Friday, July 29, 2011

Mr. Mom Vs. Adventures In Babysitting

* = I'm not sure why, but it makes me giggle.

It’s Friday, I have a limited attention span and I’m getting focused on tomorrow’s festivities, so it’ll be short today.


This actually looks better than the ‘prequel’. Thank you Joe!


I finally finished the second Thieves’ World book, Tales From The Vulgar Unicorn (*** out of 5). The last story sort of killed it for me, but I really do enjoy the setting of ‘Sanctuary’. It’s a little ‘grim dark’ for me, but for whatever reason I enjoy it. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s in an anthology format with the writers playing with each other’s toys. Although I’d have to say the last story seems to break that agreement a bit. Decent anyways.


I’m not a whiskey guy, not at all, but last night Christina introduces me to this little beverage. It’s smooth, it’s sweet, which kills that whiskey burn, and best of all you can just drink it over ice.

Let’s wrap it up with a tiny bit ‘O…


- Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson is now a Patriot! This is officially the craziest offseason of Football ever.
- Hopefully it’ll be nice and cool tomorrow night so we can bust out the fire pit. I think it would be fun to end the festivities around the fire, perhaps partaking of a cool beverage, smug and full of the satisfaction of devouring so much good food. Oh and wearing that F’Ning Crown signifying MY VICTORY!
- Danny Glover + SyFy ChannelBudget / Bad CGI = Age Of Dragons.

Tomorrow night on SyFy, it’s going to be…something.
- Dave’s having back surgery. I’m really happy for him. I know it sounds silly, but it has sucked to watch that dude struggle with some serious pain and not be able to help out. I for one can’t wait for him to fly through this surgery& recovery so he can get back to living pain free.
- Last night I had one of the best Lasagnas I’ve ever eaten. Thank you Cassandra.

See told you it would be short…

“All I've ever wanted was destiny to be fulfilled,
it is in my hands, I must not fail,
I must not fail.

Even through the darkest days,
this fire burns, always.
this fire burns, always.

This is the broken ground
Misery begins to rise.
Turn away from yesterday,
tomorrow's in my eyes.

Nevermore to be held down
by the wings of history.
Nevermore to be cast aside,
this day is mine.

Even through the darkest days,
this fire burns, always.
this fire burns, always.

I will not be denied
in this final hour.
I will not be denied,
this day is mine.

The passion inside me,
is burning, is burning.
The passion inside me,
is burning, is burning.

Even through the darkest days,
this fire burns always (always).
This fire burns (fire burns) always.

Always (always).”

* = Best In The World, that's why.


  1. LOVE the cat picture!!

    P.S. I think I'm going to be making that lasagna again sooner rather than later.

  2. C.,
    1) So do I.
    2) I wholeheartedly endorse this decision.