Tuesday, August 2, 2011

River Of Death Vs. Street Justice

* = Losing the Driveway Burger War doesn't make the people who finished 1st & 2nd better than me, it just makes me like everyone else. A Loser.

Saturday was the fabled Driveway Burger War. I did not win. Now you’d think that that would be ‘crushing’ blow to my ego, but you’d be wrong. I didn’t win because, single tear here folks, I didn’t have the best burger. Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVED my burger, it was just that the ‘peeps’ found two better.

Finishing third is respectable. I don’t like it, but it’s respectable. In the end Daniel & Alex won, and their burger was delicious, although I’d say the caramelized onions made it. And my new brother-in-law Lee took second with the most amazing pork loin sandwich in the history of MANKIND! Granted, not really a burger, but we make exceptions for family. Seriously, Lee’s sandwich was insane, and oh so simple.

I hate you Lee. I hate you for taking something SO simple and making it so damn addictive. Did I just type that outloud?

Congrats to those that participated and won. It was a really good time, even though the weather sucked balls. It was good to see some of the ‘Old Work’ crew, have family there, and eat some amazing food. The reality was there wasn’t a single bad burger there. Usually when you have something like this someone makes something that I think is just ‘ok’, Saturday that was NOT the case as everything prepared was excellent.

Who knows, maybe next time we do something like this I might even win.

I finished Keith Baker’s Queen Of Stone (**** out of 5) last night. I went in with low expectations and really only a very passing knowledge of the Eberron fantasy setting, so I was honestly blown away by how much I really dug the setting, the characters, and the tale. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since Baker was the creator of the Eberron setting, sort of a pulpish D&D world post ‘Great War’.

I think the big thing Baker did was crush me with tiny chapters that kept sucking into the next one. That coupled with some very interesting characters, I’m looking at you Thorn of Breland, Sir Stormblade, & The Queen Of Stone herself, made me WANT to finish the book. From what I’ve found on ‘teh interweb(s)’ this is the first book of a trilogy. So I have some searching at Half-Priced Books to do.


- I have my fingers crossed that Dark Dave’s back surgery not only goes well, but that he has a speedy recovery.
- Zack S., whom I talk about so much on this blog you’d think I’m sporting a ‘nerdfatuation’, style of random tables in D&D has set me off on a table-making rampage. I have yet to really be too imaginative in coming up with anything as amazingly original as the source material or as the folks heavy into the ‘Old School’ D&D movement, but I’m getting there. I think it’ll add of unexpected flair to my games and challenge me to not be married to a particular narrative. In the end I learn so much from the other bloggers out there about how to be not only a better DM, but more imaginative, a better communicator, and a better facilitator of ‘the fun’.
- I think I might paint tonight.
- Speaking of painting, I'm intrigued by the Wizkids/Paizo relationship. Looks like we ARE going to get new fantasy pre-paints that A) Won't be crazy expensive & B) Will come out more than twice a year. For those keeping score that was me bitching at Reaper's Legendary Encounters line, or what they try to pass off as a line.
- I've got to get back to watching Old School Doctor Who again.
- F’ Bryant McKinnie! Not only are you a useless hump of a human, but also you came into camp fat and out of shape. FOR SHAME. You are a perfect example why regular folks hate pro athletes.

And if you want to know where the other dude in the picture is, McKinnie ate him.
- I really want to play Conquest Of Nerath.
- If I was a lucky man I’d be able to go home right now and take a flippin’ nap. I’m not sure what the reason is, but lately my sleep pattern has been all sorts of messed up. I sleep really hard for around three hours and then I’m in and out of restless sleep. It doesn’t help that my hip is still bothering me, but it’s not the only reason I’m struggling. I need to figure it out soon though, ‘cause I’m sick of being tired.

AND with that I’m done.

“What you gonna do? Time's caught up with you
Now you wait your turn, you know there's no return
Take your written rules, you join the other fools
Turn to something new, now it's killing you

First it was the bomb, Vietnam napalm
Disillusioning, you push the needle in
From life you escape, reality's your fate
Colours in your mind satisfy your time

Oh you, you know you must be blind
To do something like this
To take the sleep that you don't know
You're giving Death a kiss,
Oh, little fool now

Your mind is full of pleasure
Your body's looking ill
To you it's shallow leisure
So drop the acid pill, don't stop to think now

You're having a good time baby
But that won't last
Your mind's all full of things
You're living too fast
Go out enjoy yourself
Don't bottle it in
You need someone to help you
To stick the needle in, yeah

Now you know the scene, your skin starts turning green
Your eyes no longer seeing life's reality
Push the needle in, face death's sickly grin
Holes are in your skin, caused by deadly pin

Head starts spinning 'round, you fall down to the ground
Feel your body heave, Death's hands starts to weave
It's too late to turn, you won't want to learn
Price of life you cry, now you're gonna die!”

* = That's one B.A. Halfling...


  1. Lee's sandwich was awesome!! We might have to take a stab at making that ourselves. What do you think our next food competition should be?

  2. I think we could make a decent version of "The Lee". As for the next competition, I'm not really sure. We should try and come up with a few ideas and then go from there.