Monday, August 8, 2011

Stranger Than Fiction Vs. Little Miss Sunshine

* = Thank the gawds for Beasts Of War dot com. Otherwise I would be completely in the 'Nerd Dark' about what happened at GenCon.

Well that was a short weekend. It never seems as if I really get anything of importance completed during my time at home and it never strikes me as all that restful, all that complaining being said, I had a great weekend. Friday night Cassandra and I watched a TERRIBLE Sy-Fy Channel movie, Age Of Dragons (** out of 5).

All I can really say is man, Danny Glover must have had a car payment due. To watch him portray a version of ‘Ahab’ from Moby Dick trying to kill the dreaded ‘White Wyrm’ was actually quiet hilarious. The movie was MST3K worthy. If Sy-Fy doesn’t make these flicks for my personal amusement, then why are they created?

We were in ‘The Cloud’ Saturday and Ant and I FINALLY got a chance to bust out Conquest Of Nerath (**** ½ out of 5).

It’s a fantastic little war game with a D&Dskin’. I have to compliment the designers, as there is NO wasted time in the game. You are immediately at risk, and the intensity never subsides. We were both surprised at the depth and consequences of the decisions made. It’s a pretty game, the insert is simply the best in the history of board games, it plays quick, but has enough depth to keep you coming back to the table, and more than anything else it’s fun. I ended up winning a hard fought contest. My Undead Legions cut a swath across Nerath destroying everything in their path. I do have to say this game would be INSANE with four players; I look forward to hopefully finding out.

Sunday I did nothing of value to the human race. I sat on my kiester and played Virtual Pro Wrestling 2, cooked a bit of amazing food made of leftovers, and at the end of the night the lovely wife and I watched Bridesmaids (**** ¾ out of 5).

I was really surprised and impressed by the flick. It was funny, strangely insightful, and extremely entertaining. It’s not a ‘chick flick’ and it’s not some sort of pseudo-Hangover. It is it’s own flick, has it’s own merits and in reality is a better flick than any ‘chick flick’ I’ve sat through, and if I’m honest I liked it better than The Hangover. Go see it.

It’s about that time…


- Now WotC is getting BACK into the pre-painted minis arena with a new NON-blind booster war game? Hmm, methinks I smell Paizo/Wizkids Vs. WotC Showdown in the future.

If they stick to the idea of these ‘Battle Packs’ where I can see what I buy, which ironically enough is something Paizo/Wizkids is planning to do AFTER the blind boosters. Either way it’s interesting, and good for gamers like myself.
- I think I’m going to watch Thor tonight.
- I was going to rant about politics and the shit that the Right are doing in WI right now during the recall. Especiall the Evil that is the Koch Brothers
and their concerted effort to undermine the democratic process, but then I remembered that things like that just make me flustered, and since I'm already flustered (See Below) I'm just going to let it go.
- It’s always good to be excited about taking a “solid poo”.
- My Terraclips order is still in limbo.

I have to admit I’m trying, trying REAL hard, to be optimistic and patient about the wait. All that being said, I WANT MY STUFF! Sheesh, you put out a release date for a reason, when you fail to meet it it’s really frustrating to those of us who have dropped a MASSIVE amount of cash on your product. I know that this is Wyrd & WWG’s first attempt at doing this, but thus far if the product wasn’t SO good and I already didn’t think the world of Denny and the crew at WWG then I would have cancelled my Pre-Order and just said “to hell with it”.

- Then again I’m a raging Internet ‘fan boy’ so my anger really isn’t that important in the overall scheme of things.
- Maybe I’ll throw together a Chicken Carbonara tonight for my wonderful wife.
- Football on Saturday. FINALLY! I know it’s only preseason, but I’ll be damned if I’m not excited and relieved.
- Sorry I didn’t call you on Sunday David.

And with that sad admission of guilt I bring today to a close.

“Acting like Mo Jo’s
Acting like body bagger’s
Let the bells ring
Rejoice and sing

Jim Jones, where did you come from
Jim Jones, Was it for fun
Jim Jones, That’s your name
Jim Jones, Style of death

This sects the promised land
Are you ready to all meet God?
Bart’s Killers Holding hands
Do not fight the odds
Try to make ’em sick drink up
Be merry and be dead

The Zero Hero

Some of them might get sex
together with that boring joke
Mercenaries disciples
with bibles and rifles
In temple of people
To The Book of People
No Poster hanging high

and I do, but I don’t ask why
And I do, But I don’t ask why
why ah ha,ha,ha,ha
oh lord you Die”

* = That many Memes in a Blog = FAIL.


  1. Wow, I didn't realize that going to see Harry Potter would change so many wonderful plans! Maybe we'll get to do some of them tonight. Carbonara!!!!!!!

  2. I still owe you that Carbonara...