Friday, March 11, 2011

El Friday-O!

So it’s that time again…


All the man used to do was impregnate Super Models & win Super Bowls. Now you can add Fashion Plate to his resume.


Hey it stars Tia Carrerra & Adam West, it’s got a Zombie, Ace Of Spades by Motorhead, & it’s from Canada. Throw in Mike & The Bots what’s not to love?


I’m still not sure just how I feel about this dude as Conan. I mean it could be worse, a lot worse. They had the look down of the Solomon Kane flick even if it turned out to be anything other than an actual Solomon Kane story, so I guess there is hope that it will look good. Why can’t Hollywood do Howard or Lovecraft justice?


Speaking of Lovecraft I read that Universal is putting Del Toro’s adaptation of Lovecraft’s only real novel, At The Mountains Of Madness, on hold. Let’s see you’ve got Del Toro fired up to direct, James Cameron wants to produce, and Tom Cruise wants to star in an epic Rated R version of one of Lovecraft’s most intriguing tales. It could be one of those seminal horror film moments, and yet a big studio would rather give us a film based on a board game, yes I’m looking at you Battleship: The Movie. This is why I’ve basically given up on things that the studios regurgitate upon the masses. Let these very successful, creative folks take something with a fervent fan base and run with it. Instead we get Del Toro doing a giant monster movie for them called Pacific Rim. Don’t get me wrong I’m all ‘bout that, but it won’t touch what could be this generation’s John Carpenter’s The Thing (Infinite *’s out of 5). The stars are right, let this happen.


This is gross, interesting, and sort of creepy. Check it out;

Now my fungal overlords are telling me that it’s time for some…


- I guess Godzilla isn’t looking so bad after all. Seeing the after effects of the ‘quake in Japan is just bizarre. The disconnect is so great it’s almost like I’m just seeing clips of a bad disaster movie. It reminds me of how I felt when 9/11 happened. When you see something so unreal you almost always try to placate yourself by saying, ‘gotta be a movie…” It’s not and it’s a not so subtle reminder that there are forces beyond our control on this tiny little sphere in the universe. Frightening stuff.
- I’ve got ten minis, well actually like 15, to dip today. That means I’ll have officially held true on my 10 A Week plan.
- Marvel SAGA is Saturday. I have a solid idea where things are going. The Dave/Haven situation has a suitable solution, but I may take it somewhere else as well. There are so many possibilities.
- Last night I rejoined the Board Gaming Circle. We busted out some Cosmic Encounters (**** ½ out of 5). It’s just a great game and the expansions basically ensure that you’d have to play the game hundreds of times before lessening the replay value. I even happened to take the last game with David. WINNING!
- Between the little stunt in WI pulled by the Republicans and the ‘hearings’ by Rep. King on the radicalization of Muslims is there any doubt that we are knee deep in the long prophesized and desired “Culture War” the Neo-Cons have been talking about since the early 90’s? These folks have managed to gather a voting block of angry, disenfranchised, bible thumping, intellectual haters. When I hear how “I’m a white middle class man, I’m the most discriminated against person in America”, or my new favorite “Fat cat teachers and their benefits” I can’t help but first laugh at the absurdity of those comments but secondly shudder in fear at the ignorance. While the Neo-Cons and their Big Business Special Interest Masters languish on their beds of money they have effectively turned the Middle Class on itself. Oh and Democrats aren’t angels either. They too bow to Special Interest groups, corrupt Unions, and also to Big Business. It’s becoming more and more obvious that the system is drastically broken. What I fear is that rather than a rational discussion and direction we’ll simply continue to be fanned into fervor by people in Ivory Towers all the will enjoying the fruits of their labor and the dissection of country into fiefdoms built upon their beloved ‘Culture War’. It’s a sad realization.
- I’m thinking ‘bout grilling this weekend.

See I had to lighten it up after a political diatribe.

“Bound for the black country
as the light recedes behind
Upon the white odonatar
Witch's vision as their guide

Be wary and keep watch tonight
Make sure your weapon's at hand
Here in the land where shines no light
death can strike you where you stand

There in the ruins
borne of darkness
Approaching the altar
as the arrows begin to fly

Beware the tribes of night
They take no one alive

So star wary and keep watch tonight
Make sure your weapon's at hand
Here in the land where shines no light
death can strike you where you stand”

* = Hey that Genasai is fighting a flippin' Displacer Beast!


  1. Nova episode on string theory. Awesome!

  2. You KNOW I love(s) me some String Theory. Hell the Marvel SAGA Campaign is built upon the idea of someone unraveling the 'String' of the Multi-verse. WHOOPS! Now I've said to much. At least no one reads this...OR do they...