs.

Meanwhile Germany has turned most of the Middle East and Africa into a slave state and continues to forge their new Reich war machine ahead to crush the plucky Brits. The world's natural resources are being used at an alarming pace, as the powers of civilization seem to be in the throes of mutually assured destruction. Intrigue abounds as money has become hard to come by and wars are expensive. Enter Helium Francis, this world's first real Superhuman. Caught in a horrible dirigible accident and exposed to irradiated Helium he speaks in a nigh incomprehensibly high voice without the help of his Atmospheric Converter.

The Aquarian, Haven, & Quasar were brought to the U.S.E. by the Brit Helium Francis (with his Atmospheric Converter he speaks in a baritone voice, but has control over gravity/density). Francis is a rebel against the Kings Of America in the USE and formerly an agent of his beloved Queen of England. Unlike Britain in it's perpetual war state, the government in the U.S.E. has become opulent & completely corrupt. The rebels here are the heroes, trying desperately to forge a new American Dream. Along with his Fairly Secret Army, Haven, the Aquarian, & Quasar helped him rescue his sister who was captured by the "Royal Government" and tortured for information. Francis is trying to foster the 2nd Revolutionary War, while at the same time not crippling his home nation in it's continued battle against 'Jerry' and their South American allies.

Once his sister was returned, Helium helped the lost heroes get back home. As Francis' Gravitational Oscillator reached critical mass agents of the Kings Of America, namely Ginny Blossom, The Emancipator, & the Duke Of Steam broke through the assembled might of the Fairly Secret Army. Francis' was able to send the 'lost' heroes home as the battle turned against him and his Army. The last image Quasar, the Aquarian, & Haven witnessed from Earth 1,111 was Francis' sister being poisoned by Ginny Blossom's alcohol touch and Helium Francis crushing The Emancipator inside his own coal powered armor.

No one knows whether Helium Francis or his Fairly Unknown Army survived this battle...

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