Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer Of Sam Vs. Art Of War

* = It's whats for dinner...

Currently I’m like Stretch Armstrong, except without the stretchiness.

See I’m not sure what I’ve done to my left hip, since it usually only gives me problems when I’m stressed, but it’s killing me. Killing me to the point that I’m having trouble sleeping and now both my hips hurt and my lower back is enflamed. It feels like I’m being pulled apart joint by joint starting at my ankles and working all the way up to my lower back. I stayed home yesterday and used heat to loosen up my affected areas, and it’s worked a bit, but as of right now around noon the next day, I’m already starting to tighten back up.

The bad thing is the day isn’t even half over yet. Not to mention I can’t keep popping Ibuprofen like I am currently. It makes me groggy, and it can’t be good for my insides. Hopefully I can just continue to stretch, apply the heat, and maybe get a REALLY good night of sleep to start to shake this, because right now it’s becoming a serious problem.

At least I have my imaginary life to keep me occupied. I’ve had an idea for a D&D Campaign sort of on the back burner in my head for a while, and eventually I might get to it. The premise is the players all are 5th level ‘criminals’ in Sigil, The City Of Doors & center of the Multiverse. They are sentenced to exile on a backwater world as punishment for their various ‘crimes’, but to get there they must survive a trip through one of the Domains Of Dread in the Shadowfell.

I think it has some legs. Possibly a campaign built around ‘Unaligned’ characters either seeking redemption, possibly seeking proof of innocence, or even just seeking peace with their sins. It would be a stretch role-playing wise, I’d most likely use a smaller group of three players, and it would be supplementary to my regular group. This might be a good group for you Dave. Something to continue to ponder

Beasts Of War dot com, one of my favorite websites, just reviewed Terraclips, which is coming out in 6 days by the by.

And it looks fantastic. This coupled with Zack Sabbath’s Vornheim book are really pushing me to add some serious city adventuring to my current campaign. Speaking of Vornheim I’ve been using the format of Zack’s fantastic tables to build some of my own on Excel for my current campaign. Surprisingly enough I’m having a blast doing it and it’s a nice mental exercise in small, random creativity. As for Terraclips I think I’ve made my feelings abundantly clear, both here on my blog and with my wallet, so I’ll refrain from continuing to beat you over the head with my enthusiasm.


NFL Free Agency is on the cusp of kicking off with the Labor Deal finally done.

Thus far all I’ve really seen has to do with the Vikings, especially since KFAN is Viking-centric in coverage. So the Vikes have let Sydney Rice take off to Seattle. I’d love to say I’m sad by this, but I’m really not. If he wants to go to the Northwest and again be on a team fronted by T. Jack, go ahead. He had one big year with a Hall Of Fame Quarterback at the helm. I seem to remember his numbers being much lower when he and Tavaris were both in Purple. As for the trade for Donovan McNabb, I have to say I’m intrigued. The Vikings needed a veteran Quarterback, and McNabb needs a bit of career re-invigoration. I’m not a Shanahan guy, and really do feel that “The Rat” did his best to screw McNabb in D.C. last year. I think McNabb still has some tread on those tires and if the Offensive Line is better than last year than there is a chance for success. As for the other things going on around the league;
- Haynesworth to the Patriots is HUGE, and I’m not just talking about ‘Fat Albert’. When motivated Albert Haynesworth is dangerous. He’ll be the Defensive End in the 3-4 with Wilfork at the Nose, he can stuff the run, and he is insanely effective as a pass rusher. Belichick might have just added a difference maker for next to nothing.
- Reggie Bush is now a Dolphin, and I don’t care. He’s a marginal talent when healthy, who played in a system that was perfect for him. In fact the only thing he's done since college that's worth a damn is this;

and that's even debatable. He’s going to a team without a proven Quarterback, and whose offensive system is in flux. Personally I don’t see him doing much.
- Steve Breaston is a Chief! Another weapon now added to the young receiving core and take some of the pressure of Dewayne Bowe. Breaston is a very good 2nd option in any offense, but you put him in an attack with Tony Maoki, Bowe, & McCluster coupled with a very good rushing attack? Then you have some serious firepower. No more excuses for Matt Cassell.
- Rumor has it the Vikes are trying to get a deal done for the LT Bushrod in New Orleans that would mean a FINAL bye-bye to that walking pile of excrement Bryant McKinnie. One can hope.
It’s an exciting time for football fans, as the trades and the free agent signings are starting to come fast and furious.

I think it’s time for your Doctor recommended dose of…


- Saturday is fast approaching. There is a ton of trash talking on “teh Facebook(s)”. I love being the ‘heel’ in all this. It gets people excited, and makes the idea of getting that Burger Crown mean something. The reality is I do truly feel I have a superior burger, BUT I’m very pumped to see what everyone else comes up with. I think that we’ll get some amazing food out of this. Does this mean I’m backing off my prediction of crushing victory? NOPE, I’m still going to send everyone else home, full of both my delicious burger and of sadness for the crushing of his or her hopes and dreams.
- Chris C. finally sent me back my ECW DVD collection. Holy CRAP is there a lot of fine stuff in that pile.
- Next week I’m back to painting. Life should have slowed down enough for me to get back to this. I have a bucket of stuff to prime now. That doesn’t even account for all the Sci-Fi stuff that’s in middle of being put together and needs primed & painted.
- I played THE HELL out of some Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 on N64

last night. That game is simply FANTASTIC!
- It’s sad, but the lawn could use mowed again already. The Crab Grass has begun a war of attrition across the yard. It grows so damn fast and rampant that it makes the lawn look shoddy. It needs done, but I’ll be damned if I have the ‘legs’ to do it right now. I hate being ‘gimpy’.

I had more to say I’m sure, but right now it has all escaped me.

“When the world's got you down
Rainy Sundays, sunny town
Tropicana, canned foods
Botulism, damaged goods
See the hipsters in the park
Hair so styled, clothes so dark
Prefab molded hamburgers
I don't want a bite of yours

These burgers are crazy
These burgers are crazy
These burgers are crazy
These burgers are crazy

They don't like you, never will
They slip you the happy pill
Assimilation, so they think
Send you to the naughty shrink
You just tell him lies, lies
Paranoia, bugs and flies
You don't like them, never did
You don't like them, never did

These burgers are crazy
These burgers are crazy
These burgers are crazy
These burgers are crazy”

* = Interesting vista, yes?


  1. Okay, I need some geek advice. I was up late last night working on some toons and did this at like 1am:, look at today's post.

    Apparently, my best nerd friend just about flipped at my alternate Star Wars universe. To the point that his response was, "The first thing my alternate Star Wars Universe would do would be to develop a device to find yours and eliminate it. And everyone would work together to do so. Darth Vader working with Obi-Wan. Han Solo working with Jabba the Hutt. Leia working with Grand Moff Tarkin."

    I'm like, whoa, so what if Chewie and Leia have a little fling. Chewbacca can still be married to his Chewie wife on the Chewie planet with their Chewie kids. So what if he and Leia have an illegitimate Chewie-Halfling baby??? It's my damn alternate universe.

    Your thoughts?

  2. By the way, you will not be mowing the lawn this week. It's my turn and if the time and weather are permitting I will either tackle it Friday night or Saturday late morning. {sigh} One of these days I will successfully make that crab grass go away.

    P.S. I know of a stretch that should loosen up your hips.

  3. Hides,
    The card is TOTALLY kick ass and it's my favorite card you've done. Dare I say it's so cute I love it to pieces? Well I do, and I'm comfortable enougn in my masculinity to say it.
    As for the detractors, opinions are like assholes, everyone has one, some are just bigger than others.
    Don't let the whining of the few out shine the genius you produce.

  4. Cassandra,
    You win, as usual. F'n Crab Grass!
    Hmmm, I do need to stretch...