Monday, October 24, 2011

Critters Vs. While You Were Sleeping

* = Interesting. Perhaps this is a strong message from the collective Interweb(s) of how I'll have to 'roll' on Halloween...

Holy Monday Batman! I have absolutely zero, none, no, nada desire to do anything of any worth the rest of society today. It’s as if I’m looking around and all I’m seeing is obstructions to me napping, playing some video games, and generally doing as little as possible. The world has put up these roadblocks to my goal of absolute laziness, and I’m not happy with them. NOT HAPPY AT ALL!

Although it could be worse, I could be busy, unhappy, or just generally annoyed, but I’m saving that for later on in the week. So this weekend when I wasn’t playing NCAA College Football 2007, more on that later, I had an opportunity to watch a flick. Here’s what I thought;

- The Road (**** out of 5)

Wow. Hey kids do you like movies that are as much fun as watching someone brutalize and then murder your favorite childhood pet? Well then guess what? I’ve got a movie for you. This movie is the equivalent of the last fifteen minutes of The Mist (***** out of 5). It steps on your throat and never lets up with the emotional brutality. I was surprised that the feel didn’t distract from the film itself. The vibe is bleak, the colors drab and dark, & the humanity is anything but human. The saving grace(s) are the two main characters and their journey. Viggo Mortenson is just unbelievable as ‘The Father’, and while the young actor who plays ‘The Boy’ is good he’s simply in Viggo’s wake. The brilliant part is that the brutality is all implied, rarely performed, and almost never seen. Now we do, now and again, see the aftermath, or the potential of what is about to take place, but what we don’t see is just what happens, and believe it or not THAT makes it all the more terrifying. In the end this is a film about humanity, how one fosters it, how one loses it, and what it really means to be a human being. It’s wrapped in one of the most disturbing, sad, and gut wrenching films I’ve seen in awhile. If you really like great movies and have the stomach for the depressing journey then take some time and watch The Road.

I was so drained emotionally after watching what basically was someone kicking me in the emotional nut sack for two hours that I had to have some ‘ME’ time to get back my chi. So I busted out NCAA College Football 2007

and began my new dynasty. This leads me to what will now be a new on-going part of my blog;


- So I went with KU as my team, I mean c’mon I’m nothing if not a homer. Of course I immediately went to the ‘Create A Player’ mode and built up a roster of my pals. First off I’m the starting Tight End, since you know that’s what I originally went to college as. My brother Sean is my starting duel threat Quarterback with his rocket arm and devil may care attitude. At Left Tackle is Pat J. (Anthony’s brother & future comic book co-creator), because he has a Posse. Starting at Wide Reciever is ‘Mighty’ Mike H., whose imposing height makes up for him being insanely skinny. Dark Dave R. holds down the middle of the defense at Middle Linebacker, proving that even in video games the mullet NEVER goes out of style. Work Joe K. is the Running Back; he’s my workhorse, just like at work. And last but not least is Anthony “Brolo-El-Cunado” J. at Defensive End; ready, willing, & able to Seek & Destroy. Of course everyone got outrageous stats, because let’s face it KU is a crap Football school and they needed the talent.

Not to mention whom wants to make their friends on a game and have them suck. So we are all 3 to 4 star recruits, and as incoming freshmen looking to change the ‘culture’ for the Jayhawks.
- It took me awhile to adjust to the new controller layout and all the new options, so the first couple of wins were tight and poorly played. Oh and because I wanted to raise the attention of potential incoming freshmen for the next season I significantly up-graded my opponents by dropping all the small schools and Division 1AA opponents in favor for; Georgia, Georgia Tech, & Tennessee all of who were ranked in the Top 25.
- So we sit now at 8-1. The lone loss coming at Georgia Tech who gave me fits with their friggin’ option game and that damn shifty Quarterback. I did bounce back and beat the #10 ranked Nebraska Cornhuskers at Nebraska by scoring 21 unanswered in the late third & whole fourth quarter. But enough about who’ve destroyed let’s talk about who is playing worth a damn;
o Ben M., TE – Well on the plus side I’m a third down conversion machine. I catch a crap ton of touchdowns inside the red zone, and against smaller non-star DE’s, OLB’s, and the occasional SS I KILL in run blocking. The bad is I get the drops for quarters at a time. I’ve been nicked with minor injuries in two games. And anytime I get matched up one on one with a star DE I only win about 35% of those blocking encounters unless I slide protection my way. The ugly was getting the drops in the fourth quarter against Georgia Tech.
o Sean M. QB – If I would have figured out the timing on the speed option earlier I’d have Sean rushing for 100 yards a game. Instead those first couple of games he was racking up 300 yards passing stats. The problem is he gets sacked, a lot, and he throws a lot of interceptions. Blame it on user error or his ‘rocket arm’, which sometimes gets over-estimated. The ugly was the inability to stay upright in the Georgia Tech game.
o Pat “I have a Posse” J., LTPat’s the rock. He hasn’t allowed a sack yet and I can run behind him as long as that side isn’t overloaded. The bad part is I run to that side SO much that now teams stack towards it making short yardage third downs more suspect for me. He has had no ugly moments so far this season.
o ‘Mighty’ Mike H., WR – It took me a while to get the hang of getting Mike the ball, but when I have it’s been stellar. He’s my deep threat as well as my intermediate route go-to-guy. The bad was the three drops he had in the Tennessee game that made it much closer than it needed to be. He also tends to get ‘alligator arms’ when he’s confronted by a big hitting safety, so I try to keep him out of the middle of the field if I can. The ugly moment was the three game suspension I had to give him for academic issues. Yes, that’s right on the video game you have to police your players. Since then he’s been a “model student”.
o Dark Dave R., MLBDave patrols the middle and is insanely good against the run. If you try to go in-between the tackles on Dave you are going to get got. That being said when we went against Georgia Tech’s Offensive Line, which had some serious talent on it, he got swallowed up and couldn’t pursue sideline to sideline. He also struggles against the pass at times, and especially crossing routes, and of course when he gets matched up with speedy backs coming out of the backfield into the flats. The thing is my secondary is shoddy, so Dave has to pick up a lot of the slack, especially when I run the Tampa 2, which is a lot. He doesn’t get a lot of sacks, but he’s got three picks, and we have yet to give up more than 70 yards rushing in a game.
o Work Joe K., RB – The first three games were all about Joe K. He was rushing for a ton of yards getting a bunch of TD carries, and really blocking well. Then he got a touch of the ‘fumbilitis’. All of a sudden about twice a game he’d cough up the rock. I was contemplating making him split time with a pretty good, stats wise, senior running back. The decision was taken out of my hands as I was informed I had to suspend Joe K. two games for “Conduct Detrimental To The Team” after an incident at a practice. Those two games got my other back; ironically his last name is Joseph, onto the field. He also put up some good numbers and proved to be a very nasty weapon out of the backfield. Now they split time. Joe K. is no longer fumbling and had 5 TD’s against Baylor.
o Anthony “YO MAMMA!” J., Left DE – The sack machine just has a motor that will not stop. The fact is Anthony is the best player on my defense and it’s not even close. I can move him outside of the tackle and slant down against the run, shift the whole D-Line away from him and get the Right DE one on one with the tackle, and even drop him out in coverage. Every game he’s getting sacks, tips, causing fumbles, and generally eating up multiple blockers EVERY snap. He’s a beast. The only downside was against Georgia Tech, sensing a theme here, where there speedy and shifty QB would just run underneath his hard outside Jared Allen like rush. I have since gotten away from speed rushing him, and instead just bull rush the crap out of people. It’s amazing how good your secondary looks when you have stud defensive end and a dangerous mullet headed Middle Linebacker.
- So we’re ranked #16 in the country right now with three games to go; Iowa State, #22 Kansas State, & the always-dangerous Missouri Tigers. If we win against K-State in the ‘Sunflower Showdown’ we’ll win the Big 12 North and have our place in the Big 12 Title Game assured. The only thing is I don’t know whom we’d play. It could either be Texas or Oklahoma. I don’t like my chances against either.
- Overall I’m happy with Season 1 of The Dynasty so far. It’s taken me some time to get used to all the new bells and whistles of this version of the game, but the ability to slide pass protection schemes at the line, more audibles available to you at the line, and the match-up stick have really freshened the game up for me. Now if only I can land at least three of my next seasons top five recruits I can solidify my defense.

Yes, I know that was a really tough read for some of you out there, but guess what? I don’t care.


- We raked SO hard this weekend I snapped one rake in half with my BARE HANDS, and I have one of the single nastiest blisters known to man on my right thumb area. Making playing NCAA College Football 2007 difficult.
- Hockey Night In The Basement is tomorrow; can I keep the streak of watching alone going?
- Grillin’ tonight!
- Three more Pathfinder Pre-painted minis!

- Thank you Dave for the help with the Photoshop. Without you I would have gotten NOTHING done.
- Red Carpet Halloween is Saturday. Do you have your costume ready? Neither do I.
- You know at least the Vikings vs. Packers game Sunday was entertaining. I really think Ponder is going to be a star.

Hmmm, that’s all I got…

“A company
Always on the run
A destiny
It's the rising sun
I was born
A shotgun in my hands
Behind the gun
I'll make my final stand

And that's why they call me
Bad Company
I can't deny
Bad Bad Company till the day I die
Until the day I die
Until the day I die

Rebel souls
Deserters we've been called
Chose a gun
And threw away the sun
Now these towns they all know our names
The death punch sound is our claim to fame

And that's why they call me
Bad Company
I can't deny
Bad Bad Company till the day I die
Until the day I die
Until the day I die
Until the day I die

Eye for an eye
And a tooth for a tooth
Blood for blood
We've all gotta die
We've all gotta die

And that's why they call me
Bad Company
I won't deny
Bad Bad Company till the day I die

Bad company
I won't deny
Bad Bad company till the day I die
Until the day I die
Until the day I die
Until the day I die
Until the day I die”

* = His backpack does indeed have jets...

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