Monday, March 7, 2011

Black Dog VS. Red Dawn

* = Do yourself, your ears, your wardrobe, and your soul a favor join The Fairly Secret Army!

First things first Dave is now selling T-shirts for his BRILLIANT new music ‘band’ The Fairly Secret Army. As much as I love The Endless, 1,000 Suns, and Waves Of Mercury they have paled in comparison to the eclectic, fun, and supremely catchy The Fairly Secret Army project. So I advise you contact David for a copy of the upcoming CD, and until then follow his blog on the project, & buy one of the upcoming T-Shirts, YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!

Its official March 25th is the SWAYZE-A-THON! I’m not sure what the flicks will be, but I mean its Swayze so it can’t really go wrong can it? It was a bit of a bizarre weekend since I didn’t get a whole lot done really in terms of gaming stuff, although I started Obsidian Portal Wikis for both the upcoming D&D campaign & the current Marvel SAGA campaign.
Oh and I did some cleaning around the house. And Mighty Mike and I got together Sunday in our first preparations for this summer’s Basement Sci-Fi War!

Mike is going with Space Barbarians, using Chaos Warriors from WH40K with a smattering of hybrid bugs, aka WH40K Tyranids. I’m going with a less conventional take on the 40K universe. We’re going to play what I hope is a long campaign of skirmishes, boarding actions, and all out war. It sounds as if Dave is also intrigued, which would be a cool addition, and make it more of Galactic Conflict. Either way Mike put together some fantastic miniatures this weekend, and has inspired me to get some of my stuff left put together and then ‘statted’ out using the No Limits rule set. I’m hoping we start in June.

Since I did so little I’m not even sure why I’m even blogging today, but that’s never stopped me before from giving the masses their…


- We are getting ready to start watching The IT Crowd (I’ve already cheated and watched some). What I’ve seen was hilarious. I’m hoping that Cassandra loves it as much as I do.
- I grilled yesterday in the SNOW, that’s Man Cred.
- In case I didn’t get it across above, David’s The Fairly Secret Army project is one of the better things I’ve listened to in the last year. I’m fortunate enough to know or even be friends with a disturbingly large amount of creative and incredibly talented individuals. So when someone puts out something it should be devoured by the masses who read this poorly constructed drivel. So again go forth and MARCH IN THE FAIRLY SECRET ARMY!
- Cassandra thank you for ALL that you do, it is appreciated.
- Speaking of my lovely wife she’s sucked me into watching Rehab Addict on DIY Network. I’m learning some, and it’s kinda neat to watch a show based out of the same city you live in. Not to mention the house the woman is working on in Minnehaha.
- Anthony, any news on the Monster Card front?
- The NFL Labor agreement ‘fight’ is really a downer. I’m not going to get into the whole “Millionaires Vs. Billionaires” thing, but I will say that if there is now NFL next year I don’t know if I’ll go back to it when it does return. I love football, LOVE IT, but I don’t ‘need’ the NFL. I like the college game quiet a bit. Sure I’ll miss the Combine, the Playoffs, hell even the Draft… Oh whom am I kidding, NFL I CAN’T QUIT YOU! Please for the love of all that is holy get this crap straightened out.
- Oh that thing I said about BYU last week, forget it. No Pre-Martial Sex = Failure To Reach The Final Four
- Saturday is the 3rd ‘Issue’ of the Twin Cities Marvel SAGA Campaign. I’ll be intrigued as to who is going to be there. I’m excited to see how I can tie some of the plots together and deal with the fact that some of the team is trapped in the Negative Zone while one member is still on Earth. How will I possibly tie them together? COMICS, that’s how!
- To the Weather Terrorists calling for a FOOT of snow on Wed. know that I hate you with a passion that eclipses the sun.
- GAH! I still didn’t paint this weekend. I need to make a commitment to a minimum of ten figures a week that is now the goal, ten finished figures a week. Now watch how I completely and utterly fail at that.
- I don’t mean to brag, but my Mohawk looks damn good.

And I’m off to mutter curses under my breath about snow…

“You thought you'd conquered space
But now your reign is through
Dissect the human race
Until they conquer you

Fame is now mine
Even though it's illusion
Space and now time
Has just reached its conclusion

2000 years ago
My race created you
We turned you loose in space
Now a polluted zoo

Fate is no crime
I can face this illusion
Space and now time
Has just reached its conclusion

Light years are passing before me I'll soon begin
Carnivores roam the stars all in the place of men
Singular manifestation of time

And as your kingdom falls
I've taken after you
You may have wished this on me
And now you see it through

Your time is rolling over
My time is coming soon
I'll resurrect the ancient spores
Eclipse the Vargr moon

Matter warps space
So now time is illusion
How can I face this miraculous conclusion?

Light years are passing before me I'll soon begin
Right from the start I can see you're an alien
Singular manifestation of time

Your stories do amuse me
Although your eyes are vacant
I did not wish this on you
Your madness is quite blatant
Inside your mind I see the source of your hallucinations
Your body's wasted but your brain's on fire

The future still looks grim now
The human race is wasted
But soon you must turn over
The power you have tasted
In all your mercy I can see you are an ideal agent
To bring this curse upon the galaxy
Wait and see

Light years are passing before me I'll soon begin
Carnivores roam the stars all in the place of man
Infinite manifestation of time”

* = Might this be a picture from the Shadow Bazaar, maybe someone who tried to cheat Ghita Grey-Eye of payment for services?


  1. Ben, do you know who jade4u3 is?

  2. Off the top of my head no... Let me look into it.