Friday, April 15, 2011

Thank God You Got LEARNED!

Another Friday, another way for me to better your lives.


So I’m thinking July will be the month, and I think I have my burger thought out, now we just have to build a crown to adorn the Burger King &/or Queen’s head once I, ER, whomever proves their BURGER MIGHT!


The last week or so I’ve endured nothing but harassment from Joe K. about not including enough about the birth of his daughter, not a big deal really. Then I received this picture. It’s a Baby Mullet. Joe’s daughter has her business in the front a great big party in the back. Precious.


I’m a fan of the Planet of the Apes franchise, even the Tim Burton flick. I think it’s an interesting commentary on society. All that being said it’s also a series full of talking monkeys. And as everyone knows monkeys make everything better.


So this Phil Taylor from Baylor is who I’m seeing quiet a few of the Draft-niks tout as the Chief’s pick. I’m not sure how I feel about that seeing as the other Pouncy brother is out there and Wiegman might retire. This is what’s so weird about this year’s draft is that the league is in such flux, and so are a lot of the teams, it feels as if anything could happen.


I talk about it non-stop, I love it more than words, so what better way to illustrate it than give you an episode to get as hooked as I have.

Base villain I would give unto thee…


- You know the Sport’s Abyss is in full effect when I’m contemplating watching NBA playoffs gawds forgive me.
- I’ve been devouring one of Karl Edward Wagner’sKane’ books. The first thing I have to point out is the dialogue is clunky, very clunky, it’s not unreadable but it’s off-putting. However the premise is interesting. Kane is not really a hero, and I wouldn’t really classify him as even an anti-hero, he’s basically a villain, which makes things very fascinating. Thus far I’m not blown away, but I’m damn intrigued.
- Hey Ant, do you want me to bring any board games tomorrow to ‘The Cloud’?
- I think I’m going to re-read DMG 2 to look at my encounter building skills. Some of the DMing blogs I read have really put a bug in my bonnet about the way I build and run them. I think my ‘world building’ skills are decent, NPC creation is good, story building is fantastic, but encounters need a bit of work. The same could be said of my trap design and my non-combat skill encounters.
- It is friggin’ cold out, and I don’t like it.
- After five months of waiting my ‘Steam Knight’ heads are finally on their way. I’m going to use them with some MaxMini bodies I’ve had for three months to make a ten-man unit of elite troops for my Sci-Fi army.
- How come there is not a 4E Super Hero game?
- It’s bizarre I put out a Marvel SAGA teaser into the e-mail this week, one I felt was sort of interesting, and I’ve heard nothing from anyone. I know I slowed down on the teasers, mainly because I didn’t want to paint myself into a story corner, but not hearing anything is disappointing.
- Thank you Dave for the phone singing last night, I needed that laugh.
- I’ve not painted at all this week, which is disappointing. Maybe I needed a two-week break. The reality is Sunday I should get off my ass and get some painting done. Even if it’s just finishing the partially painted pieces on the table.

And with that I’m done for the week, I hope…

“They do their best, they do what they can
They get them ready for Viet Nam

From old Hanoi to East Berlin
Commando - involved again

They do their best, they do what they can
They get them ready for Viet Nam

First rule is: The laws of Germany
Second rule is: Be nice to mommy
Third rule is: Don't talk to commies
Fourth rule is: Eat kosher salamis”

* = I'm thinking a Ravenloft type encounter for teh DnD group in the future, 'The Lonely House'. Now I just need to tie the story to the campaign.


  1. How about, after yard work on Sunday (if it's not freezing or snowing), we paint minis together? :-D