Friday, August 12, 2011

Never Say Never Again Vs. Sleepaway Camp

* = If it was do you really think I'd waste my time and yours by writing this drivel?

FRIDAY! I’ve rarely been so relieved to hit an end of a week. It’s been long, it’s been anti-fun, and it’s almost over. Here is what you should ‘learn’.


The Sword, Slough Feg, and a number of other bands have found this sound, this visceral 70’s pounding sound that is one part Sabbath, one part Zepplin, mix in some Cream and other influences and you have something greater than the sum of it’s parts. This band and the album ‘Hisingen Blues’ (***** out of 5) is outstanding.


So this was you not being held back last night; 3 for 5 for 13 yards, two horrible sacks, and an intentional grounding penalty that was just awful. Boy I’m sure Pete “I’m a Cheater” Carroll and the Seahawks management are glad they verbally spit on the Vikings to prop your sorry ass up. Jackson was and is a serviceable back up he was and will most likely NEVER be a starter. It was very satisfying to watch him get eaten up by a sub-par, disinterested Chargers defense last night.


I still have yet to sit down and enjoy this flick, but if it’s even half as good as this cartoon pilot then my mind will officially be BLOWN!


I’m a Nick Spencer fan. I love(s) me some Doctor Doom. No matter what my issues with Marvel Comics is currently, this looks like a must read.


- Fuck you AMC. Firing Darabont from ‘The Walking Dead’ is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. It’s as if they actively want to ruin the best thing they’ve done as a network.
- I watched a few interesting things this week;
o Harry Potter & The Deathly Hollows Part 2 (***** out of 5)

We finally snuck off to the theatre and watched this. I’m actually quiet surprised it took this long seeing as I’m married to a Potter Fanatic. What to say about the flick? Well it’s perfect. I have not, and I’m not sure I will ever, read the books, but to me it was a pitch perfect ending to what really is a fantastic series of films. I’m not sure how else to describe it other than that, perfect.
o Superheroes (**** out of 5)

The other night we watched a documentary on HBO about ‘real life’ superheroes. People out there actually dress up and go out to ‘fight crime’. I thought this documentary would be funny, but it’s not. It’s sad, it’s scary, and in the end it’s very up lifting. The film is an interesting study in the idea of community awareness, vigilantism, self-delusional behavior, and yet selfless behavior. It’s intriguing, mildly upsetting, funny, and in the end challenging to the rest of us.
- I hope the weather is good Sunday so I can grill a bit.
- Five NFL games last night a crap ton more tonight and tomorrow, FINALLY things are back to the way they should be.
- Terraclips have still not arrived. I wait patiently, hoping that if I just keep mentally pretending that I don’t care that they’ll somehow magically appear on my doorstep that much faster. The reality is I’m irritated with the way this has gone down. I’m not sure if its Miniature Market dot com that’s not on the up and up or if it’s Wyrd not following through correctly on the release date. I’m e-mailed with BOTH parties and I’m more than a little dissatisfied with the ‘answers’ I’ve gotten. Don’t get me wrong, I have done a LOT of business with Miniature Market, a LOT. As for Wyrd they have partnered with World Works Games who I not only respect, but also like as human beings, so they too are getting a pass. I just wish this hadn’t turned into such a frustrating affair. I’m attributing it to ‘growing pains’ coupled with my insane desire for this product. So I wait.
- Mini-True Blood Marathon on Sunday, it should be a good time.
- I had to go to Willmar on Wed., and it sucked, but during the trip I ate Hardees, TWICE! I had forgotten how much I missed the giant portions of greasy spoon goodness that I’m sure is doing it’s best to stop my heart. I couldn’t eat it every day, but as a treat once in a blue moon it was delicious.

I think that’s all I got…

“Going by the riot
call the rest a stone
leading to the isle I don’t wanna go
nothing really matters,
even life or death
meeting with the man
to feel the dragons breath

where is the future?
there is no past
only the present
and will it last?

greed is the product of the fruitful days
brother have no worries
captain adler's case

Lucifer beside me,
We are holding hands
I don't need to travel floating across the land

Oh Lucifer
Please take my hand
Oh Lucifer
Gonna take my hand

It's a way of the dragons curse”

* = That's for you David...

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