Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sweet Home Alabama Vs. Fools Rush In

* = Jesus-Man, Jesus-Man, does whatever a Jesus can...

Nothing really special today, I just figured it’s never a bad time to bust out a blog…

I’m beginning my dig through Castle Ravenloft. I’m seeing that stylistically it’s perfect for what I want to try and get done in the ‘one off’ game in December. However I think I’m going to have to make some monster substitutions, and possibly add some traps. I haven’t taken the time yet to dig out Open Grave and look at Strahd’s

stats in 4E yet, but I’m sure once I do it’ll help me get a better feel for the menagerie I should be building around his aforementioned home. I’m really excited about this project. I’m thinking of using low lighting, my two disc Hammer House Of Horror soundtrack, and really trying to set an evocative mood to go along with what I think can be more than just a dungeon crawl, but instead can be horrific haunted house.

The idea of doing this Castle Ravenloft project has made me re-think my D&D Adventure System Domains Of Dread: Lamordia project. As much as I’d love to finish that, it’s most likely not going to happen since I have yet to find a partner in crime on it.

That being said I could easily flesh it out into a ‘one-off’ all day D&D session. This in turn also makes me think about going back and running a ‘one-off’ of Expedition To The Barrier Peaks, which I’ve NEVER run, but desperately want to! These would be more straightforward linear adventures with beginning, middles, and ends. If we did this every six months or so I think it could be a good time. I do have those three adventures I put together for my failed attempt to put together a D&D Quest style game last year. Those three would be EASY conversions to 4E play, and would be perfect for the idea of ‘one-off’ all day sessions. Something to contemplate.

Last night Josey came over with a cooler full of the fish he caught in Alaska, and we smoked the CRAP out of some Halibut, Cod, & Salmon. We smoked so much of it that I have a bunch of leftovers that are headed with us to ‘The Cloud’ for the weekend. So Ant, I’m not sure if I’ll see you on Sunday or not, I really hope so, but if I do we’ll be knee deep in delicious smoked fish.

I’m trying to cure two pieces of salmon with a salt & sugar curing method. They’ve got to set in the cure for at least 36 hours. I really hope they turn out. Josey was insanely generous to bring this stuff over, allow me to cook it, eat it, and keep the leftovers, but hey he’s a hell of a guy so what did I really expect.

Joe has convinced me to get an E-reader, if for no other reason than comics, and D&D books. If I can find one as cheap as he got his, $40.00, that’s color and has a zoom function I think I’m going to part with that cash right quick. I think it will make it easier for D&D, it’ll get me back to reading comics regularly, and might give me similar options that I have at home with reading multiple books at one time, when we are visiting somewhere else. Not to mention $40.00 isn’t to bad a price, in fact it’s downright affordable.

See I’ve already blabbed away more than I even thought I would. Let’s wrap it up with some…


- Who in the BLUE HELL spends $200.00 on shoes? Who are these people? Where did they get $200.00 spend on shoes? Do they officially get their ‘Man Card’ pulled if they do so? I just don’t get it.
- Frog Brigade’s front to back cover of Pink Floyd’s Animals is transcendent.

- The Seany-Bear is in Kindergarten, & he’s going to be six soon. How long before I start my hard-core campaign to Geek him up? I mean I am the boy’s Uncle I have an obligation to get his first set of dice, to run his first game with his dad, to explain what a Beholder is, to hook him up with his first comic, to build LEGO forts with him. Aren’t these the duties of a nerdy Uncle?
- There was frost on the flora this morning it was glorious.
- I’m very happy that the DCnU is doing so well. I’m intrigued by a lot of the titles, I think I’m more intrigued though to see what they do with some of the characters who were getting small run prior to this soft reboot. What’s going to happen to the T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents, or the Red Circle characters, or the non-Statix Milestone characters, etc. DC is sitting on a lot of interesting properties. I’d like to see them integrate them a little more thoroughly into this shared universe. If for no other reason than some new villains getting some run.
- I need some primer to finish priming minis before it gets to cold.
- Maybe I convince the wife to bust out some PS2 or X-box mutli-player dungeon crawling tonight or tomorrow just to spend some quality couch time together. Maybe D&D Heroes or Champions Of Norath.
- Is Magog alive in the rebooted DCnU?

- Paizo & Wizkids should be putting out some pictures very soon of more of the pieces in their Pathfinder pre-painted upcoming sets. I’m intrigued, but not sold on this product, so I really want to see what they are throwing out there. In addition with Wizards Of The Coast jumping back into the pre-painted market with a NON-blind booster set-up I want to see what they are offering. I think more than anything I’m interested in comparing the two to see which, if either or possibly both, is going to get some of my hard earned cash.
- Pumpkin pie and turkey, maybe that’s what I’m hungry for.

Well time isn’t going to kill itself…

“Big man, pig man, ha ha charade you are.
You well heeled big wheel, ha ha charade you are.
And when your hand is on your heart,
You're nearly a good laugh,
Almost a joker,
With your head down in the pig bin,
Saying "Keep on digging."
Pig stain on your fat chin.
What do you hope to find.
When you're down in the pig mine.
You're nearly a laugh,
You're nearly a laugh
But you're really a cry.

Bus stop rat bag, ha ha charade you are.
You fucked up old hag, ha ha charade you are.
You radiate cold shafts of broken glass.
You're nearly a good laugh,
Almost worth a quick grin.
You like the feel of steel,
You're hot stuff with a hatpin,
And good fun with a hand gun.
You're nearly a laugh,
You're nearly a laugh
But you're really a cry.

Hey you, Whitehouse,
Ha ha charade you are.
You house proud town mouse,
Ha ha charade you are
You're trying to keep our feelings off the street.
You're nearly a real treat,
All tight lips and cold feet
And do you feel abused?
.....! .....! .....! .....!
You gotta stem the evil tide,
And keep it all on the inside.
Mary you're nearly a treat,
Mary you're nearly a treat
But you're really a cry.”

* = Supervillian team-up INDEED!

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